After blocking a number, you may be concerned if the person you’ve blocked may know your action somehow. Sometimes, a few telemarketers, promotional workers, spammers & old enemies try to make your device ring for their purpose. Blocking one of these numbers is okay to bring satisfaction to your mind.


This article is written to reveal what happens when you block a number on Android. If you don’t know how to block private Android, this article also can help you with this topic. You can also unblock a blocked number in the future & you’ll also learn what happens when you unblock a number. So, let’s get into the detailed chapter.


How to block a number on an Android phone


If you have enough ideas about blocking a number on an Android phone, you can skip this part. Otherwise, keep scrolling & learn how to block a number on an Android phone.



You’ll need to find your dialer application from your Android. You can use an inbuilt search option to find dialer apps. After finding this, tap on the phone icon shown in the picture below.

what happens when you block a number on android



In this stage, a list of incoming & outgoing calls will be visible. From that list, you can easily select your target number for performing blocking. Tap on the number & follow the next step.


what happens when you block a number on android


A virtual “Block” option will come in front of your screen. Some devices can use this option inside another option. All you need to find out & use this option. Just block the number & tap on “Ok”. you’re done.


what happens when you block a number on android


What happens when you block a number on Android?


Aren’t you interested to know what happens when you block someone on your phone? If you are, then continue the reading.



The person you’re blocking can’t get any kind of hints primarily. Officially, it’s the responsibility of operators according to telecommunication regulations. Google is strict about privacy & won’t let the blocked people know officially.



After blocking a number, he/she is out of your contact. The caller won’t call & if he/she tries, the system will take to the voicemail option. It should be mentioned that the dialer can hear one phone call ring before getting diverted into voicemail service.



If the person you have already blocked tries to send you a text message, it won’t come to your Android device. The sender will see that the message is undelivered & trying again & again won’t change the fact.


Final Fact:

We would like to clear the blocking concept in this part. If you block someone, it will perform as a one-sided block. You’ve blocked someone doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with the person. You can make calls, text messages as usual. 


The person can pick your call & continue conversations. Besides, your text message will work in the normal way. But, the person you have blocked, won’t have the ability to call you or text you back.


What happens when you block a number on WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is a popular internet-based platform to communicate quickly. It’s determined to provide quality security by maintaining its private data to its users. But, some facts arise when you are compelled to block someone on WhatsApp. 


You may become interested to know when you block someone on WhatsApp what do they see. Besides, a common inquiry of mind is that-  if I unblock someone on WhatsApp will they know? Here we’re giving your answers.


what happens when you block a number on android



If you block any contact from WhatsApp, you won’t hear any ringtone from that person. Neither text messages nor calls can reach the blocked person. Besides, people have an interest that – if I block someone on WhatsApp, can I see their status? The answer is obviously “No”. You can’t see the WhatsApp status update from the blocked person. 



You should know that WhatsApp allows you to see the active status of the users. If I block someone on WhatsApp can they see when I’m online? Here is your answer. After receiving a WhatsApp block from you, the blocked person won’t have permission to see your active status. 


We mean, the person can’t see when you were active on WhatsApp for the last time. Even, if you are online, the blocked person can’t understand it.



If the blocked person tries to send you a message, he/she will be able to see that the message is only sent. There will be no text delivery update. 



This fact is a common interest for most users. They ask “If I block someone on WhatsApp can they know?”. Well, there is no direct way to understand. But, if the person is an IT expert or updated about WhatsApp policies, it’s not difficult to catch the story.



If you think that you have only one chance to block a person, that’s wrong. You can block & unblock someone anytime. 


What happens when you block a number on Android voicemail?


You need to install the Google voice application to block a number on Android voicemail. Let’s tell you what happens when you block a number on an Android voicemail.



If the blocked person tries to call you, normally a ring can be heard. After that, the person will be diverted to voicemail service. When you block someone on an Android voicemail, the person can drop a voicemail as usual.



When you block a number on Android voicemail, you are no longer receiving voicemails. Before blocking, your voicemails would have been stored in with regular text messages. After blocking that number, the person can send a voicemail but it won’t come to you. That’s the difference.


What happens when you unblock a number?


As we have already told you, you have access to anytime to unblock a number. If you unblock a number will you receive old texts? The answer is absolutely negative. Let’s see the facts.



After unblocking a number, you’re in a normal situation with that person. Like others, you can do calls, texts & receive calls, texts anytime. 



When the person was blocked, no text will appear in your conversation if the contact tried to deliver during the blocked session. The sender would have seen the message was sent but it wasn’t delivered. So, it’s crystal clear that unblocking doesn’t come with old messages blocking sessions by the sender. 



You can see the WhatsApp status of the blocked person. There is another common asking that if I unblock someone on WhatsApp will the person know? The answer is typical. Technically, that person won’t have any notification of unblocking. But, using common sense, the blocked person can understand sometimes.




It’s time to get some common question answers & this section may help your thirst for asking.


What does the other person see when you block their number?

Answer: Other persons can normally view your number in their contact list when you block their number. They don’t find any visual change except they try to send you a message. If the message isn’t delivered, they may catch the issue.


Can someone tell if you block their number android?

Answer: There is no strong evidence to prove the fact. But, when the person faces abnormality with sending texts & calls, the person may get it & can tell you approximately. 


When you block someone, do they know?

Answer: It’s not possible as they don’t receive any kind of notification. But, when they face the absence of normality in sending messages & calls, they may assume but can’t become sure about it.


What happens when you block a number and they call you?

Answer: If you block a number, the blocked person can’t reach you. When calling, they hear just one time ringing sound & then, they are diverted to voicemail service.


Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you?

Answer: There is no direct way to see if a blocked number has tried to contact you without the oral statement. But, if you visit the blocking option from the phone call app, you can see it by tapping on the desired contact number.


Can you see missed calls from blocked numbers?

Answer: Normally, it’s not possible to see missed calls from blocked numbers like other numbers. By going into the security option, you can find blocked numbers & from there, you can see how many times they tried to reach you.



Blocking a number is the best way to stay away from trouble. But it can create more pressure on your head to know about post-blocking facts. Sometimes, people block known persons & they feel shy after blocking thinking that they may realize their steps.


This article refers to What happens when you block a number on Android. We’ve also dealt with what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp & when you block someone on Voicemail. So, here is our joss if we can deliver enough facts about your inquiries. 


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