What Does Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence Mean?


The built-in Android app packages do not come with a simple name to clear all the doubts. They always have suspicious names, which can cause real stress, especially if you do not know what these packages do.


Indeed, the com.android.settings.intelligence is one such package that often leads Android users to think why it is even there on my phone! Or is it some intelligent spyware? But fear not as we are here to break down its name and features to help you better understand.


The package can sometimes malfunction due to several reasons. And we will review the causes along with their fixes. There will be alternative workarounds for you to choose from as well. So stick with us till the end!


What Does Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence Mean?


The first three parts of the com.android.settings.intelligence package name can be quite self-explanatory to understand if you analyze it. But still, if you cannot figure out what does com.Android.settings.intelligence mean on your Android, let us break down the name for you.


The first com stands for component, which means that the package is a trusted component developed by the developers themselves. The Android Settings means that it is a part of the Android phone’s all Settings. And the Intelligence part lets you know that it enables you to access all the intelligent features on your phone.  Some of its features are


  • Smart Text Selections


  • Smart notification management


  • It launches apps and suggests predictions to improve our social media communications experience


This package is a must to have feature in order to run our Android without any difficulty. It makes our Android experience faster and easier. It also lets you access the hidden menu, and we have covered it in the next section.


How Can You Access the Hidden Menu with the Com.Android Settings.Intelligence Package?


You might not know that there is a hidden menu on your Android phone waiting to be accessed. And this menu is a part of the Settings Intelligence package. Yes, the developers have packed the Android OS with a hidden menu so let us show you how you can access it:


  • Open the built-in or default Phone app on your phone, and dial *#0*#


  • And a hidden menu screen will appear after a while.


  • Once you are in the hidden menu, you can enter *#*#4636#*#* and it will provide you with some information about your OS or phone, that might be useful to you. 


From the hidden menu, you can access these features:


  • If you want to check any black spot on your display or the screen you can do so by changing your screen colors to black, blue, green, or red from the hidden settings.


  • You can identify how quick or responsive your built-in keyboard is with the help of the menu


Why Does the Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence Crash Sometimes?


You will not face chronic performance issues with the Settings Intelligence often. But it does not mean that the feature is flawless or any other apps or system cannot prevent it from running smoothly.


So, once in a while, you will notice that the built-in intelligence settings are behaving abruptly or an “unexpectedly Settings has stopped working” error message will appear. Let’s find out why the app crashes:


1. Failed or Buggy Firmware Update


Sometimes while updating your phone’s firmware, it might fail due to several reasons. Or due to an unstable internet connection, the download might fail in-between. And because of a failed firmware update, the com android settings intelligence can crash or push the error notification on your way.


A buggy update can also cause the Settings error. Sometimes, some updates have bugs or the new update might not be compatible with some of the systems of your phone. So, remember to get a completed update or official update and you might be able to prevent the Settings crash.


2. Custom ROM


Custom ROM gives you the ultimate freedom to use advanced features or modify your User Interface (UI) as per your liking. So, you might have installed a custom ROM on your phone. But, getting such ROM from any unreliable website is quite risky sometimes. Some viruses can affect your phone’s systems.


The buggy custom ROM might lead you to the error notification from the Settings app. So, it is always better to study any website or scan its stored files before downloading any ROM. It will prevent you from many technical issues including the Intelligence feature error.


3. Low on Space or RAM


If you are running low on phone memory space or RAM, you are more likely to face issues with Android settings or features. . Because Android requires ample RAM to function without any instability.


Low RAM often causes the Intelligence package and other apps to force stop in-between. Or it forces them to load slowly. You should always try to free up your RAM to mitigate facing such errors.


4. Problematic Third-Party Apps


It is not necessarily the inbuilt flaw of the Settings package that prompts the Settings unexpected error. Sometimes the installed third-party apps can be the culprit.


You might not even remember that you have side-loaded or downloaded those apps from some sites. So, if they have bugs or other severe technical flaws, they can cause the Settings to malfunction. You should always remove the unwanted third-party apps before they can be problematic. To fix the Settings issue, go through the next section.


How to Get Rid of the Android Settings Error Notification?


We have already reviewed what factors can cause the Settings Intelligence to misbehave or stop all of a sudden. And there are few solutions to the problem. So, choose the ones that work best for you:


1. Force Reboot Your Phone


Before you get into any detailed workaround, it is always better to give a quick reboot to your phone. It solves almost most of the technical issues because it clears the misbehaving or stuck code, or any corrupted cache file that can cause the Settings error.


So, to reboot or force restart your phone, follow these steps mentioned below:


  • If you are using a Samsung or HTS or LG device, long-press the physical Power button and the Volume Down key.


  • Once you hear a vibration for the reboot or see a start screen, release the buttons.


  • For your Google Pixel phone, you need to long-press the Power key for about thirty seconds.


  • Then the start screen will appear, at this point, you need to release the buttons.


  • After the reboot, check whether the stop notification appears or not. And if you can successfully open the Settings app and use other apps without any lagging issue. If not, try out the next options available below. 


2. Clean Up the Cache Partition


Cache partition is nothing but the location that contains all the temporary files, it can store the corrupted cache files as well. Such files often prompt the Settings error.


So, if you doubt that there is something wrong with the Cache partition because you have downloaded some apk or unauthorized ROM, you need to clear the partition from recovery mode. So, to enter recovery mode and wipe it off all you have to do is


  • Switch off  your phone and long-press the physical volume down and power keys simultaneously until you hear a vibration


  • After the vibration or an Android logo screen, release the button. 


  • You will be in recovery mode in about ten seconds and there will be a lot of options available on the screen.


  • You need to use the physical Volume key to scroll down to the Wipe Cache Partition option listed at the bottom of the list








  • Now to clean up the Cache partition press the physical power button.


