What Does Com.Samsung.Android.Mdx.Quickboard Mean?

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Technical terms are hard to understand for people like you and me. But things can be explained in an easy way.


com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard is also a term that seems difficult to understand. But still if you are eager, you can learn its uses and its role to meet your curiosity.


People ask questions often about this. What does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard mean? What is the use of this in their phone?


In today’s bolg, I have answered the question so that general users also can get it. I hope you also find it helpful.


What does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard mean?


You might see that com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard floats up suddenly when you connect your Samsung phone to your TV. It’s the application that lets you set up a Bluetooth connection via the application.




what does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard mean




In other word, com.Samsung.Android.mdx.quickboard is a file on the server that installs the Android app so that it can let you query for a multidimensional database.


This file is usually a hidden apk.file. When you are trying to control two Samsung remotely, this term is shown or come up. Simply, it’s just the file or app that helps your Android phone to connect the TV via Connectivity app.


Is com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard a Spam message or something similar


Did you see com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard pop up suddenly on your phone’s screen? And you suddenly start to worry if someone is trying to take over your phone. Is it a scam or are there any hackers trying to steal data from the phone?


These are the common questions asked by the users. Well, I will tell you not to worry. It is totally safe for your device data.


This apk.file does not allow any threat to your phone. It also doesn’t allow any harmful connection. So, use your android phone without any hesitation.


What is Samsung QuickBoard used for?


Along with com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard, the Quickboard term does come often. So, people want to know that What it is used for.



what does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard mean




It is basically the product of the manufacturer company Samsung.


It’s a quick board from the media as well as the SDK which is for your Android devices.


You usually need the quickboard for installing your TV and Phone’s remote control application on your Android device.


What does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard do in a phone


You must have noticed the folder named com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard on your Samsung Device. It is quite possible to wonder why you need this folder in your phone.


Basically, in your samsung phone, the apps store every data like Data or information, cache, License in a folder. It’s found in every Android. com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard is a folder that performs this task on your Samsung device.


Is it an important folder?


Obviously it is. This folder has its significant role to play. It gathers the app’s all information together and preserves it well. So, you can say that it’s an important folder.



Final Verdict


Samsung is always focusing on its innovation. Now you can connect your mobile phone and TV to control remotely. And com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard is just an apk.file to make your work done easily and effortlessly.


I hope that you have understood about What does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard mean on your Android phone. From now on you might not panic when it does pop up on your phone. Enjoy your Samsung Technology more freely.




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Frequently Asked Questions


Is com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard a link sent by hackers?


Answer: Not at all. The Samsung Company owns the apk.file. It is not sent by any hacker or third party. It’s a product of your Samsung device that is related to your device’s applications.


Does com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard help my Phone connect to my Television?


Answer: Yes it does. com.samsung.android.mdx.quickboard helps to set a connection via a connectivity app. So when you are thinking of connecting both remotely, and try to Connect, it will pop up on your mobile screen.

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