What is Bootagent App Android? Is it Dangerous? Know Now!

Have you been wondering what is Bootagent app Android? In general, Bootagent is a tag for hidden apps or (to specify) hidden spy apps that use your android system when the device is on. And most of the time, those are means of using spyware (a type of app that works as a spy in your phone from the background) to steal your data and consume so much battery power by running in the background. That’s why you have to be aware of the bootagent apps. So let’s see in detail, what is the bootagent app Android and how to remain safe from them.


What is the Bootagent App?

Bootagents are those apps that steal your data. These apps keep running in the background without making you notice. However, these may collect data on your activities, like getting private files and pictures from the local folders of your device. Some of them also interfere in your online activities, like stealing your social media passwords and blackmailing by using it or using your credit card information. Therefore it comes to your mind how to keep safe from these big problems. The main solution for these, however, is to have the necessary awareness while installing an app. Other than that, below, we have discussed some necessary steps also. Have a look.

What are the Problems of Bootagent App on Android ?

If there are some bootagent android apps or hidden apps in your smartphone, that could make trouble in so many ways in your android device. Like,


  • They may steal your personal info, bank info, passwords, etc., when you use them on your smartphone.
  • They can give you a threat using your personal information, which you save on your android phone.
  • In most cases, those are hungry to consume battery power.
  • Your phones can get much heated from that excess battery consumption and cause harm.
  • They run in the background and can track your phone calls and secret docs too.

Is there a spy app on my android

Bootagent apps and spy apps are nearly the same, which use the system from the background and keep a watch on local data of your android device, sometimes, your online data also. There are two types of app users for android phones. Some use only Google Play Store apps, and others install apps from other sources besides Play Store, like, Galaxy Store or MI Store, etc. Let us see how to find out in case of each of them below.


How to Detect Bootagent App for Playstore Users

When we are only using play store apps, then the play store sorted out those harmful apps. But sometimes some of them could be there, for finding those apps we have to use any scanner app. Like, Avast. To scan the phone, and if there is a bootagent app, you have to uninstall those. Below we have discussed how to uninstall an app. 


How to Detect Bootagent App for Users of Third-Party App Users

Installing an app from third-party stores was always harmful to use. For Those always needed to be more careful. There are so many app stores Like Galaxy Store, MI Store, and so on. Their users have to be careful and have to Search manually for those harmful apps.  Here we have given instructions steps for bootagent Samsung phone others will be nearly same.


Step 1 :

To find out the Bootagent, you have to look for those apps which use any other functions that are not necessary for that android app.


Like, if the Calculator app wants camera permission, is this logical? What would be its work with a camera? So, you have to find those apps that want permissions illogical.


To finding permission of apps you have to go to :

settings > Apps & notifications > {particular app} > permission




what is bootagent app android




Step 2 :

Have to look at data used for a particular app. If the calculator uploads some data, that would be suspicious because that is not for uploading any data. It could sometimes download as an update calculator function but not upload.


  • To find data usage for your app which consume mobile data, go to

settings > Network & internet > Data Usage > Mobile data usage > {particular app} 




what is bootagent app android




  • To check data usage for your wifi :

settings > Network & internet > Data Usage > Wifi data usage > {particular app} 




what is bootagent app android




Step 3 :

Suppose you have not used an app for over a week. But you see that the Battery Usage Time of the app appears to be 50 minutes per day for the last 7 days, then it is very suspicious. Then, this one is also a Bootagent app.


To check battery usage :

setting > Battery > menu dots > Battery Usage > {particular app}




what is bootagent app android




How to Save yourself from Bootagent App Harm:

The first and foremost solution to those harmful softwares is to uninstall those bootagent android apps. And to remain safe in the future, you have to be aware all the time whenever you install any app on your phone.


How to Uninstall BootAgent App

  • To uninstall any app, go to

settings > Apps & notifications > {particular app} Uninstall


  • If that is not going correct, then there is admin permission needed. To get admin permission to go to

Settings > Security & location > Advanced > Device admin apps > {check out your app} 


then follow the previous method.




what is bootagent app android





There is some awareness to be safe. Like,


  • Do Not install any unwanted app from anywhere, especially from untrusted sources.
  • Always check the permission for apps.
  • Try to install apps from the google play store.
  • Check battery usages and data usages for some time.
  • Check review and rating before installing any app or apk
  • Install antivirus software to scan sometimes.



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So hopefully, you got the answer to what is bootagent app. Now, keep an eye on the hidden apps and avoid having trouble with boot agent apps. As you are aware now, you have to be careful when installing any app. The logical way to give access and carefully watch those ratings, review available on the google play store would be nice. Some popular apps are also listed as bootagent app. You have to be aware of those too.

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