  • Upon restarting your phone, the corrupted files should be gone. And the cleaned partition shall not cause any error.


3. Reset App Preferences


You might not remember testing out the app settings or changing its preferences. So, in that case, you can reset all preferences to their default mode to fix any that has been caused because of the changing preferences. To reset apps, the steps to follow are:


  • Open your Phone’s main Settings menu and open the Apps option. Based on your device, you might see the Apps and Notifications or All Apps option, open it.


  • Once you open the section, you will see a three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the display. You need to click that menu.


  • The menu will allow you to select the Reset App Preferences option.







  • After selecting the Reset Preferences option, a popup might warn you that all apps will be reset. Do not worry, confirm the action anyway by clicking the Ok or Reset option from the popup.


  • Last but not least, restart your phone. Now the notification should not bug you anymore.


4. Enable the Safe Mode


As we have mentioned, some third-party apps can cause the Settings error, and to confirm it you need to enter safe mode.  So, follow the steps given below:


  • If you want to enter safe mode from the phone screen options, you need to long-press the physical Power Button and release it once you Some options have appeared on the display.


  • From the options, click on the Power Off logo or pop-up and long-press it. Then another pop-up will be on the screen that says Reboot in Safe Mode. Click that, or you can click on OK from the pop-up.


  • After a while, your device shall restart automatically and enable the safe mode. The process might not take more than one minute. And on the display bottom, you will see a Safe Mode text.








  • Now stay in this mode for a while and use the apps or try to access the Settings Intelligence features. If you can do that without any repetitive notification or sudden crash, it is time to identify which third-party apps are at fault.


  • Disable or exit from the safe mode by restarting the device and then opening all third-party apps one by one. If they load slow or malfunction, you need to clear their cache or data from their info page.  







Or you can delete them completely if you do not use them often. After that, you shall notice a positive change in the Settings app functions.


5. Wipe Off the Cache of the Settings App


The overloaded or corrupted settings files can be the reason to push the com.android.settings.intelligence crash notification. It happens when you do not run a cleaner or clear the junk or cache files manually. So, things you should do now are as follows:


  • Open the device’s settings menu and select the Apps and Notifications section.


  • Then at the top, you should see an App Info option, tap on it. It will take you to all the default or third-party apps list. 







  • Go through the list to find the default settings app or you can search it with the search bar option available at the top.


  • After you open the System Settings app info page, you need to press the Storage and Cache section.







  • Now select the clear cache option with a bin icon, a pop-up might appear to confirm the action. Press ok. 







  • After clearing the cache open the System Default Settings or Android System Intelligence. And it will work fine. 


Can You Remove Com Android Settings Intelligence Temporarily?


It is possible to remove the Settings package temporarily if it keeps malfunctioning. You can force stop or disable the intelligence feature or Settings to do that. And this might resolve the unexpected notification or performance errors from its end.


Note that removing it temporarily will not cause any harm to your device. So, you can follow these methods:


1. Disable or Force Stop from Settings


If you disable the built-in Settings intelligence feature, it will not run in the background anymore. And it will not even activate itself if any other app needs it. You need to enable the app again to restart it.


On the other hand, force stopping will not inactivate the package. It can start working when any app requires it. So, you need to decide which action to take and then follow these steps:


  • From your phone, drag the notification panel and enter the Settings screen or the default Settings app.


  • Then scroll down to open the All Apps section







  • After opening All Apps you will be able to see the recently used apps at the top of the pre-installed apps. So, you need to click on the three-dotted menu from the upper-right corner and select the System Apps or Show System option.








  • The systems apps filter will narrow down the apps list so that you can find the Settings Intelligence package from there easily   


  • If you cannot find the default package you can search for “settings intelligence” or “Android Intelligence” in the Settings search bar. And then open the Android System Intelligence from the search results. 


  • The info page of the Intelligence app will show you two options at the bottom or top of the screen, from there select the Disable or Force Stop option. We recommend you force stopping the app. 







  • However, if you disable it, follow the same path to enable it again after a while so that your Android System can run without any issue.  


Most of the time this temporary inactivity of the app helps to fix any bug or issue you are facing with the Android Settings Intelligence.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is the Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence Spyware?


The intelligence package is not spyware. It sure has access to your contacts and other data, but it does not misuse or transfer them. It does not spy on the data, rather uses them to make your Android use more comfortable.


2. Can You Delete the Settings Intelligence Package completely?


No, you cannot delete it completely because it is a system app. But if you are on a rooted phone you can remove it. But it does not guarantee a complete removal also.


3. Does the Package Slow Down My Phone?


No, it should not slow down your phone. If you are low on space, the OS might slow down the Android. But the package itself is not responsible for the slow performance of the phone.



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The com.android.settings.intelligence is really an essential default package to access all the features and settings on your phone. So, you should not think of disabling it, unless it becomes really buggy.


You must run a RAM cleaner tool and antivirus tool on your phone regularly so that the Settings package is not affected anyhow. Otherwise, you will have to face the sudden crashes of the intelligent settings.


Note that you should not try to perform any additional steps other than what we have reviewed, especially, if you are not tech-savvy. If you still try, then it can result in negative consequences for your phone settings.

By Imran Chowdhury

Imran is a tech-savvy guy, love to share the hacks of technology related tips and tricks, and a certified learner from Android developer platform He has been in the industry since 2017. With his vast knowledge and hundreds of blog publications, he can solve any tech-related problem flawlessly. The main areas of expertise are android and ios app-related problems, tech-tutorial, and operating systems. He explains rocket-science-type difficult things easily so you can follow instructions and solve problems. He is currently working as the founder of Writing hack and some other blogs. His love for writing and solving others' problems sets him apart from other writers.

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