Use Asus Remote Link On Android To Control

we have developed a complete guide to use Asus remote link on Android to control. Have you ever thought how convenient it would be if you could control your PC with your android phone? You have, right?


Perhaps, we all have, at some point of our life, craved that facility very much. Because when you are exhausted from a day’s work, it is really tough to get off the couch and sit before the PC. Well, if you are using an ASUS PC, you have the option to go to and do that hack.


However, we know it won’t be that easy for you to use it without prior experience with it.


What is the ASUS Remote Link?


ASUS remote link allows you to maintain a secondary PC screen on your Android for controlling it. Isn’t it great?


Also, you will get access to PC files remotely through ASUS remote link. You have to download and install the remote link app on your android phone to use it.


How does ASUS Remote Link work?


With Remote Link, you can manage your PC files. Also, it has a feature that will allow you to use voice commands for installing ASUS Remote Link.


You will get the Windows Android control. Moreover, it will support you to get the ASUS Smart Gesture.


How to download the Remote link app?


1. You have to download the remote link app on your android device and PC. For downloading the app on an android phone, you need to open the Google play store.



use asus remote link on android to control



2. Then search for Remote Link on your phone.


3. Pick the app on the top. Remember, the ‘Link to MY ASUS’ has been made by ASUS HIT TEAM. 


4. Open the app and download it.


5. Hereafter, you have to search for the Remote Link’ app for Windows operating system.


6. You will find the remote link app on Microsoft Store as well. The remote link app is available for Windows 7,8,9,10, and 11.


Please choose the correct app and download it on your PC. It will make your work simple for you.


 How to install a remote link app?


1. After downloading the remote link app on Android and PC, you have to install it properly.


2. Go to the app and open it on your phone. It is easy to install the remote link app on your Android. 


3. You have to follow instructions for downloading the remote link app on your PC.


4. First of all, you need to go to the ‘Download’ folder. Tap on the remote link software.


5. After that, you will find the option of installing ‘Remote Link (PC Remote).’ It seems simple. Right? 


6. Finally, restart your PC. It will start working.


How to connect Asus Remote Link with PC?


1. Go to the app on your android phone and PC. Then tap into the ‘Enable Remote Link’ of your PC.


2. Also, you have to log in to your ASUS account to connect it.




use asus remote link on android to control




1. Moreover, you can connect your Android device to your PC through Bluetooth and WI-FI. Choose your desirable option. We recommend using a Bluetooth connection if your PC allows it.


2. You will find L and R options for the mouse. Hereafter, you have to scroll down to use the remote link android to PC.




use asus remote link on android to control




3. Now you can control your PC files with your android device. 



Final Thoughts


By now, we hope you have realized how to use ASUS Remote Link on Android to control. If you follow the instructions, you can download, install and use it. You have to make sure you are using active WI-FI or Bluetooth connection.


Otherwise, you can’t connect it properly. For a better connection, you have to focus on the connectivity.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How do you disconnect the Remote link on MyASUS?


For disconnecting the Remote Link, you have to open the app. And tap on the ‘connect’ option. It will disconnect your connection from the Android phone to the PC.


2. Can I control your PC with my Android?


Yes, you can. If you want to control your PC with your Android device, you must install the Remote Link app. You have to connect it with your PC. Then you can control your PC with an Android device.


3. What to do if your remote link app is not working?


There are many reasons for your Remote Link app to stop working. To do the troubleshooting, you can try to uninstall the app and reinstall it.


Otherwise, you can reboot your phone. You can also charge your phone if the battery life is draining.


4. How do I remotely access my Asus laptop?


If you are working with your Asus laptop instead of a PC, you can follow the instructions we have mentioned before.

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