What Are The Main Features Of Windows 7?

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Hands down, Windows 7 is one of the biggest releases of Microsoft that created the Windows NT operating system. And guess what? It is designed as a step-by-step upgrade, addressing the problems of Windows Vista while preserving hardware and software compatibility. Gradually, the new upgrades attracted customers to Windows 7.


What are the main features of Windows 7? Till 2013, windows kept updating new features of Windows 7 and provided technical support to their users. So we will walk you through what are the main features of it. If you don’t know what they are, then this article may help you find those outstanding features, and that too within 5-6 minutes only.


So sit tight, and spend some time right here!


What are The Main Features of Windows 7?


Adding multiple new features like handwriting recognition and virtual hard disc support are notable features of windows 7.


There are six different editions to choose from Windows 7, Home Premium, Ultimate, and Professional are primarily available in all countries at retail prices.


This article will discuss all the best particular features extensively, so keep reading to go deeper:


1. Taskbar


The user-friendly taskbar had made the work task easier. You see all the open and recently closed windows and tabs in the taskbar menu.


So, if you want to go back to any previous folder, you don’t need to open each location again and again. You can open the taskbar and can select the tab. For example, if you want to visit any open window, click the bottom of your desktop, see the taskbar, and open it.


2. Aero Interface


The Aero interface is updated with a new style and rules that reflect apps’ appearance, layout, wording, and tone of instructions and other content.


Translucent windows, the company’s most notable innovation, and the design language debuted with the Windows Vista operating system.


3. Aero Theme Background and Shake


You can set any background from the gallery and the stored wallpaper collections. You can also enable the sliding option to see the different backgrounds every few seconds.


With the help of “Aero shake,” you can easily minimize and resize a window. Open the window pane and shake your mouse and see the result.




what are the main features of windows 7




4. The Internet-connected Digital Television


You can easily convert your desktop into a television. But for this, you have to use additional TV card hardware.


Window Color Appearance


  • Through this option, you change your window border color.


  • Go to the control panel


  • Select appearance and personalization


  • Go to personalization


  • Select the window “color and appearance”


  • Now select the color from the color palate




what are the main features of windows 7




6. Search Bar


The search bar menu has made access easier. Click on the start menu; you will see a search box; type the file name. It will find out the document from the pc within nanoseconds. So if you want to open a file easily, this is a good option.


Even if you forget the file name and the location where you have saved it, you can also find it by typing related words; it will find the associated files.


7. App Locker System


Through the app locker feature, you can lock your private folder. You can also create a guest window for other users who want to use your desktop. Thus, the guest user won’t be able to enter your window or the files and can’t change any password.


8. Library Feature


The library option is almost similar to the search run bar. You will have it in the top right of the corner of your desktop screen. Libraries are collections of folders from all across your hard drive that allow one-click access to related files from the pane of Windows Explorer.


9. Gadget Feature


You can add gadgets like a clock, currency calculator, and CPU meter headlines on your window screen. Click on the mouse right button, select the gadgets, and a new screen will appear; now select the gadget you want to add to your screen, and these gadgets are likely widgets.




what are the main features of windows 7






what are the main features of windows 7




10. Direct Access to the Internet


Windows 7 offers a direct connection to the company networks more securely using any Internet service without going through the additional process of setting up a VPN connection.


11. Windows XP Mode


You can run multiple old windows XP apps on your Windows 7 screen.


12. Support Touch Screen


Add any external touch screen device with the desktop, and you can operate through multiple finger contact. Through multi-touch gestures, you can even draw.


13. Remote Streaming



Enable access from another device through the internet and permission to operate even if you are far from the device.


14. Action Center


The Action Center notifies you when anything requires your attention via the small flag in the lower-right corner. Attention like the new updates, backup file support, etc.


15. Cache Cleaning


Removes the temporary user files from the applications and boosts up the performance.


16. Control Tray


This option helps to prevent unwanted messages, notification pop-ups, and irrelevant site headings.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is Windows 7 XP mode?


This software permits older Windows XP apps to run on a hosted version of the operating system. The programs appear to run directly on the Windows 7 desktop to the end-user.


2. Why is Windows 7 the best?


User-friendliness, multi-touch, multitasking, virtual management memory system, and many unique features made windows 7 the best and sometimes even better than windows 10.


3. Why is the control panel the primary workstation in Windows 7?


The Control panel is the gathering of data recovery, text tuner, display color change, sound system, troubleshooting, etc. This is the reason why it is considered to be the primary workstation.


4. How to adjust the sound system of Windows 7?


Go to the control panel and select “appearance and personalization. Select “sound” from the bottom of the screen. A box will appear on the screen, and you will see multiple options related to sound. Select the preferred sound system.




what are the main features of windows 7




5. What is the Windows 7 processor limit?


Windows 7 version basic, home premium, and starter can support only one processor. But the professional one supports two processors.




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No doubt that Windows 7 is one of the most-talked software versions these days. Though immediate after the launch, it had a pretty unexpected critical reception. But at the same time, top-rated websites mentioned that Windows 7 is the most advanced version of Vista out there!


What are the main features of Windows 7? Sophisticated features like full screen, bug-free security, potential touch, and app locker are some of the outstanding features of Windows 7, which you have seen through this article. Hope you enjoyed it!

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