What Is Cefsharp.Browsersubprocess?


If you wish to embed Chromium in any .NET app, you need a cefsharp browser subprocessexe file. It is a light .NET that wraps around CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework). You should know what is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess to deal with such actions.


CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess refers to a part of cefSharp. CEF is the short form for ChromiumEmbeddedFramework. This is a similar library that Github hosts, and it is created through C sharp language. This tool is utilized by many software like Razer Synapse, AOL Desktop Gold, Amazon Chime, AOL, TigerText Desktop Messenger, Facebook Gameroom, Amazon Cloud Drive, Razer Cortex, etc.


Most often, a Windows user first gets notified of cefsharp.browsersubprocess when they see it running in the background of the PC. They open their task manager to manage any software, and boom! There you may find this tool under the system name CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.








Compatibility And Authenticity


The CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess is compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows. Again, it is not a must-have tool.


If you find this executable file causing difficulties on your Windows PC, you can simply get rid of it. You may find this bothering you with a high CPU issue. And you can apply some fixes to it.


But it is certainly not a virus or spyware or malware as you find it in your C drive. But any Trojan Horse file might disguise as CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe and may affect you with high CPU issues or even freeze your computer.


In that case, removal is the option. But some apps might use CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe indirectly. So it is recommended not to remove it without getting assurance.


Apart from these, this is an executable file without being a must-needed one.


Where Is Cefsharp.Browsersubprocess?


You can find Cefsharp.Browsersubprocess.Exe in your C drive. It helps you with Chromium Embedded Framework.


Usually, you will find this file in the below-mentioned location:


  1. C:\ Program Files (x86) or,
  2. C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Razer\ Razer Cortex\ Cef or,
  3. C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Razer\ Razer Services\ Razer Central\ or so.


To deal with malfunctioning cefsharp, you may try ending it with Task Manager, updating your windows, or disabling it from the Startup menu. Deletion of the file is also an option.


How To Download Cefsharp.Browsersubprocess.Exe?


You may find cefsharp on your Windows PC as some developers insert this file in zip format along with another app. If you use an app that uses cefsharp, you can easily find the zipped file in the app folder. Unzip it and run the .exe file as administrator.


Otherwise, you need to search for it through your browser and download it on your PC. You can visit trustworthy sites like softonic.com to get trusted apps for Microsoft corporation.


Just search for your desired cefsharp. And after the search result appears before you, hit the download button for the appropriate file for Windows PC or macOS or Linux as you need. Simply run your downloaded file to have it installed duly.


How To Fix Cefsharp.Browsersubprocess.Exe?


In some cases, you may find some cefsharpbrowsersubprocessexe error. You may discover cefsharp stealing your CPU time for a period more than the usual length. Even you face a message that the cefsharp browser subprocess has stopped working.








In other cases, you may find cefsharp eating up a lot of memory though the file size is 14,848 bytes to 17,272 bytes. Or it might use a high CPU and cause high disk covering or high memory usage. There are some easy fixes available for you to solve the error in these cases.








Through Task Manager


You can quickly end a program with the help of the Windows Task Manager on your PC. Same you can follow for cefsharp as well.


To accomplish this, act as follows:


Step 1: Right-click on the Startup menu and select Task Manager. You can do it with the help of your keyboard. Simply press the ctrl+alt+del buttons altogether and then select Task Manager.


Step 2: There, under the Process tab, you will find cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe. Now again, right-click on it.


Step 3: After doing so, you will see an option End Task. Select it.








By Disabling cefsharp browsersubprocess


If you find cefsharp is running in the background, you can also disable it from the Startup menu. Here’s the process to do so:


Step 1: Navigate to the Startup tab.


Step 2: Among the installed apps, select CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe.


Step 3: Right-click on it.


Step 4: Among some options, choose Disabled.


Try Updating Your Windows


You can try to fix cefsharp by updating your windows as well. Ensure your windows registry. In this case, the instructions are as follow:








Step 1: Hit the Start button.


Step 2: Type Update in the search option.


Step 3: Now select Windows Update and check for Updates.


Step 4: If you find an update available, tap on Install Updates.


Step 5: When updating is done, restart your computer.


Delete the cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe file


In the ultimate case, go for deleting the data related to the cefsharpbrowsersubprocess exe file. To do so, act as follow:


Step 1: Hit the Windows Start button and E on your keyboard altogether.


Step 2: You will find File Explorer before you. Now look for the cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe file.


Step 3: Right-click on the file from the search result and click on the Open file location.


Step 4: Select all the data files for cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe and right-click on it. Tap on delete.


Don’t delete the file if it’s in the Windows system32 folder. These are the solutions against the cefsharpbrowsersubprocess error.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is CEF Browser?


CEF stands for Chromium Embedded Framework. It is an open-source embedding software framework. The process helps to embed the Chromium web browser with another application. CEF is applicable in Linux, macOS, and Windows.


How Do I Use CefSharp In WinForms?


To use CefSharp in WinForms, you will only need a few steps. Take a look at the steps in brief.


Step 1: Open the Solution Explorer from the Top Right of the Visual Studio.


Step 2: Now, Right-click on your app. It is under the solution.


Step 3: Select the Manage NuGet Packages.


Step 4: Wait for the Search Menu to appear.


Step 5: Once the Search Menu appears, type CefSharp.


Step 6: Now select the WinForm distribution to install it.


This way, you can use CefSharp in Winforms.


How To Download CefSharp?


If you have been using MinimalExample, you will have to download the Cef browsersubprocess exe and unzip it. Here is the way to do it:


Step 1: At first, right-click on the project.


Step 2: Now, add the existing item.


Step 3: Navigate to CefSharp-master.


Step 4: Follow CefSharp-master by CefSharp.example


Step 5: Click on DownloadHandlers.cs.


Step 6: Go to the BrowserForm.cs class and type: browser.DownloadHandler=newDownloadHandler().


With this, your download will be completed.



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Final Words


Since the cefsharp browser subprocess is not a system program, you can remove it if you feel like it. But you should know what is cefsharp.browsersubprocess to fix it in necessity.


This knowledge will help you get rid of any Trojan Horse-like file if they disguise themselves as cefsharp. Again, it will allow you to have cefsharp onboard smoothly as some apps may use it indirectly.

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