Speech Services Downloading English Update Stuck

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We never realize how dependent we are on applications like Google’s text-to-speech service. Having trouble with this service can cause the whole android experience to crumble down! Most of the services stop responding, and you get a notification like speech services downloading English update stuck.


But, don’t worry. Like every other problem, there is always a silver lining! And that’s what we want to present in this article. We have briefly talked about the cause of this issue. And the next segments guide you through the fixing procedure.


So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


Speech Services Downloading English Update Stuck


Why Does The Speech Service Error Happen?


First, let’s try to understand what the speech service by Google app is. The main function is to read texts and convert them into speech. The easiest example is Google Maps, Google voice. Whenever you turn on the “speaker,” it reads what’s on the screen to you out loud.


However, after Google’s recent update, this speech service stuck error has started to show. One of the most common reasons behind it can be an outdated version. You might have not updated the speech service by Google for quite a long time.


The opposite might happen too. For example, a new update has been installed without your knowledge. But it is not compatible with the current android model you use. It might cause such notifications to appear.


How to Fix the Speech Service Error Issue?


In order to fix the error, we need to remove/ disable the speech services by the Google app. Now, there are various methods to execute this. We have showcased multiple techniques below for you to try out –


Force Stop Speech Service by Google App:


  • First, we will enter the settings app. Now, scroll down and find the apps option.


  • Go through the app list and tap on “speech services.”




speech services downloading english update stuck




  • Once you enter it, the “force stop” button will be present.


  • Click on that. The speech service downloading English waiting for a network connection issue will be over by now.


Change the Speech Services App:


  • Again, we will start with the settings. Then, tap on general management.


  • Under the management app, there will be a sub-category for “text-to-speech output.” Make sure to check on that.


Remember that the method could be slightly different for your android phone. It’s all because of the model variation. We are showcasing the procedure of taking Samsung as a model.


  • Let’s move on to “preferred engine.” And then, select “Samsung text-to-speech-engine.” Just toggle the button beside it. It should be blue.


  • Make sure you restart the phone straight away. Long press the power button to get the “restart” button. Note that “restarting” the phone is essential before you try any other activity.


Update the Speech Service:


  • For this method, we will start by entering the settings. You can try this solution on any android phone.


  • From the settings, we will find “Google.” Tap on that and it will take you to another interface.


  • Go down the list and click on “settings for Google apps.”


  • Again, we will come across a list. Here, we have to choose “search assistant and voice.” It will allow you to change any settings regarding speech services.


  • Select “voice” and tap on “language.” It will showcase the default selected language of your phone. It can be “U.S.A English” or “U.K English” etc. After you click on that, it brings the whole language list to you. Suppose, we will go with “English.”



speech services downloading english update stuck




  • Then, go back and select “offline speech recognition.” Here, it will show you the various dialects to choose from. Below the dialect, there will be an update available. If you find such update buttons, that means the version you are using is backdated.


  • Once you click on the update, you can specify the terms. For example, it will ask you how the downloading should proceed. Would you like to download with mobile data or Wi-Fi only? It’s better to choose the “Wi-Fi only” button.




speech services downloading english update stuck




  • If you have already turned that button on, change it to “mobile data” for a while. And, then move it back.


This should be enough to get rid of the error notification for you.


Uninstall the Update:


Suppose, all the methods above failed to resolve the issue. That’s why we came up with the final method to help you.


  • Go to the play store first> and search for “speech services by Google.”


  • Select the blue app that appears on top. All you have to do is click on “uninstall.”


  • It will get rid of the unnecessary update of this application. But the actual app will remain intact on your device. So, there won’t be an issue.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How Can I Fix Service Waiting For Network?


The problem can be due to a recent update installation. That’s why you should focus on uninstalling the “recent update.” Go to play store > search for the speech service > click on “uninstall.”


2. Can I Permanently Delete The Speech Service By Google?


Google speech service is the in-built function that Google provides. Google doesn’t allow you to delete it permanently. However, you can disable it temporarily and turn it on again later.


3. How To Stop Google From Updating Speech Services?


To prevent Google from continuous update installation, try the “force stop” method. Go to settings> search for apps> select speech service by Google > click on “force stop.”


4. Is the Speech Service by Google Very Necessary?


The speech service must be active on the phone to execute any “speech” command. The most common use is on Google maps. Or, when we use Google Assistant to search for things and request an answer through the speaker.


5. Has Google Resolved The Speech Service Issue?


Google has announced that the issue with their speech service is fixed now. If you have turned on the “Auto-update” button, you have to do nothing more. But, if you haven’t, try manually updating the service.




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Can you guess what really happens when you receive error speech services downloading English update stuck notifications? All the apps that have a connection with the speech service will stop responding immediately! Thus, it becomes more frustrating, especially if you are in an emergency.


Here, we tried to bring you the easiest and most effective methods to try out. It doesn’t matter what phone you use, there is a solution that you can follow. Hopefully, now you will be able to erase this error and bring the android phone back to life!

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