What Is Carrier Hub App: Learn Everything About It!

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If you are an Android user, especially with a Sprint or T-Mobile network, you might have come across the Carrier Hub app. If not, you might get a notification to install the app. So, you may wonder what is carrier hub app and what exactly to do with it.

So, in order to put all your doubts about the app to rest, we will cover every aspect of it right here.

Though the app is pretty much stable, still most of the time it can cause you some troubles too. As it is better to fix the issues before they can affect your device, we will review some workarounds. And we will also cover its uninstallation process in case you decide to get rid of it.

So let’s get started without more chit-chat!

What Is Carrier Hub App?

Carrier Hub is an Android app that allows users to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi or wireless internet connection. And if you are a T-Mobile carrier user, this app secures Wi-Fi on these devices.

If you have this app pre-installed on your phone, you can use it to make calls over a Wi-Fi network with your phone number. Sometimes the app might not come pre-installed on some devices. In that case, you can install any of its Sprint or T-Mobile versions from the Play Store.

Is Carrier Hub Necessary?

It is not a must to have the Carrier Hub. But you can keep or install it to enable some user-friendly features.  If the cellular network in your area is not strong enough, this app can come in handy. Because the Voice Wi-Fi calling feature uses Wi-Fi instead of a cell tower network to make calls.

When the app crashes most of the time it fixes itself with the usage data. It tracks the data on your phone to resolve the frequent or random stops. So, as long as the app is not giving you any major issues it can be pretty necessary to make your calling experience better.

Does the Carrier Hub App Cause Issues on Your Phone?

It cannot cause any severe damage to your phone. But some of the users have reported that the Carrier Hub app keeps crashing or stopping in between. And other than that, there are a few more issues listed below

1. MCM Request Notification

If you live in an area where cell tower connection drops frequently, you are likely to receive MCM (Mobile Client Management) processing request notifications. It happens when the phone cannot connect to the tower network.

This notification pops up after restarting your phone also. But it disappears when the phone connects to the T-Mobile network.

2. Battery and High Data Consumption

While operating the app, the battery comparatively dies faster. Even if you keep the app running in the background, it will drain your battery life sooner. However, the issues reported by the users do not specify how much battery percentage this app consumes.

Some users have also reported that the Carrier Hub app is likely to consume more data than any other app. So, it quietly kills your data plan.

3. Poor Performance

The Carrier Hub can sometimes make your phone laggy. Also, your phone can freeze at times, especially if you use the outdated version of the app.

Your phone can operate slowly if the latest updates of the app are taking too much storage space. However, upon restarting the device this issue disappears most of the time.

How to Fix the Carrier Hub Keeps Stopping or Crashing Issue?

When you are working on your phone, the carrier hub app crash error message can be really frustrating. And sometimes there is no major reason behind the frequent stops. But you can fix this issue with these workarounds listed below

1. Force Stop the Carrier Hub App

Sometimes the app fails to connect to the server when it is running in the background. So, you need to force stop the app and to do that:

  • Go to the Settings option from your phone
  • Then press the Apps and Notifications option. The path might be different based on your device model.
  • Now find the Carrier Hub app from the installed apps and open it 
  • From the App info page of the app select the Force Stop option at the upper-right corner
carrier hub

  • A popup might appear to warn you that force stop may cause an error, click Ok without any hesitation
  • Upon restarting your device it shall resolve the issue

2. Install the Latest Update

An outdated app is not always stable in performance. And sometimes the developers bring updates to fix the bugs in the app. To check for the new update of the app all you have to do is

  • Go to the Google Play Store and click on your profile icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Then click on the My Apps and Games option. The option might be Manage apps and Device on some devices
  • Now click on the Updates Available option. Or you may see all the pending updates for apps. From there, find the Carrier Hub app
  • Click on the Update option right next to the app
carrier hub

  • If you cannot find updates from the Pending Updates option, you can search the Carrier Hub app from the Google Play Store home page. Then click on the Update option right under the app icon

It will install the updates in a minute, then open the app, the updated version is less likely to crash

3. Clear Carrier Hub Storage and Cache

Corrupted app cache or data prevents any app from running smoothly. So, you need to refresh the cache or app storage to get rid of the glitches. To do so:

  • From your device’s Settings menu click on the Apps and Notifications option
  • Now, press the See all apps. Then find and open the Carrier Hub app
  • From the App info page click on Storage or Storage & Cache option
carrier hub

  • Press the Clear Cache to delete the corrupted cache of the app
carrier hub

  • Then press the Clear Storage as well and select Ok. It will delete the app storage data from your device
  • You need to Force Stop the app now from its Info Page

After a while, re-open the app and you might need to log into your Google account. This method should work for you. But if it still does not work, follow the next method.

