What does an Apple watch do and how does it work? [Features and functions]

What does an Apple watch do

The Apple Watch is one of those smart accessories that make your life easier. But how to use the apple watch? Knowing about it will help you use your Apple Watch in a better way.


With an Apple Watch, you can make your calls, texts, emails, and other essential day-to-day activities. You can also track your health by regularly following your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, fitness progress, etc. It also comes with other miscellaneous Apple Watch features like remote control, radio podcast, and many more.


If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it for many purposes that you might not even know. Taking a deeper look into it allows you to get the best use out of your Apple Watch.


What does an Apple watch do


The Apple Watch is more innovative than any other Smartwatches found in the market. It has a diverse and extensive list of functions that it can help you with.


You can divide the function of the Apple Watch into four categories. Let’s discuss these categories in detail. This will let you decide whether you need an Apple Watch or not.


Basic Functions


When you intend to buy a new Smartwatch, you always want it to perform basic activities.  And fortunately, the Apple Watch has a series of essential functions of a smartphone. The primary functions of the Apple Watch are:


Use Siri


The smart assistant from Apple is Siri. Siri takes voice commands from the user and performs the activity.


Like any other iOS device, the Apple Watch has Siri pre-installed. You can give voice commands to Siri in Apple Watch to perform different activities like receiving calls or sending messages and many more.


Answer Phone calls


Your Apple Watch can receive calls on behalf of your iPhone. To receive calls, you can command Siri or receive calls manually from the screen. With this, you can also dial calls.


Apple Watch doesn’t have a SIM slot, but it has an inbuilt eSim that needs to be activated. This connects your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Therefore, you can receive and dial calls through your Apple Watch.


Check Emails


Regardless of which email service it is, you can have it on your Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch shows you all the emails received on your iPhone.


You can also command Siri to read those emails for you on your Apple Watch if you are far from your phone.


View and Reply to Text and iMessage


Like making calls, you can view and reply to text and iMessages from your Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch has an iMessage app on it. Therefore you can use it to view and respond to your text and iMessages.


You can also type the message or ask Siri to read and reply to the text via iMessage from your Apple Watch.




What does an Apple watch do




Get iPhone Notifications


Once you get your iPhone connected with your Apple Watch, it can read notifications for you. Every time your iPhone receives a message from any of your iPhone apps, it can be displayed on your Apple Watch screen. You can even manage those notifications directly from your Apple Watch.


Record Voice


The Apple Watch can take voice notes for your convenience. It will record your voice note and will store it in the iCloud.


Later on, you can access this voice note from any iOS or Mac device. As the Apple Watch is easy to carry, taking voice notes gets easier while working.


Use Calculator


Usually, smartwatches don’t have a calculator in them. But as the Apple Watch is configured almost as a smartphone, it also has a calculator on it.


You can access your calculator on your wrist anytime you need it. Your calculator on your Apple Watch can also command through  Siri.


Use Stopwatch


If you are cooking or doing Sports and need to keep track of your time, the Apple Watch can help you.


In your Apple Watch, you will find a stopwatch function. You can set your timer on the Apple Watch, and when it’s time, the watch will ring to notify you.




You can also use your smartwatch as a compass. When you are traveling, a compass comes in very handy. And you get this feature quickly on your Apple Watch.


Get Directions On Maps


While driving or exploring a new place, your Apple Watch makes it more accessible. You can get map directions from your Apple Watch.


Even though you can get all directions from your iPhone, accessing it on your wristwatch is more convenient. It can constantly guide you in the exact direction until you reach your destination.


Weather Alert


The Apple Watch makes it easier to get weather updates more frequently.


Siri from your Apple Watch will notify you immediately if you face any weather change. This helps you to avoid any kinds of storms ahead of time.




With lots of other basic features, Apple Watches also have Flashlight. You can use this Flashlight for your convenience at any time.


These are some of the essential functions that most smartwatches or smartphones have. You get all these functions with better features on your Apple Smartwatch.




With the essential functions, you can also have entertainment through your Apple smartwatch. You might not be able to watch a movie on your Apple Watch, but there are lots of other entertainment options featured in your Apple Watch.


Have a look at some of the available entertainment options.


Facebook Messages


The screen of the Apple Watch is not big enough to browse Facebook comfortably. But it gives you enough space to see your Facebook messages. You can also reply to Facebook messages through your Apple Watch.


Along with Facebook messages, you can also have other messaging apps available on the Apple Store.


Listen to Music


Listening to music is the most common entertainment. With the Apple Watch, you can browse iTunes and listen to your music. It has 2GB of internal storage. The storage makes it eligible for use as an iPod.


Along with this, you can even control the music on your iPad or iPhone through your Apple Watch. If you are a jogger or like to drive with your music on, an Apple Watch can be your best choice as a smartwatch.




What does an Apple watch do



Listen to Podcasts


The Apple Watch catches radio signals on it. If you like to listen to podcasts, you can browse them through your Apple Watch. You can download them from the Podcast app or connect to radio signals.


The device catches all the radio signals available in your zone. You can switch between multiple channels to find the one you like to listen to.


These are some of the entertainment features available on the Apple Watch. You can customize it according to your convenience and enable many other entertainment features.




The Apple Watch helps you to monitor some of the fundamental health factors. Even though these factors are basic,  monitoring them regularly can help you maintain good health.


Take a look at some of the health factors you can observe with your Apple Watch.


