What does the sync function do? A very Important Feature

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Suppose, you have saved a file on your phone. But, after updating your phone settings, you can’t locate the files on the device. If you want to solve such problems, you have to use the sync function to create backup files.


Can someone give me an understanding of what sync does? As you don’t know about syncing, you can ask the question. Here we will explain what does the sync function do? Let’s dive in.

Why should I sync my devices?


There are many reasons you should sync your devices. Now you will know the advantages of syncing your device.

Backup your file


Syncing will help you to store your files with a backup capacity. Even if you delete it from your phone storage, the backup file will support you. The files will always be on your Google account, One Drive or other storage accounts.

Associated with other devices


You will use your files from anywhere. However, you have to log in to your account. It will be associated with multiple devices. Yet, you don’t need to carry a USB for storing or carrying your data or files. Isn’t it great?

Save the storage


Some apps like Google Drive, One Drive and DropBox come up with storage capacity. In these apps, you can save the files from your phone and computer.


You can delete those files from your phone. It will free up your phone storage. Nevertheless, you can purchase extra storage space for this software.

Makes your work easier


You don’t have to be afraid of losing important files anymore. Sync the files with your device. After that, it will keep your files safe. Besides, you can sync multiple accounts with one device.

What is the meaning of sync on a mobile?


Do you know what sync is on the phone?


Sync means synchronization. It is a technical term. If you want to make your files secure, then you will need to sync your devices.


It will create a backup file. You can keep it updated with the sync function. Moreover, you can use the function of the file manager, phone account, Google account, contacts, and email.


Also, it is available for other services. Besides, you can check the files from any device with the account.

What does sync mean in a Google account?


If you sync your Google account, it will save your files, contacts, photos, videos, passwords, bookmarks, and saved data. After syncing it with your phone, the account will update the files automatically.

 What does sync contacts mean?


It means when you save the contacts on your phone, they will be stored in an authorized account. Along with that, it will back up your contacts. If you change your device, you can still access the contacts of your phone.

How to enable the sync function on an Android device?


At this point, you will know how you can turn on the sync function of your Android device. We will show you the syncing process of Google accounts.


  • First of all, you have to open the ‘Settings’ option of your device.


  • Go to the ‘Google Chrome app.


  • You will find the address bar on the right of the search bar. Click ‘ More’ to open the settings. Now tap on the ‘Sync’ button.




what does the sync function do




  • After that, you have to select your Google account for syncing.




what does the sync function do




  • Then you can see the list of Google associated apps to sync.


  • To turn it on, you need to click on the ‘Yes, I’m in’ tab. Your syncing will start from now.

How to stop the sync function?


If you want to remove the sync function, you have to follow these steps.


  • The first thing you have to do is open ‘Google Chrome’. Go to the ‘settings’ from the address bar.


  • Tap on your account. After that, you have to click on ‘Sign out’.


  • Selecting the tab will turn the sync off.





Finally, we hope you understand what does the sync function do. We will suggest syncing your device with the primary account. You can turn on syncing with the steps we have mentioned.


For better security, you have to set up a strong password. It is better not to enable the auto-sync option. You should turn it on when you are using it. Otherwise, keep the sync off. That’s all.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Should I turn sync on or off?


Turning the sync on will be a wise decision. Because it will support you with the storage and backup files. If you turn off the sync option, it won’t save any files. So it will drain your phone storage.

2.     Is syncing safe for Android users?


Yes. It is safe for Android users. The data storage will always keep a backup file of the device in your account.



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