What Does Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Mean?

com.samsung.android messaging

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is a system app that helps run any messaging app on your device.

It abides by all the system protocols of Samsung. Therefore, it is 100% safe.

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging in Google activity helps to enhance the performance of your device in messaging.

Due to technical bugs, you can get messages like “Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android Messaging has stopped.” With some tips and tricks, it is possible to get rid of this bug.

What Does Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Mean?

Samsung has an Android messaging system. It is in the Android device as a default setting. com.Samsung.Android.messaging means any  Samsung users or other  Android brands who use Samsung’s messaging software will have Com.Samsung.Android Messaging pre-installed.

This system is associated with your Android device’s built-in SMS and MMS apps. Any SMS or MMS received or delivered are handled by this processing app. It keeps track of records and allows you to maintain the contacts in your phone.

Also, the other messaging apps on your device need assistance from Com.Samsung.Android Messaging to establish text communication between contacts.

com.samsung.android messaging

Is Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Safe?

Yes, Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is pretty safe for users.

Because, the Samsung operating system itself cannot use Com.Samsung.Android Messaging data without the permission of the user.

Thus, You can be assured that Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is a secure software that has been used for your user efficiency.

What Is Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Used For?

What Is Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Used For
What Is Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Used For?

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is essential software on your Samsung Android device.

If you are not a Samsung user but have noticed Com.Samsung.Android Messaging, your Android device uses the software.

It has multiple functions in your messaging communication.

Sending And Receiving Message

To deliver and receive your SMS and MMS, it is a must that your device has Com.Samsung.Android Messaging pre-installed.

  • This keeps track of your previous texting. Therefore, you get the texting trade-in your device.
  • Also, it lets you know that the texts you’ve sent are received on the other end.
  • You get a smooth texting thread saved on your device with all this functionality.
  • Suggests words and information while texting an individual.

It collects data from your previous messaging history.

Suggesting Contact

When trying to text someone, you need to find the contact on your saved contact.

To take your messaging experience to the next level It gives you the following features:

  • Com.Samsung.Android Messaging helps to search messages on your messaging app.
  • It establishes a link between your contact list and messaging app.
  • Using Com.Samsung.Android Messaging your messaging app can hide or archive any text you want.

If a person contacts you in the past, you will find the person in the search list of your messaging app.

This is also applicable if you have sent an SMS or MMS.

Hiding texts does not mean this text will be deleted. Rather you can carry on the conversation later on.

Block Text

If you have any annoying contact you want to get rid of, you can put it in the block list.

For you to block a contact, you need to have Com.Samsung.Android Messaging in your device.

The software filters all the blocked text from your device.

The block texts don’t come to your message app, but they are still saved for future reference on your device.

Block text function by com.samsung.android messaging

Interestingly, you can turn off message blocking on Android using it.

Pin A Message or Thread

Like blocking a text, Com.Samsung.Android Messaging helps you pin a message or message thread on your device.

If you want to keep a text marked for a particular purpose, then Com.Samsung.Android Messaging allows you to do so.

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging makes sure that the pin text is at the top of the text thread on your device.

com.samsung.android messaging

Use Multiple SIM Card

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging allows you to use multiple sim cards.

If your device has multiple sim cards, you can choose which sim card to use each time you send an SMS or MMS.

Thus, your device saves data irrespective of the sim card you have used.

Also Com.Samsung.Android Messaging allows you to find the SMS or MMS data from sim categories.

Recognizing Malware

Suppose anyone is sending you any offensive text or multimedia message. Com.Samsung.Android Messaging helps to recognize the factor.

It also verifies the links and codes sent to your device.

Therefore, you can recognize this Malware that can cause harm to your device through the notification Com.Samsung.Android Messaging provides.

Data Security

Data security is an integral part of Com.Samsung.Android Messaging. This system abides by all the terms and conditions of Samsung’s privacy law.

Therefore if any third-party app is trying to invade the data privacy of your  SMS or MMS, it gets recognized by the app.

As soon as the Messaging acknowledges the threat, it notifies you of notification or popup messages.

All these reasons make it essential that you have Com.Samsung.Android Messaging on your device pre-installed.

Having this software in your device establishes that your messaging thread is protected from any outside attack. It conducts your whole SMS and MMS procedure.

What Does “Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Has Stopped” Means

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is an app that processes all your Samsung Android device’s SMS and MMS functionality.

