What is Bootagent samsung App Android? Am I hacked?

what is bootagent app android

In laymen’s terms, Bootagent is a firmware within the Network Interface Card. It helps your network provider to collect data on you. In the case of Android phones, these Agent apps collect data and make your Android smartphone a tad bit smarter. But while doing so, it listens to your conversations and also tracks your daily life. This is legal as long as you consent to it, but if not, then you should get rid of the apps.

But there are still many hidden features to the Bootagent app. It’s like spyware that has become part and parcel of our modern digital life. Using these apps without knowing what they do is a severe mistake.

Why is Bootagent Relevant?

You are talking to your friends and family. Going to a party or just sitting in your home. No matter what you do, your Android device is with you almost constantly. It might have been in your pocket or inside your bag. But that doesn’t change the fact that you had it with you all the time.

Now simply suppose that you replace that Android phone with a human being! Suddenly, it’s like someone else had been listening to everything you talked about and seeing all the things you did. Most creepy of all, they were tagging alongside you the whole day without your consent!

But you had your phone, not a human, right? Well, though that is true, it’s not entirely correct. Within your phone, there are multiple trackers that track your daily activities. In short, these apps spy on you.

Among the tracking apps, one example is the Bootagent. Bootagent is the part of any Android smartphone app that learns from your daily routine. 

However, it’s not that harmful as long as third parties are not involved. The agent portion of an app tracks your daily life and optimizes the app or the phone as needed. Not all of them sell your data.

Do I Have Bootagent?

Nowadays, most phones have bootagent from the get-go. To an average person, a privacy breach is a severe issue. So one has to find these apps and delete or uninstall them. 

Though some such Bootagent apps are easy to uninstall, some are well hidden. To tweak them or delete them, first, you need to locate them within the phone.

But these apps are necessarily Spywares. Thus finding them is a challenging task; at least, that must be what you are thinking. Well, you are not wrong because to an average human who doesn’t know how to find spyware on android, the task is near impossible. 

Instead of thinking of these apps as spyware, regard them as a standard app but hidden. That way, the task will become much more manageable!

How to Find Hidden Apps

If you use an Android phone, it’s almost certain that you already have hidden apps within your phone.

To get rid of them, you just need to uninstall them. But how to find hidden apps on android?

Here is an another article written on how to find hidden apps on Android. Also, I’m going to tailor that article in some easy steps below:

Step-01: Long tap on your home screen

Step-02: Select the “Home Screen Settings” option

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-03: There should be a “Hidden & Protected apps” option

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-04: Open that option. You might need to enter your pin.

Step-05: And voila, you will be able to find all the apps, hidden or not.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Once you do that, all the apps will be visible. This will also show the hidden apps. Knowing how do I find hidden apps on my phone and finding the secret apps is as easy as eating pie.

Is Spyware a Hidden App?

The concept of spyware and hidden apps may seem similar to those who don’t know much about hidden apps. But that can’t be far from the truth. 

An app that is installed in your phone unbeknownst to you and tracks your everyday life is Spyware. But for a hidden app, it doesn’t have to be installed without any consent from the user. 

Many Android phone users use different third-party apps to hide their apps. In the case of Spyware, you have to locate spyware on android. It is more or less illegally installed in your phone. 

Now you must be asking how to detect spyware on your phone, right? Here are the simple steps that will let you do the task with ease.

Step-01: Open settings

Step-02: Search for “Apps & notifications”

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-03: Select “See All Apps”

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-04: Click on the three dots or options menu (depending on your android phone) and enable “Show system apps”

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-05: Now, all the apps on your phone will be visible to you

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

If you follow these steps by heart, the Spywares will indeed show up if there are any. 

Can I Remove Spywares?

Now that you know how to scan phone for spyware, you might think that you are safe. But you are entirely wrong!

Keeping the spyware in the phone after finding it is the same as knowing that you have a stalker and not doing anything about it. So you must know how to get rid of spyware.

Spyware is illegal if you don’t consent to them. So it is best to get rid of them. But how to remove spyware from android? The task is not that hard but not that easy either. You can remove them in a number of ways. Here are some of the prominent ones.

