What is a WAP push message and how does it work?

The WAP push messages is a new form of single-channel messaging system. It is a new way to send instant messages, short notifications, reminders, or URLs to the user from the companies. You can get a push message directly with an URL to direct you to the website easily and conveniently.

These push messages are good for the company’s marketing policies. But, before that, you must understand clearly what is WAP push message, is and how does it work. It is important because most of the time the push messages can be annoying for the user.

And this type of strategy can act as negative marketing of the company. Therefore, instead of getting rich, the company name can get negative reviews.

What is a WAP push message?

Basically, the WAP push messages act as an alert message in the form of a pop-up dialogue or notification on the smartphone. It is an advanced form of the conventional SMS system. Using the WAP push messages URLs with embedded hyperlinks can be sent to a mass audience within a very short period of time.

In order to receive a WAP push message, the phone should be enabled with at least WAP version 1.2 or more. Otherwise, the phone cannot receive the WAP push messages. All the smartphones are currently WAP enabled.

WAP push messages are mostly used by different service-providing companies. They send their company product advertisements using the WAP push messages. But, in recent times this technology is used by spammers for releasing unauthorized spam links and messages.

Are there any Advantages?

There are many advantages of the WAP push messages in the digital era. It is a quick way of communication. And so the technology can be used to relay instant messages in different ways for different purposes.

Increment of customer engagement

If you happen to develop a new business, then one of the first criteria is to relay the activities of your business. This can be easily and quickly done by the WAP push messaging methods. If your business has a URL it can be sent to a mass number of customers in no time.

This way the engagement of customers to your business can be increased in a short time. Besides, you can directly advertise your services and products using the WAP push messages. They will know and learn about the existence of your business and its activities.

Instant release of promotions and services

In order to get high reach, and followers the WAP push messages can be a good technique. The newer promotional messages and service alerts can be easily sent to a high number of consumers in a very short amount of time.

Apart from that, if your company has made some changes such as upgrades then the news can be easily related to the target customers.

Easy and Cost-effective

Advertising is one of the major parts of marketing for a business. This section of marketing is very expensive as well. Because using digital media such as TV or Social media advertising costs a lot more than expected. Moreover, the reach from digital advertisements is very unexpected.

Here comes the play of WAP push messages. Nowadays, a good number of people use smartphones with constant connectivity to the internet. Therefore, it is very easy to send them the WAP push messages of your business or product. Besides, it costs negligible to send WAP to push messages compared to general text messages.

Instant delivery and spontaneity

One of the best features of the WAP push messaging technique is spontaneity. It can be sent at any time of the day. Besides, it does not require any sort of medium through which the messages could be sent. Moreover, it does not even require any receiving medium to receive the messages.

Unlike other messaging applications or tools, WAP messages can be sent to the users without creating any additional amount of junk files. It is because it is a one-time activity. The message being delivered to the customer becomes void.

What are the disadvantages?

Like most of the services, the WAP push messages also have some negative impacts on the system or strategy.

Push messages are one way

Unlike text SMS, WAP push messages are one way only. It means that the WAP push messages cannot be replied back to. The text message system is a two-way channel. You can reply or send a message back.

But in the case of a WAP message, it can only be sent in one direction only. Therefore, sometimes the customers may get into trouble if they want to inquire further.

Source of SPAM messages

Apart from all the advantages of the WAP push message, the spam message is the biggest disadvantage. Due to a lot of Spam message transmission, people are losing faith in the WAP push messaging system.

The spam messages being sent by unethical users contain malware, spyware, or bloatware. These things cause trouble to the users or the customers. And therefore, they are forced to stop incoming WAPpush messages to their phone. Thus, the effectiveness of the system is lessened.

Differences between push message and text message

WAP push messageText message
Very cost-effectiveComparatively expensive
One-way transmissionTwo-way transmission
Easy to relayDifficult to relay
Ability to direct to specific URLHard to configure for the direction
Less chance of spammingMore spamming
Can be sent to mass number user in short timeCannot be sent to a mass number of people in short time

How to send WAP Push messages?

Now, we have learned about the different effects of the WAP push messages as a mobile marketing tool. It is now time to learn about configuring and sending the WAP push messages.

In order to send a WAP push message, you have to take help from different SMS-providing servers.

Using the Auron Push message server

This is an SMS relaying server interface. Using this software you can easily configure and send WAP push messages.

  • Open the Auron SMS server interface on your PC.
  • Firstly select the type of message you want to send.
  • Select the channel as GSM-gateway.
  • In the schedule section, add the time and date of sending a message.
  • Click on the SMS tab to configure your message.
  • In the address type in the receiver’s number
  • Select the message format as WAPpush
  • In the body, you have to input the URL and body massage.
  • Finally, click on create to complete configuring the WAP push method for the specific schedule.

Using LoopyLoyalty service

This is another simple and interactive server for sending the WAP push message to your customers. Install and get the subscription of the software first before proceeding to the next step.

  • Open the Loopyloyalty SMS server interface.
  • Then click on the messaging section.
  • Select “All my customers”
  • In the message body, you need to type in the short message or URL for relaying.
  • Finally, click on the Send message option.

Tips to make WAP push messages effective

It will be unsuccessful if your customers do not get the exact message your push service delivered. That is why it is important to make your push messages interactive for attracting customers.

Include URLs

Using the WAP push messaging service, you can add URLs with the message. It is an easy way for your customer to directly get into your business website. More on that, an URL can express a lot more than a sentence of a message.

Include Pictures or Background pictures

To engage your customers more to your service or company, you can use attractive pictures. Pictures say more than words. Besides, it is the same price as blank text files. That means you do not need to pay extra for the inclusion of pictures in your WAP messages.

Research about timing

The timing is an important factor for sending push messages. It will be useless to send messages to the customers when they are busy or least interested. Untimed messages may annoy the customers. That is why perform full-scale research to identify the best timing to send the promotional messages.

Keeps the message short

WAP push messages should be very short but expressive. Do not include a lengthy message as it may annoy your customer. It is better to keep the message as short as possible. Short but expressive messages are more effective than long ones.

How Do Customers Stop WAP Push Messages in Android?

Though WAP push messages are effective for the service-providing companies, they can be annoying for the receivers. Besides, in the name of push messages, many spammers are using this site to steal information by sending fake links and spam messages.

For this, it is important to know how to stop receiving push messages on an Android smartphone.

From the default messaging application

WAP push messages get access from the default messaging application in the android smartphone.

  • Open your default messaging application.
  • Go to the settings options located in the upper right corner.
  • Open the Additional settings option.
  • Uncheck the “Allow Push message” option.

From the main settings option

  • First, go to the settings option in your smartphone.
  • Click on the Apps and select the System apps.
  • Navigate and open the Messaging app section.
  • Go to the Additional settings and uncheck the “Push Button” allowance.


What does push messages mean on my phone?

Push messages come from different service providers. It contains texts and URLs for the customers. This message mostly contains promotional advertisements from different companies. But, most of the time the push messages contain spam links as well.

What happens if I turn off push notifications?

Turning off the push message notifications disables all the incoming push messages from the service providers. It will block the messages to pop up on your android device.

Should I turn off push notifications?

It depends upon the user if he/she should turn off push message notifications. If you are getting excessive push messages that annoys you then you can turn off push messages. Moreover, if the push messages you get contain spam links then they should be turned off.

When should you use push notifications?

Push notifications can be used if you want to get regular updates of a service from a company. Besides, if you are willing to get promotional advertising, then you can allow the push message in your android smartphone.

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