How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13 Easily

If you own an iPhone or are planning to buy one, it might be because of the clean iOS it offers.  Multitasking without facing any bug or problem, highly encrypted iCloud, game center, specialized notification center are what a user can wish for.


Everyone knows how to update their iOS as it is a seemingly easy process. But how can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13?


It’s common for users who use iOS beta to downgrade to an older version because of it’s unnecessary bugs. As Apple provides beta versions of iOS to their users, it has lots of bugs in it and that can make the users frustrated.


People want to know how to undo the iOS 14 update for getting tired of its bugs is not a new issue. You need to know what is iOS beta, how it works, how to downgrade iOS 14 and before downgrading to 13.


What is iOS beta?

Apple made their own operating system to compete with other renowned brands. The iOS is a type of operating system that includes various features and, yes, upgrades. Beta version of the iOS  is a pre-release version mainly introduced to users to find out the bugs or other difficulties before the final version comes out.

Beta profile is used to enhance the configuration of any device compatible with iOS. With the beta profile you can enjoy many beta software’s related to the profile.

You have to uninstall or remove the iOS Beta if you want to upgrade your iOS to a new version or downgrade it in order to install an older version.

Apple blocks its users from getting back from one major update to another one. But, it allows its users to get back from one incremental update to another.


So, you can get rid of iOS 14 beta and install iOS 13 in various ways. But, you will need two things for this, a computer and a stable internet connection. Here is the detailed procedure of how you can do it.




How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13




Downgrading iOS 14 beta by using IPSW


Step 1:

You need to download the latest iOS 13 IPSW and make sure that your iTunes is up to date. If you are a macOS user then install the latest system updates in the System Preferences app. Choose the right IPSW to download.


Step 2:

Take a USB cable and connect your device to your PC. If you are on Windows then open iTunes, open Finder if you are on Mac. Once you connect your device with Pc, there will be a pop-up. Click on the trust device to establish a good connection.


Step 3:

Now for the most important part. Make sure to Backup all your data. Otherwise, you will lose all your important data after downgrading your iOS.


Step 4:

Hold the Shift key on Windows or the Option key on Mac and click “Restore”.Open the IPSW file you downloaded.


Step 5.

Your device will perform a lot of verifications and checks with Apple’s servers via iTunes or Finder.


Step 6.

Change the backup number. Restore iOS 14 backup on iOS 13. It does not matter if you are a Windows or Mac user. All the steps are the same for both of them. After this, you need to follow specific steps that are essential and compatible only for your device.


  • Open the search bar.
  • Enter appdata or user profile.
  • Press the return key.
  • Go to the following folders: Apple/ Apple Computer> MobileSync> Backup
  • Click on “Device backup”
  • Open info.plist. You will need a text editor for that.
  • Search your device version by searching “Product”.
  • Change it to 14.0 to 13.0.
  • Save changes you made and click exit. 


Step 7:

You have successfully modified your device’s backup. Restore it on iTunes or Finder.


Step 8:

Follow on-device prompts to set up your device.




How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13




Remove iOS 14 Beta and install iOS 13 by Deleting the Beta Profile

Do you know How to delete software update iOS 14? It will help you complete the process as well. Follow the process below.


Step 1:Open the Settings app of your iPhone

Step 2:Tap on “General”

Step 3:Tap on “Profile”

Step 4:Tap on “iOS Beta Software Profile”

Step 5:You will find the “Remove Profile” option, tap on it.

Step 6:You need to enter your password. Now tap on the “Delete” option that popped up

Step 7: Power off your iPhone.

Step 8:Reboot your iPhone until the Apple logo is visible.




How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13




Uninstall iOS 14 Beta and install iOS 13 by Restoring iDevice

If you want to immediately remove the iOS beta then follow this process:


Step 1:

You need to have the most recent version of macOS or the recent version of iTunes on your Mac.


Step 2:

Connect your device to your PC. Set the device to recovery mode.



How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13



Step 3:

You will find the “Restore” option popping up, click on it. It will erase all the data of your device. Also the latest non-beta version will be installed. If it takes more than 15 minutes and there’s no recovery mode in your screen then let the download be completed and follow step 2 again.


Step 4:

You can set up your device from backup after the restoration process is finished.


By following these steps, you just successfully uninstalled iOS 14 beta version from your device.




Still have some questions about the topic? Please go through the section below to get your answers.

1.Can you downgrade iOS 14 beta to iOS 13?

Yes, you can. You can always downgrade your iOS version if you feel uncomfortable with it. Make sure to archive a backup of your device when you install the beta iOS 14 on your Mac or Windows. If you have that archived backup, your job is almost done. Just follow the steps mentioned in the upper part of the article and you will be able to do it.

2.How do I uninstall the iOS 14 update?

Uninstalling iOS 14 update is an easy process if you know how to. Follow these steps carefully and you will be able to do it.

Go to settings. Click on the “General” option. You will see an option called “Storage & iCloud Usage”, click on it. Next you have to find the “Manage Storage”. Press it. There you will find an iOS software update. Click on the option. Click the “Delete Update” feature and delete the update.

3.How do I get rid of iOS 14.5 beta?

Getting rid of any iOS 14 beta update is basically the same thing, may it be 14 or 14.5 or 14.6. Follow these step to get rid of your unwanted iOS beta update:

Settings>Click on “General”>Click on “Profile”>Select iOS 14.5 Beta Software Profile>Click on the “Remove Profile”>Enter password>Remove the profile and restart the phone.

4.How do I downgrade from iOS 14.2 to iOS 14?

If you need to downgrade your iOS version, the first thing you need to do is make an archived backup of your iPhone. Then,disable “Find My Phone”> Download the right restore image> Connect your iPhone to your PC>Unlock your iPhone>Open finder on  iTunes>”Trust iPhone” option will pop-up, click on it> Install the iOS 14 version. You can do it in two ways by using finder or iTunes>Restore your iPhone from  backup.

Follow this process and you will downgrade your iOS version.

5.Can I downgrade my iOS from 13 to 12?

You can downgrade but Apple took some steps so that users do not accidentally downgrade any upgrade. If your phone is buggy and has other issues then downgrade your iOS, otherwise, it  is best not to do it. After an upgrade it upgrades both your softwares and firmwares. So, downgrading may cause some issues. Just like upgrading, make sure to backup your data before downgrading.


Wrap up

Uninstalling the beta version of an iOS and downgrading to an older one is quite easy if you know what to do. How can a user uninstall the iOS 14 beta update to iOS 13? Simply follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy your bug free older version of iOS.


But, keep in mind that, if your device has an iOS beta that is connected to iCloud and you back up that device, then it won’t work. Restore your data from a backup that is made before installing iOS beta in your device.


It’s normal for users to enjoy such clean and bug free iOS. So, if the beta version of your iOS is not like what you hoped for and you decided to uninstall and get your older version of iOS back, I recommend you to go for it.

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