What Does Com Android Vending Mean?

what does com android vending mean

While some Android packages are quite self-explanatory, others are not like that. And the com.android.vending is one such installer name or package. When Android users come across the package for the first time, a lot of questions pop up in their minds, such as what does com android vending mean, what is it doing in my Activity log, why it runs in the background, and whatnot.


And guess what? You will find all your answers in detail right here!


Just because the package comes straight from the manufacturers, it does not mean that it will not give you a headache with any error. So, we will be analyzing what errors it can cause and what you can do to resolve the issue on your rooted or unrooted phone.


What Does Com Android Vending Mean and Uses?


As an Android user, you are well aware of the Google Play store app that you use to get a hold of many apps and games. And you will be surprised to know that the com.android.vending is the package file developed for the Play store app so that it can function properly.


If you look at this package’s features and functions below, it will make more sense to you why you see it in the activity log often:


  • It helps to download and update different apps, books, movies, and games from the Play Store


  • This package keeps all the apps or programs safe from potential threats


  • You get the notification of the latest available updates of the apps because of it


  • Without the package, scanning apps to generate reports, analysis, and identify any threat is not possible 


  • Also, it makes sure you get safe transactions while making a purchase from the Playstore 


So, without a doubt, the package is not useless. Instead, it runs in the background and performs these tasks to provide you with a safe and better android experience.


What Issues Can the Com.Android.Vending Cause And How To Fix That?


As the package mainly works for the Google Playstore and tasks related to the app, it can sometimes make the Play store laggy or buggy. And you can have a hard time accessing the Play store app.


If you keep on trying to open the app, you might see an error notification that says “com.android.vending has stopped unfortunately.” Let’s find out what prompts the error and what you can do to fix it.


1. Check the Internet Connection of Your Phone


The com android vending package or Play store needs a stable internet connection to function properly. If the connection has some issues, the package might prompt the error message. To check and fix the Internet issue all you have to do is


  • Go to any web browser or Google Chrome and search for anything you want.


  • If you cannot enter the webpage from search results without any loading issue, the internet is not working properly.


  • Turn off Airplane mode if enabled and disable any proxy service or VPN. Because sometimes they break the Internet’s stability.


  • Changing the Network settings shall work fine if you are on cellular data. So, go to Settings and open the Mobile Networks option.


  • From the section, choose Preferred Network type and change to any other type from its current network type.




what does com android vending mean




After that, restart your phone. The Internet instability should not occur anytime soon to force stop the package or Play store app.


2. Set the Incorrect Date and Time Correctly


You might not notice the incorrect date and time on your phone. And they can change due to several reasons including the misconfigured time zone.


Because of the wrong information your phone fails to sync with Google Server. And it triggers the Play store app to crash and the error notification to appear again and again. To fix it –


  • From the Settings screen, go to Date and Time, it should be under the System section. 


  • If the Automatic Date and Time is not on, turn it on. Or if it is already on, disable it and set the time and date manually. After that, you will no longer face the errors caused by the package.




what does com android vending mean




3. Activate Safe Mode


Safe Mode turns out to be the savior to diagnose and fix many Android technical issues. It lets you find out whether device settings or installed apps are the actual culprits that cause the problem. To enter safe mode follow these instructions


  • You have to long-press the device Power button until you see the Phone options on the screen.


  • From the screen, long-press the “Power Off” pop-up until another pop-up for “Reboot in Safe Mode” appears.


  • Press the Reboot pop-up or click on Ok to enter the safe mode.


  • After that, your phone will restart automatically and enable the safe mode. To confirm you are in that mode, look for Safe Mode text at the bottom of the screen




what does com android vending mean




  • Check whether the irritating com.vending notification appears or not. Also, try to run the Play store app in that mode for a while. If everything goes smoothly, it means that you need to clear the cache of the third-party apps.


  • Disable the safe mode by restarting the phone. And open all third-party apps’ info pages from Settings. 


  • Then click on Clear Cache. Now the problem should not occur while downloading anything from the Play store source.


4. Uninstall the Latest Update of Play Store


It might surprise you to know that the latest updates of an app do not always fix all the bugs. Even the previous version can perform better. So, it might be the case with your Google Play store. Especially, on your rooted phone, this method will work wonders.


So, if you notice the app misbehaving after updating it, get back to its previous update with these steps:


  • Open All Apps from the phone’s Settings menu.


