What Is SysScope & Can I Uninstall It? Solution of Unfortunately SysScope has stopped

What is SysScope and what is it for

Many beautiful inventions have come our way through technology. The android device is the best of them. It helps to regulate our information, necessary data and do many more important things. So, there is a security concern because nowadays, it is common to see all types of attacks. To ensure your required security you have SysScope on your Android devices. But what is SysScope and what is it for?




What is SysScope on my Android




If your phone gets hacked, it is possible to track your location. It is also possible to listen to your private conversation and then steal your passwords, google/bank accounts, etc. That is why SysScope is working for you. Developers have designed this app for the users to be alert as soon as possible without spamming their information.


What is SysScope?

System Scoper or SysScope is a pre-installed system app on an android device. It monitors the status of authentication for the android OS of the mobile. In addition, it works in the background for detecting unauthorized changes to your android system.


What does SysScope do?

The SysScope verifies the Operating System status of any android device. First, it performs a quick check and confirms if the OS of the Android running on the device is authorized or authenticated. The SysScope also checks the root status of the android system, and then it makes a complete report about the status with the developer’s help.


What is SysScope on my Android?

SysScope or System Scoper is a default application on an android device, and users can’t delete it from the Android system without root. This system scans your entire device. It checks the unauthorized mods or status made recently to the device’s operating system. It also shows a notification on your device’s screen.


What permissions does SysScope require?

To perform some function properly in your device, SysScope needs access to the following permission-

  • Access to the user’s location
  • Access to read and edit SMS, MMS
  • Connectivity access to the internet and Bluetooth
  • Access to Google accounts
  • Permission to broadcast and receive data
  • Permission to access user’s storage



Is SysScope spyware?

According to the user’s opinion and personal experience, we can say that this application is safe. It’s a built-in app in your android system, and it is safe to have this system on your phone. But some users do not know about its actual functionality and take it as spyware. This system doesn’t harm your device and hasn’t any proof of spying on users’ data. Even if you are not using the SysScope, it will never bother you. It will add no pop-ups.




What is SysScope on my Android




How to disable spyware on my phone?

SysScope is not spyware, but still then if you want to disable it, you can. Anyone can simply disable this SysScope like other applications. To perform this operation, you need a service disabler package and package disabler app. First, install the service disabler app. After that, launch it and search for SysScope. Then select the application, tap on the disable option. Confirm the access, and your system disabler app will do the rest operation.


Uninstalling process of SysScope

It is recommended not to uninstall this app from your device. Because when you remove the app, you will not be able to get any notifications whether any third party is using your data. If you are concerned about it, then you should not uninstall it. But still, if you want to uninstall, there are two easy methods of uninstalling the SysScope.

  1. Android Debug Bridge(ADB)
  2. System App Remover


Uninstalling through Android debug Bridge

The following steps are going to guide you in uninstalling the SyScope-

  • From your phone device, go to Settings>System> About phone
  • Get the build number and tap it seven times
  • Return to the settings menu. Then open it by pressing developer options.
  • Find the USB debugging option and on it.
  • Download the ADB zip file on your PC. Then extract it into a folder.
  • Open the zip file after completing the extract, press the shift key, and right-click in an open area.
  • Tap on “Open PowerShell window here,” and the command of ADB devices
  • Now connect your android device to PC

Type the command ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.android.app.SysScope and tap enter. Wait for a few seconds, and your device will uninstall the application.



Uninstalling process through “System App Remover”:

Before performing this method, you require root access to your device. At first, root your android device. After gaining root access, follow the below steps-

  • Download and install the application “system App Remover.”
  • Launch the application, search for SysScope and tap it.
  • Now tap on the uninstall option to uninstall it and its data entirely.


Solution of “Unfortunately SysScope has stopped”:

Sometimes Sysscope shows an error message that says, “unfortunately, SysScope has stopped.” The reason behind this message is due to cache corruption or cache file overflow. This crash usually occurs due to cumulative cache files. When the cache file storage becomes overburdened, and then the error occurs. You can solve this problem by wiping the cache memory, cleaning the ROM, installing stock firmware.

Steps of clearing cache-

  • Go to Settings on your android device
  • Go to apps, and at the right corner of your device there navigate the eclipse menu.
  • Tap show system app
  • Then search SysScope and open it
  • Tap on clear storage and clear cache

Now, restart your device and check if the problem is solved.



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Final Thoughts

SysScope is a built-in application that effectively checks the OS status of your Android. This application shows notifications of whether the system is modified or in its initial state. It links to neither spyware motivations nor data collecting issues.


But if you feel insecure having this application on your phone, you can securely uninstall or disable them from your device. Moreover, it protects your data and keeps you up to date about the latest modifications.


Finally, there is no identification of its vulnerability, and so hackers can’t get access to your data. So, we can say that SysScope is a secure application and provides no risk to personal information.

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