Textra Can’t Get MMS Timeout 2022? (Fix it now or never!)

Textra Can’t Get MMS Timeout

Using the Textra MMS app is all fun and game until the Textra can’t get mms timeout keeps on bugging you.

And if you are reading this, there is a high chance that this bummer is getting on your nerves. And you are wondering how to fix this once and for all!

Luckily, there are several methods to get rid of this annoying notification and issue. And we will include the most basic ones to advanced methods so that no matter whichever Android version you use, you can get back to a properly functioned Textra.

And to prevent you from messing up the solutions, we will also walk you through some warnings.

Why Does the Textra Can’t Get MMS Timeout Issue Occur on Android?

If you are using an Android 7 version, you are more likely to face textra can’t get mms issue.

It happens mainly because of the Android 7 bug. And because of low disk space, it can force stop itself from getting or receiving MMS.

Also, the trouble arises when you do not set the App as the default SMS app.

Even after upgrading the Textra app, if this issue occurs, it is a waste of time to blame the app.

For a quick fix, you can check your phone, if there is any Software Update available and update it. And remember to keep your Ram cleaned. By the way, you can also undo the software update, later.

How to Fix Textra Can’t Get MMS Timeout Issue?

You might think that to get rid of the timeout issue, you will just have to switch to another messaging app.

But there is no guarantee that this issue will not occur with those apps too. And after switching, you cannot even get the advanced and user-friendly features of Textra as well. Instead, try out any of these methods below to restore Textra MMS flow:

Method 1: Reboot

Sometimes, your phone shows MMS Timeout Textra notification even when there is no issue receiving or sending an MMS. It happens mainly because of the bug in Android 7 and to fit it, all you need to do is:

  • Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds
  • Select “Restart”
textra can’t get mms timeout
  • Upon restarting, the issue might resolve as the Ram is cleared now.

Method 2: Clear Cache

Sometimes this simple trick works like magic for any issue pertaining to Android. But you need to be careful and avoid pressing clear data. Otherwise, it might delete all your chat history.

  • Go to Settings and Open Apps
textra can’t get mms timeout
  • Now, Open the unused or least used apps and press Clear Cache

Remember that after this method, the Textra app might take a bit of time to open for the first time. But it will not affect any saved settings. So, avoid clearing the data to fix the slow functions.

Method 3: Allow Permissions

Though the timeout issue is less likely to be a bug from Textra, the app can stop sending and receiving messages if you forget to enable the permissions it requires. So,

  • From the Setting, menu Find the Apps option
textra can’t get mms timeout
  • Now press the Permissions option and allow the permission it asks for 
textra can’t get mms timeout
  • Do not forget to give Textra access to mobile data. 

Method 4: Enable Mobile Data

You cannot send or receive Textra MMS if the mobile data is not active. As WiFi is not an ideal network for MMS, follow these steps given below:

  • Then from Settings, go to the Connections or Network option
  • Now, turn on your cellular or mobile data
  • Make sure you have enough data allowance before using the MMS feature

Method 5: Disable VPN

MMS feature is not likely to do well with VPN. So, if you use VPN often, follow these steps right away:

  • From the notification panel, click on the VPN connected option
  • You can also manually enter the VPN app
  • Now disconnect the VPN and turn off your mobile data
  • Restart your mobile data to restore the service

Method 6: Update Android

Sometimes your OS can be buggy and prevent some apps from functioning properly if you do not update it. So,

  • From Setting, press the System option
  • Then press the System option to check if there is any new update
  • Now click Check for Update and the Update will start to download
textra can’t get mms timeout
  • Upon restarting, the mms not working textra is less likely to pop up. And you can use the app without any struggle.

Does Textra Timeout Issue Occur in iPhones?

Textra is an SMS app developed only for Android. So you cannot expect to run it on an iphone as iOS allows no app other than its built-in SMS apps to send messages. However, even if you jailbreak the iOS and use Textra, the Timeout issue is likely to occur in the iphone too. As it is not a bug from Textra itself, you need to upgrade your OS, network, or in-built issues.

Is Built-In Android Messages Better than the Textra App?

Textra and Buil-in SMS apps have Timeout issues in common. But Textra is way better than Android messages as it offers a wide range of customization options. As the Timeout issue is not a Textra specific problem you will face it with the built-in SMS apps too.
And Textra developers have found it to be true during their test of Google’s Android SMS apps.

Will Installing Older Version of Textra Fix the Timeout Issue?

No, it will not. Because if you cannot receive or send SMS/MMS from Textra, the problem is your operating system and mobile networks mainly. Textra updates its app frequently to resolve any bug issue. But before you get an older or newer version, issue a report to the developer with the problem. And they are likely to come up with solutions. 


The developers have introduced Textra so that you can get a hold of advanced and fun features while sending multimedia texts. But the textra can’t get mms timeout can be irritating, especially when you are in need of the service.

But from the methods reviewed above, you can try out any of them to resolve the issue.

Remember that, these methods are not only specific to Textra. So, if you are facing a problem with any MMS service, these techniques can be your savior.

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