Spyware Removal Tool

If you are specifically asking about how to get rid of spyware on android, then this is a perfect way. You need to get an app that helps you do the task without any hassle. These apps are also equipped with Spyware Scan features. So you won’t even have to find them manually.

If you want to use this process, then follow these steps:

Step-01: Download “Avast Mobile Security” or any other mobile antivirus app from the Play Store

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-02: Install it and run a scan to detect the harmful apps.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-03: Once the scan is done, follow the apps’ instructions to obliterate the files.

Manually Remove the App

If you don’t want to rely on another app, you can remove the spy app manually. But how to remove spy app from Android phone, you ask? Well, follow these easy steps, and you will be spyware-free.

Step-01: Hold the power button to open the power menu.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-02: Tap and hold the “Power Off” option. This will ask for Reboot to Safe Mode, tap OK.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-03: After the reboot, an indicator at the bottom left should say “Safe Mode.”

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-04: Now go to “Settings,” then to ” Apps & Notifications,” and uninstall any app you don’t recognize.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-05: Once done, reboot your phone, and you should have a Spyware-free phone in your hand.

Factory Reset

If you still face problems or feel like the task wasn’t completed properly, simply perform a factory reset.

This will remove all the third-party apps and reset your phone as if it were a new one. The task isn’t that hard if you follow these steps:

Step-01: Open “Settings” and scroll down to “System.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-02: Once you open “System,” there should be “Reset options.” Open that option.

What is Bootagent samsung App Android

Step-03: Select the “Erase all data (factory reset)” option

Step-04: Do note that this will erase all your data. If you are okay with it, press “Erase all data”

Step-05: Confirm the reset by entering your pin.

Step-06: After a few minutes, your phone will reboot as good as new!

No matter what option you follow, you must be clear about how to remove spyware. Or else you might accidentally erase essential apps. This will surely damage your device. So we advise you to follow the steps without missing a beat!

Protection is Better Than Cure

You can remove the harmful apps as much as you want, but they make their way back. Unbeknownst to you, some of your apps might download apps that are actually spyware. It’s best not to get them into your phone in the first place.

The only way to entirely stop the spyware is to prevent them. But how to prevent spyware on android? To prevent your phone from getting the apps, you need to get an app that stops the spyware.

Many apps help you complete the task. Here is a list of such apps:

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • Lookout Security & Antivirus
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • Google Play Protect 
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security
  • Norton Mobile Security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Is Bootagent safe?

Bootagent by itself is not harmful. It collects your data and stores it. But the breach in security happens if this data is sent or sold to a third party. 

If this data falls into the hands of an unethical person or corporation under any circumstances, the safety of a person’s life is at risk.

Can there be Bootagent in a newly bought Android Phone?

Yes, a newly bought phone does have Bootagent type apps pre-installed. But these apps are legal as no third parties are involved. The tracked and saved data is used by the manufacturer to give you a better smartphone experience. 

Is it possible to remove Bootagent for good?

If you use Security or Antivirus type applications on the phone, you can easily remove harmful Bootagent apps. But these apps can’t scan and remove the built-in Bootagent app by the manufacturer. 

This is not possible as the manufacturers use these built-in apps to help the consumer. Thus they are not harmful, and the antivirus or security app doesn’t regard them as a threat.

Are apps with Bootagent harmful?

Not all Bootagent apps are harmful. The ones which save your data and sell them to a third-party member are incredibly harmful. Since a third party knows all about you without your consent, they can use it to harm you. 

But the one built-in by the device manufacturer helps you use your phone better and has your consent. Thus the built-in one is not harmful.

Is Bootagent legal?

If the Bootagent app has permission to eavesdrop on conversations and tracks your location, then yes, they are legal. But if the app does the tracking and eavesdropping without your consent, then it is illegal. All illegal Bootagent apps are shunned upon. 

Final Words

Digital security is one of the most volatile topics in the 21st century. All this insecurity is caused because of spyware apps like Bootagent. They track not only you but also your surroundings.

If you didn’t know what is Bootagent App Android, your phone might already have some of these harmful apps. Remember, your safety and security are in your hands. So be careful about what app you use and what permission you give them. Know about your digital security rights and stay safe!

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