When it shows, Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android Messaging has stopped”,  the app crashes. You can fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error.

There can be several reasons behind the crash.

Technical Bug

There can be minor technical bugs that can cause errors in the system functionality of the messaging app.

This ultimately leads to “Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Has Stopped”.

System Crash

Sometimes due to other settings of your device, the system crashes.

This system crash ultimately leads to the failure of Com.Samsung.Android Messaging.

Insufficient Storage

If you have lots of messages on your device, you might run out of storage. This creates problems in placing new SMS or MMS.

Thus you receive a notification saying, “Unfortunately, Com.Samsung.Android Messaging Has Stopped”.

Cache Data

In smart devices, cache data is stored so that your device can analyze them.

Analyzing this data, your device gets more user-friendly. But over the storage of cache data, sometimes the system crashes.

These are some of the reasons why Com.Samsung.Android Messaging can fail.

If you fix this problem, you might stop getting the notification of “Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android.Messaging has stopped”.

How To Fix “Unfortunately Com.Samsung.Android Messaging has stopped” Error?

“Unfortunately, Com.Samsung.Android Messaging has stopped” is a visible error. If it is not due to a software or hardware issue, you can use some DIY methods to resolve them. Here are some points that are discussed step by step.


Restarting your device often crosses small bags of your device. With the following steps, you can stop getting the “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” message.

Step 1: Locate the power button on the edge of your device.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button until the Power Off and Restart option appears on the screen.

Step 3: Select the option for Restart.

com.samsung.android messaging

Step 4: Wait until the restart is completed.

Step 5: Check if the popped-off message is gone or not.

Clear Cache Files of The App

Even though the cache file of an app can help you enhance the app’s performance, this data can also cause a minor system failure. Take the following steps to eliminate the “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” message by clearing cache files.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung device from the app menu. 

Step 2: Scroll down to Apps.

Step 3: Locate Com.Samsung.Android Messaging app.

Step 4: Open it.

Step 5: Tap on Cache Data.

com.samsung.android messaging

Step 6: From the popped-up options, select clear data.

Step 7: Confirm the clear command.

Clear System Cache Files

Sometimes it is not enough to clean Apps Cache files to get rid of system bugs. To get rid of the “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” message, you might need to clear the system cache file. Here are the steps to do so.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung Android device.

Step 2: Scroll down to storage.

Step 3: Locate Cache data.

Step 4: Clear the cache data from the system.

Software Update

The software update is an integral part of keeping your apps working correctly. Therefore if you are getting an “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” popup message, check if your software has a pending update to install. If so, then from the settings, update your Samsung Android device.

How to Force Stop Com.Samsung.Android Messaging

Disabling and enabling com.Samsung. Android.messaging can help you stop getting “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” message. The following steps will help you force-stop com.Samsung. Android.messaging.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app.

Step 2: Open the Apps Setting.

Step 3: Locate Com.Samsung.Android Messaging apk.

Step 4: Now, you will see the option for Force Stop.

Step 5: Go back and check for the error.

Step 6: Disable the Force Stop in a similar process if it is gone.

Reset All Settings

If the other settings feature is causing your system to crash, resetting all the Settings to default mode will help you stop “Unfortunately com.Samsung.android.messaging has stopped” from popping up.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Go to the System setting.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Reset option.

Step 4: Select Reset All Settings.

These are some of the tricks that can help you. “Unfortunately com.Samsung. Android.messaging has stopped” message is a bug in most cases. Therefore the following steps will help you to get rid of this bug.

How to Disable Com.Samsung.Android Messaging app?

Com.Samsung.Android Messaging is a system file. And it is installed in a way that you cannot uninstall the program. But it comes with the option to Force Stop it. Once you Force Stop the app, it will stop programming. This is equivalent to disabling the app.

But it is not ideal to disable Com.Samsung.Android Messaging. Once you disable the software, the messaging apps on your device will start to malfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I see hidden conversations?

You can see the hidden conversation on your Android device from the text message setting.

Are Samsung Chat Messages the same as text messages?

Yes, the Samsung Chat messages are similar to Text messages. But while text messaging is from Google, Samsung messaging is from Samsung.

How do you know if someone’s using secret conversations?

The one with a secret conversation will have a black circle on the profile icon.

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