What is BusyBox Android ? Installation & Uninstallation Guide

Some people root their Android mobile to get more control over their device. While some other people root their mobile for customizing built-in applications and having fun. Are you also one of those people who have just rooted their phones? Do you know, “what is busybox Android?”


It doesn’t matter for which reason you have rooted your device. The Android busy box is going to help you to have a better user experience on your rooted device. Through this article, you’re going to know what Android busy box actually is and how it works.


Most importantly, if you don’t know about the busy box on Android, you may be missing some exciting functions. Let’s know about it and become an advanced android user.


What is BusyBox?


The busy box is one kind of software that is available for different operating systems to present several UNIX utilities to a single executable file.


You can install busybox on Android, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. This software is essential for operating other applications on a device. That means it manages permission and creates commands so that users can run other applications conveniently. This software converts several Unix Tools to a single executable file.


You may know, some Android Applications are available for rooted devices. Those applications need some special permission to run. If you install a busy box on your android, then this software will grant those permissions automatically. This application comes with an intelligent code editor. That editor performs the task.


At this stage, you know about the busy box android. Is that question popping up in your mind, “Is the Android busy box required for me?” Well, allow me to give you the answer. Here you go.


Why Is The Busy Box Needed For Rooted Android Devices?


You have to install the busy box application for using software that requires root permissions. Greenify, Disk Digger, Titanium Back up, Dumpster, etc are some of the top-rated rooted Android applications.


To use those applications, the busy box is required on your Android device. The busy box application allows advanced android users to enjoy all features. That is not possible in a device that doesn’t have root access. Hopefully, you’ve got it.


Can I Install BusyBox Without Rooting?


Some Android users assume that they can’t install on an unrooted device. Surprisingly, you can install the busy box on your Android even without root permission. But, it won’t work properly. A pop-up box will appear, “There was a problem opening a shell with root access….”




what is busybox Android




So, you can’t use it on an unrooted device. You might be thinking how can you check whether your device is properly rooted or not. I’m here to assist you with this. Let’s check this out within 2 minutes.


How To Check Whether My Android Is Rooted or Not?


Android users can check their device for root access using a free application called “Root Checker”. This is available on the Google play store. Here’s the software.




what is busybox Android





Install the application and it will show you a disclaimer. After that, you have to click on the “verify root” to check your device root status. Does it appear as, “Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device”?





what is busybox Android





Then, your device is not rooted properly and you can’t use the busy box android apps on your device. You need to gain root access to install the busy box. When you find your android phone verified as rooted properly, you can install the busy box Android application.


Have you rooted your Android? Would you like to install the busy box on your rooted Android phone to enjoy more features? That sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Let’s proceed forward.


How Can I Install BusyBox?


Make sure that you have an active internet connection while following the whole process.


Step 1: Install BusyBox From Google Play Store


First of all, you have to go to the play store and install the busy box on your device.


Step 2: Grant Super User Access


Secondly, you have to grant super user permissions. When you run the application for the first time, you will get that option automatically. You can accept super user requests by touching on the “Grant”.


Step 3: Wait For Binaries Download


After accepting the Super user access request, you have to wait a few minutes for binaries to download. Don’t turn off your mobile data or Wifi while downloading binaries. Otherwise, it may not download properly.


Step 4: Install Commands


After downloading the binaries successfully, you need to touch on the “install” option from the bottom of the screen. Also, you have to enable the option, “Will symlink/overwrite/install”.


That’s it. You will be welcomed by a congratulations message. Whenever you get the message, it indicates that you have successfully installed the busy box on your Android.


How to uninstall busybox?


Do you want to uninstall the busy box application from your Android device? Well, you do that easily from the Google Play Store. You have to go to the “Manage Apps & Device” from the Google Play store. After that, you have to select the “Busy box” application.




What is BusyBox Android




Simply click on the “Uninstall”. It will remove the busy box application from your device.


Wrapping Up


At this point, you know exactly what busybox is. In Addition, you can check whether your device is suitable for busy or not.


Following our step-by-step guidelines, you can easily install the busy box on Android and remove it whenever you want. Is there anything else you would like to know about the Busy Box? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.



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What is Busy Box and why do I need it?


You need the busy box on Android to let other applications gain access and run properly.


Is Busy Box Safe for Android?


The busy box Android is considered to be safe.


Can I run my Rooted device without the Busy box?


You can run your rooted device without the busy box but you may not be able to access all features and rooted applications.

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