This is an in-depth guide on what is Android Launcher 3.  From this guide, you can learn everything associated with Launcher like:


  • What is Launcher?
  • What is Android Launcher 3?
  • Types of Launchers?
  • What is Launcher used for?
  • And a lot.


Without further ado, let’s take a close eye to this guide and learn more about Android Launcher.


What is Launcher?


what is android launcher 3


Launcher or Android Launcher is a type of app that lets you customize, modify, and personalize the home screen of your Android phone.


You can find a thousand launchers on Google Play Store and download them for free. Each of the launchers comes with breathtaking features & functionalities. Using those features, you can turn your everyday friend into a smart assistant.


What is Android Launcher 3?


what is android launcher 3


Just like Launcher, Android Launcher3 is also a launcher but an upgraded version. It works like the old launcher and helps you use widgets, allow you access to apps, and customize the home screen look.


Honestly, we have not seen the default launcher app on Android since 2010. Even you can’t find it on Android 9, let alone Android 10, 11. However, still, people talk about it. It means the launcher exists on the Android device somewhere- somehow.


Types of Launcher


On the web, every launcher you can find falls into two broad categories, including:


  • Design
  • Smart


Below, we let you learn about both types of launchers.


Design Launcher


In the Android community, Design Launcher is the most popular. Using this app, you can change the entire home screen look by modifying and customizing. 


With the Design Launcher, you can set up widgets, change wallpapers, and use icon packs. It also lets you limit how many apps will be on the home screen. 


The fun part of this launcher is started when you download the icon packs. The icon packs allow you to change the look of every app on your phone. 


Here are some popular design launchers on the web:


  • Go Launcher FX
  • Dodol
  • Nova
  • Buzz Launcher
  • Apex


Smart Launcher


Smart Launcher is specially designed to improve your everyday life. It shows you all the relevant apps you use when you are in your home and workspace.


You don’t need to spend a lot of time scrolling your phone to find the appropriate app. The more you use the Smart Launcher, the more it will show the relevant apps you use in your day-to-day life.


We recommend you use the Smart Launcher instead of Design Launcher.


What is Launcher3 used for?


You can do the following things using Launcher3.


  • Customize and modify the home screen.
  • Change widgets and can play with them.
  • Let you change the app icon
  • Brings the most relevant app on your phone’s home screen




Can Launchers Crash?

Yes, Launchers can crash for several reasons.

Among them, the widgets you are playing around with or using may not be compatible with your phone. In return, your phone will keep crashing and responsible for the sluggish performance.

However, you can get rid of this issue easily by clearing the app cache and restarting the phone.


Can I install third-party Launchers?

Yes, you can. Just open your Google Play Store app and type Launcher in the search box. Then, you can find tons of launchers. From there, choose one according to your choice and install the app. 

We recommend you the following launchers:

  • Nova Launcher
  • Go Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Smart Launcher


How do I remove launcher 3 from my Android?

It’s simple. Head over to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Apps. Finally, tap on the Clear default option to remove Launcher 3.




We hope you get the answer to the question: What is Android Launcher 3? It’s an app that allows you to customize the home screen look of your Android phone according to your wish.

If you want to use Launcher, go to your Play Store and search for any specific launchers we recommended. On the other hand, it will be ok if you don’t want to use Launcher.

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