  • Now proceed to open the Google Playstore info page


  • Click on the three-dotted menu located at the upper-right corner of the page, and press the Uninstall updates option from there. It shall fix the issue you are facing.




what does com android vending mean




5. Clean the Cache Partition


For any regular Android user, the Cache Partition might sound like a tricky method. But it is nothing but wiping off the temporary corrupted files stored on Cache Partition. These files often cause the Android packages to crash. To remove these files –


  • Turn your phone off and long-press the physical “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons simultaneously.


  • When you can see the Android logo release the Power key. After a while, you will see the Recovery screen


  • From there scroll down to the “Wipe Cache Partition” option using the Volume key. 




what does com android vending mean




  • To select the partition option, press the Power button.


  • Last but not least, restart your phone. This method will fix any random glitches of the app or package so that you can get rid of the notification.


6. Flash the GApps or Google Apps


If no solutions seem to work for your rooted phone, you should flash the Google apps (GApps) to resolve the issue. This flash enables you to use the Google services without the performance error you are facing.


You cannot try this method on an unrooted device unless your phone gains root access. If you can implement the steps below properly, this method will not disappoint you:


  • Go to an authorized site to download GApps Zip file for your phone that goes well with your phone’s running software 


  • You need to enter Recovery mode now. For that, repeat the first two steps under the Clear Cache partition method we have reviewed above. 


  • From the install zip from the SD card option, click on the downloaded Gapps file to flash it.




what does com android vending mean




  • After the flash, turn your phone on. And you will no longer notice the errors. However, upon completing the process, do not forget to login into your Google accounts. 


Can You Delete the Com.Android.Vending Package Completely?


It is better to say goodbye to the Google Play store along with its package if it keeps on performing abruptly even after trying out all the methods. As it is a system app or package, you will not get an easy way to uninstall it completely.


However, to get an error-free Android experience the effort is worth it. So, choose any of the following uninstalling methods:


1. ADB 


If you do not want to root your phone only to uninstall some stubborn pre-installed apps, this method is your ally. It requires a PC, your phone, USB cable, and of course Internet connection to follow the steps:


  • Keep your phone and PC fully charged. Now, open the Settings menu on your phone followed by the About Phone option.


  • Click on the Build number option seven times and it will turn on the Developer options mode.


  • Now you need to enable the USB Debugging by going back to the main Settings screen and opening the Developer options. 



what does com android vending mean




  • Turn on your computer and look for ADB.EXE file if it is previously installed. If not, go to a trusted site and download the ADB for Windows. 


  • Then unzip or decompress the ADB file to a new location or folder and open the folder. 


  • To enter and execute commands, open the Powershell window on your PC by pressing the Shift key and right-clicking in a blank space.


  • Enter the command below. Then connect your PC and phone so that your computer can perform tasks to remove the app from your phone. 


    adb devices


  • Finally, it is time to remove the app by entering the following command on your Powershell


  adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.vending


Run the command and in a while, you will not see any trace of the problematic app and its annoying notification on your phone.


2. Use the System App Remover Tool


Using the third-party System APP Remover tool is one of the fastest and easiest methods to remove any kind of default apps or packages. So, if you have a rooted phone, without any delay jump into the steps:


  • From any APK download site, install the System App Remover and open it.


  • Checkmark the Google Play Store from the tool and click on the uninstall option to delete it.




what does com android vending mean





Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why Does the Com.Android.Vending Store Billing Information?


Indeed, the Play store package stores your billing information so that making any purchase from the app becomes safe and easier for you. It adds your credit or debit card information for in-app purchases. You can buy premium features or items while using the apps or games due to the stored data.


2. Does the Package Require Any App Permission?


Yes, it does. In order to function properly, all Android packages require permission to access several programs or settings. It has access to SMS, storage, location, contacts, and telephone. However, it does not misuse those accessed data.


3. Is the Com.Android.Vending A Safe Package to Run?


As the name of the package is not quite familiar to most Android users, they assume it to be spyware. But it does not spy on you. Also, as it drains the battery comparatively sooner, you might think it is risky to run it. But it drains the battery due to its heavy functions, so it is safe to use it. 



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The com.android.vending is not any sort of bloatware that you need to get rid of because of its useless existence on your phone. Rather, it is an essential part of your Android to access different secured apps from the verified source. Now that you know what does com android vending mean and its uses, think twice before removing it without any reason!


Nevertheless, if you decide to delete it because of its performance issues, you will have to use a third-party site or app to download apps. You need to make sure to choose a secured site for your Android’s safety, keep in mind.

By Imran Chowdhury

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