Monitor Safe Hearing Levels


While you are being entertained with your music, make sure that the level of the music is not too high. It helps you to track the pitch and maintain a safe level.


When the volume or the base level is too high, your watch sends you continuous signals to ensure that you are at a safe enough level.


Track Your Fitness


You can track your overall fitness journey on your Apple Watch.  It can track your fitness both inside and outside the gym.  You can even save your progress and compare them to see your personal growth.


It tells you distance, pace,  energy consumed,  calorie burn, etc. With this, you can track use swimming, running, cycling, weightlifting, and many other workouts. Once you finish your training, the app sends your fitness tracker to your iPhone. These results can also be saved in your iCloud from your Apple Watch.





What does an Apple watch do




Monitor Your Heart Rate


If you need to monitor your heart rate constantly, then the Apple Watch can be a good accessory. But to get the perfect heart rate, you need to wear your Apple Watch on your wrist tightly.


Every time you monitor your heart reading, it saves the result, and you can track it down later. This allows you to compare them from time to time and better understand your health situation.


Monitoring Your Blood Pressure


Along with monitoring your heart rate, your Apple Watch can monitor your blood pressure and give you an almost perfect result. Monitoring your blood pressure can allow you to balance your fitness routine and stress level.


Your Blood Oxygen Levels


You can also observe your oxygen level through the Apple Watch. It has a built-in oximeter that tracks your oxygen level. If you suffer from covid-19 and have an Apple Watch of OS 7, you will not need to buy an oximeter separately.


The device has two modes, In Sleep Mode and Theater Mode. Switching between these modes allows you to track your oxygen level even in the background. You will only need to open the oxygen app to read the background track.


Track Your Cycle


With the Apple Watch, you can even track your period cycle. This can help you expect your upcoming menstruation periods and let you prepare for them.


If you are trying to conceive a baby, you will know when you are most fertile with the tracked cycle. You can also put your information in it and better understand your health situation.


All these health features help you keep a better track of your health record. This can come in handy in case of any health issue.


Some Other Apple Watch Features:


The Apple Watch has many other miscellaneous functions with the aforementioned features. Having these features in your Apple Watch makes your day-to-day life more manageable. Some of these features are:


Share Your Location


You can share your location from your Apple Watch. In an emergency, people can track you down with the shared location. This ensures your security in an unknown place.


Find A Lost iPhone


With the help of your Apple Watch, you can track down the iPhone that it is connected to.


There is an iPhone tracker app on your Apple Watch. It will show you directions to your iPhone in case you cannot find it. Even if it gets stolen you can track your iPhone with the help of your connected Apple Watch.




What does an Apple watch do




See Info Quickly


You can browse light internet through your Apple Watch. Therefore if you need to take a glance at different information you can take a quick look into them from your Apple Watch.


In these kinds of circumstances, Siri in your Apple Watch can help you to take a look into your information quickly.


Use As Your Car Key


Your Apple Watch can be used as your car key when connected with your car. As you wear your Apple Watch on your wrist, there is no chance of losing your car key.


As A Remote To Apple Device


You can use your Apple Watch to remote control your Apple devices. It can be used as a remote to your Mac device, Apple TV, and even locking and unlocking your iPhone or iPad.


Always Show You The Display


While in theater mode, Apple Watch will show you all the possible screens of your iPhone or iPad. You can also customize your tutor mode to simultaneously monitor your health and entertainment.


Use Apple Watch Apps


Several apps are available in the  Apple app store suitable for your Apple Watch. These apps help you to monitor your health, enhance security,  tips to entertain, and many more.


Send Money Via Apple Cash


One of the best uses of the Apple Watch is to transact your money via Apple cash. You can browse your Apple cash app from your watch without any hassle.




What does an Apple watch do




There are many more unique functions featured in your Apple Watch. It allows you to customize your device according to your preferences. From browsing photos to sending emails – all can be done on your small watch. It has become one of the best accessories due to its innovative features and functions.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What does an apple sports watch do?


Whenever you have connected your Apple Watch Sport with your iPhone, you can exercise without stressing over missing important calls or messages even if your iPhone isn’t near to you. The watch will help you to remember the calls and messages.


What does resetting an Apple Watch do?


Resetting your Apple Watch will delete everything on it, including music, information, settings, messages, and all the other things. It will then install a new form of watchOS.


After erasing all content and settings, you should connect your Apple Watch again with your iPhone. But remember that your Apple Watch backs up every data on your iPhone. Therefore, resetting your watch will not lose your data.


What does the GPS antenna in an Apple Watch do?


The Apple Watch has a map and compass on it. The GPS on Apple Watch gives you direction and tracks your device. It works actively to show where you are, and in case you are lost, it shares your location with your friends and family.


Does anyone know what to do with an Apple Watch?


If you own an Apple Watch, you can learn about all these functions from the user manual.


So if you browse the website of Apple, it comes with a list of all the functions that an Apple Watch is featured with. This way, every Apple user gets to know about the functions of an Apple Watch.



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Final Words


Once you know about how to use apple watch, you can make the best use of it. An Apple Watch will allow you to track your child’s health and activities if you’re parents. You can even monitor their screen timing with the help of your Apple Watch.


While connected with your iPhone, the Apple Watch can be a Mini version of your iPhone. It can do almost everything that you can do on your iPhone without carrying your heavy phone in your hand all the time. It saves your time and energy. Therefore, if you are still thinking, “Should I get an Apple Watch?” this post will help you make a decision!

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