4. Uninstall the Updates

It can be possible that the latest updates of the app take too much storage which can cause the stability issue sometimes. Also, even the latest updates can be buggy at times. So, the quick fix can be getting back to the older version with these steps

  • From your notification panel go to Settings and then click on Apps or See all Apps
  • Now locate the Carrier Hub app and open it, then from the upper-right corner of the screen press the Three-dots menu 
carrier hub

  • Press the Uninstall Updates and you will get the previous version back.
carrier hub

5. Reset App Preferences

The current app preferences or configurations might cause some performance issues at times. And you need to go back to the factory default state by performing the reset app preferences option to make the app stable in performance.

  • From your device go to the Settings option 
  • Then select the Apps and Notifications options. If you cannot find the option, look for the option that shows you all the installed apps on your device.
  • Now click on the three-dot icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen
carrier hub

  • You need to select the Reset app preferences 
  • Last but not least, restart your device and open the app to check whether the issue is still there or not.

How to Uninstall the Carrier Hub App?

In case you do not need the voice Wi-Fi feature or the Carrier Hub starts bugging the device, you can uninstall the app. It will clear some disk space. As it is a pre-installed app, its uninstallation process is a bit tricky. However, you can follow any of these methods below

1. ADB Method

This method takes away the headache of rooting your phone to uninstall the pre-installed app. You will need your PC and phone to follow these steps

  • From your phone’s Settings, open the About Phone option
carrier hub

  • Now you need to activate the Developer mode options by tapping the build number seven times
carrier hub

  • Go back to the main Setting menu and open the Developer options and enable the USB Debugging option
carrier hub

  • Download ADB on your PC and extract the downloaded ZIP file into a folder
  • Open the folder and on your computer keyboard press the Shift key and right-click with the mouse in a blank area of the folder
  • Then click on the “Open Powershell window here” to enter the following command

             adb devices

  • With a USB cable connect your PC and phone
  • Carefully enter and run the following command to remove the app completely

adb shell pm uninstall  – -user 0 com.Sprint.ms.smf.services

If you are not quite comfortable using a command-line utility, this will be quite time-consuming. But it is worth the time to skip the rooting hassles.

2. System App Remover

If your phone is not rooted, you need to root it first to run the system app remover tool. Before you root, make sure to back up your important data. Then all you need to do is

  • From the Google Play Store download the System App Remover
  • Open the app and find the Carrier Hub app from the list
  • Check the box right next to the Carrier Hub and press the uninstall option. It will remove the app.

 Can the Carrier Hub Track Data Without Permission?

As mentioned, the app uses usage data for one function to another. But if you do not want it to give access to your usage data, you can disable it. Without your permission, it will not track the data. And to so:

  • Go to your phone Settings option and search Usage Data Access in the search bar
carrier hub

  • After opening the Data Access option, it will show you all the apps that can track data. From the list find and open the Carrier Hub app.
  • If the Allow Tracking Access or Allow Usage Tracking is enabled, turn it off.
carrier hub

After this, the app will no longer store and track the data to fix some of its issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. What Is Sprint Carrier Hub App?

The Sprint Carrier Hub app is another version of the application available on the Google Play Store. The Sprint telecommunication company has come up with this version for their network. But after their merge with T-Mobile, both versions of the app have started to deliver the same features.

2. Is Carrier Hub a Spyware or Virus?

No, the carrier hub app is not a virus or malicious software. So, it will not transfer your sensitive personal information to third parties.

The Sprint and T-Mobile network has developed this app to make it easier and faster to make and receive Wi-Fi calls. It also secures the calls. This app tracks your user data only to solve its bugs not to spy on you.

3. What Permissions Does the Carrier Hub App Require?

The app requires access to some of your phone’s features or settings to perform properly. You need to grant access to location, storage, phone, device & app history, Wi-Fi connection information, cellular data settings, and call information.

If you deny the approval, it might block you from using this app.

4. Can I Disable the Carrier Hub? 

Yes, you can easily disable the app from the Mobile Settings. You need to open the Carrier Hub app from Show System Apps. Then from the app info page, press the disable option located at the upper-right corner of the screen. And the app will stop running in the background.

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The Carrier Hub app comes pre-installed with most phones from the manufacturers. Especially if your phone operates on Sprint or T-Mobile network. It is mainly used for voice-over Wi-Fi and secure Wi-Fi network features. Also, it acts as a network to resolve customer-reported issues.

As the app comes straight from the manufacturer, you do not need to worry about any potential threat from it. Now that you know what is carrier hub app and what does it do, it will be easier for you to decide whether to keep it or not.

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