What Is A Navigation Pane?- Learn Everything About It!

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If you are getting to know your computer’s programs in a better way, you are likely to hear about Navigation Pane a lot. Especially, if you are looking for shortcuts to manage your documents.


So, it is usual to wonder what is a navigation pane and how you can use it to be time-efficient with your work. And we will cover all your queries regarding it.


Accessing or using the Navigation Pane for Microsoft Word and Excel can be a bit overwhelming as it has many options to explore.  So, to take away your headaches, we will walk you through its uses and break down the process to access it.


What Is The Navigation Pane On A Computer?


The navigation pane is the built-in feature of a computer that you can find for almost every folder or program. It helps to access and organize any folder or program easily.


On your computer, it has replaced the Places Bar. Now from the pane, you can visit the drives, desktop, downloads, and history easily. This pane usually is located on the left side of programs or folders.


What is a Navigation Pane in Excel and Its Uses?


The navigation pane in Microsoft Excel is nothing but a useful feature to help you move around a workbook to understand its layout in a better way. From the pane, you can explore and navigate to the workbook elements. Whether you are getting to know Excel or you are an experienced user, this tool can save your time in navigating or arranging large worksheets.


Someone with visual impairments will find the navigation pane more useful. Because they can explore the whole workbook within a few clicks.


You can go through the sections below to know the ways to access the pane and some of its uses:


To Access the Navigation Pane:


Open any workbook in Excel. Then from the center top of the screen, click on the View option and select the Navigation button to open it.


Or from your keyboard try the Alt + W + K button combination to access it. Now, let’s dive into what you can do with it:


1. Modification


  • You can make changes to the sheets or their elements. Once you open the pane, you will see a list of the sheets, objects, tables, charts, and elements you have included in the workbook. To modify them you can follow these steps


  • Right-click on the Sheet you want to make changes in. You will see options to rename, delete, hide or show the sheet. 




what is a navigation pane





what is a navigation pane




  • On the left side of the Sheet Name, there is a left arrow to expand the sheets. It will show its tables, images, charts, or any element you have added. 


  • Then you need to right-click on the items to get the options to hide or delete an image or chart. It enables you to rename the included tables as well.


2. Search


You do not have to go through the whole navigation pane to find the items you want to explore. There is a Search box located at the top of the pane and you can use it to search for what you need. Things you can do with the search option are:


  • Search “Table” or “Chart” or “Images” to see where these items are in the content 


  • If you want to check whether you have titled the charts or elements correctly or not, search the elements’ names. 


For example, type “Charts” in the box and search. Then “Chart Title” will appear for the charts with no specific title. Right-click on it to add titles from the pane itself.




what is a navigation pane




What Is A Navigation Pane In Word?


In order to arrange, style, or go through any word document easily, the Navigation Pane is the second to none feature. You can open it by pressing the Ctrl + F on a document. Or you can simply click on the View option at the top to open the pane. Things you can do with it are:


1. Browse the Document


You can easily browse or move around the headings and pages of your document from the pane. So, if you want to make changes or proofread the elements all you have to do is:


  • Choose the Headings option from the pane




what is a navigation pane




  • You will see a list of all the Headings you have included. Now, click on the Heading you want to go to.


  • If you want to explore any page, select the Pages option located right beside the Headings option


  • Then all the pages with thumbnails will be on display. You need to look at the thumbnail carefully and if this is the content of the page you want to explore, click it. 




what is a navigation pane




2. Search and Reorganize


It can get difficult to find the exact phrases from the thousands of words. But from the pane, you can do it instantly. Also, you can restructure the size of the headings or relocate them. Follow these instructions to use the pane:


  • Insert or type the word or phrases of the content or headings you are looking for.


  • Then click on the result that appears. If multiple results appear, click on the up-down arrow to browse them all.


  • To relocate a heading, click on it and drag it to its new position in the pane.


  • If you want to change the level of a heading, right-click on it and select the Show Levels option to choose the desired level.




what is a navigation pane






Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is the File Explorer navigation pane?


In your Windows 10, the Navigation for File Explorer is the feature to view the computer files and tier structures. Once you open the File Explorer you can view the pane on the left side. It includes all the connected cloud accounts, OneDrive, This PC, network, and many more folders for quick access.


2. What is a navigation pane in access?


The Navigation Pane Access plays a vital role in viewing every database on your Microsoft Access. With it, you can access the objects and modify them easily.


3. What is a powerpoint slide navigation pane?


The slide navigation pane is the built-in tool or feature of Microsoft PowerPoint to help you organize your slides in a better way. Once you open the pane, you can delete, add, and rearrange slides or search for any content in the slides.



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The navigation pane has been a great help to increase your work productivity with its advanced features and options. But as there are panes for different programs, it gets overwhelming to understand and use them properly.


But hopefully, this article has helped you understand what is a navigation pane for major programs like word and excel and their uses.


If you are new at operating a computer, you should rely on the navigation pane more. It assists you in managing the basic layout or content of a program without any hassle.

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