What Is CIDManager On Android and How To Stop It?

Have you ever checked out the list of installed applications on your Samsung Phone? You might have noticed CIDManager on the installed application list as a built-in application. But, this app is not available on the application menu, isn’t it?


You might be wondering, “What is CIDManager?” and why is this app installed on your Android phone?. Today, I am going to let you know about the usage of the CIDManager Android app. Besides, you will also know whether you should uninstall the application or not.


What is CIDManager on Samsung Android Phone?



what is cidmanager




CIDManage is a default built-in application available on Samsung mobiles. This application is used for indicating the career network and original design manufacturing country-specific code. Are you still confused about that? Well, an example will make things clear.


Suppose you have brought your Samsung Android device from the United Kingdom. The CIDManager Application will identify the manufacturing country and match it with the country of your Sim card. When the application finds that both countries are the same, it will start downloading specific Samsung Firmware updates available for that country.


It might happen that you have purchased a device from the United Kingdom but you are using it in other countries. Whenever the CID manager finds that the Original Design Manufacturer’s country doesn’t match with the country of the career network, it will supply a new configuration for tethering. As a result, your Samsung device will be able to download Global Firmware updates.


What does “com.samsung.android.cidmanager” mean?


Android application developers set a package name for each apk file to specify the app from others. “Com.samsung.android.cidmanager” is the official package name of the CID Manager Samsung Android app.


How Does The CIDManager App Work?


Smartphone manufacturers launch the software, firmware, and security updates on a regular basis to provide their users with a better experience. They launch those updates globally or specifically for individual regions. The CID Manager app detects the ODM-specific firmware updates. This application establishes connections between the original device manufacturer country and the carrier network for accessing specific updates.


Samsung devices come with a CSC (Country Specific Code) to detect updates for a specific region. The country-specific codes are connected with the carrier provider’s location. The CIDManager application helps the device to detect the ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) and Country Specific Code to download suitable firmware updates. Sometimes, the ODM’s region doesn’t match with the existing carrier region. In that case, the “New Service Provider’ message appears on the notification panel.


What Permissions Does The CIDManager App Need To Work?


Most of the pre-installed applications have full access to the phone. To work properly, the CID Manager application also needs permission to access your device. Apart from this, it doesn’t ask for any particular permission. The application can read all the information on your mobile.


How To Check That My Device Has The CID Manager App?


If you’re a Samsung Android Mobile user, most probably your device has the CID Manager application pre-installed. You can also check it by following a simple process. Here’s the process.


First of all, you have to go to the “Settings” from the application menu. After that, you need to go to the “Apps” and touch on the “Show System App” from the list. That will show you the list of available default applications. Browse the list to check whether your device has the CID Manager application or not.


Is CIDManager Safe Or Is It a Spyware or Malware?


Because of the sticky “New Service Provider” notification, some people are concerned about that. Allow me to clarify that, the CIDManages app is not any sort of spyware or malware. This application is safe and verified by Samsung manufacturers. This is not harmful to your device at all.


Is it harmful to Have The “CIDManager” App On Your Device?


As the “CID Manager” app is a default application provided by Samsung, it is not harmful at all to have the application on your mobile. But there is an annoying fact about this application. It might show you a sticky notification to reset your device. If your device’s Original Device Manufacturer’s location matches the data carrier’s location, it won’t show such notifications.


Besides, some users might face fast battery-draining issues due to having this app. In this case, the user can disable or force stop the application. Apart from those issues, it’s not harmful to have the CIDManager app on Android devices.


Can I Delete The Cidmanager App Using Root Explorer?


Root Explorer is a common application for rooted Android device users. Thankfully, this software can also assist you to delete the CIDManager App. Let me tell you how you can do that.



what is cidmanager



Have you already rooted your handset? Then, you can install the “Root Explorer” app straight away. You ought to run the application and go to the System folder followed by “Priv-app”. There you will find the “apk” file and associated folder of the CIDManager app. You have to delete those related files and folders. That’s it. The application will be removed from your device.



Would it affect the device performance if I uninstall CIDManager?


Samsung mobile manufacturers suggest not uninstalling or disabling any built-in application. However, it can be frustrating to tolerate “New Service Provider” notifications from the CIDManager app. In that case, the first thing that may appear on your mind is its effect on the device’s performance.



Thankfully, uninstalling the CIDManager application won’t affect your device performance. We have done a survey on 50 random Samsung users about that. They haven’t found any concerning issues after deleting the CIDManager app on Samsung. Moreover, you can also download Firmware updates and other security updates without any inconvenience. Have you got your answers about that? I think so.


What is CIDManager Notification?


The CIDManager app draws users’ attention when it shows a “New Service Provider” message. This sticky notification is called the CIDManager notification. Sometimes the notification keeps sticking to the notification panel. This notification indicates to factory reset the phone. Want to know why this notification might appear on your device? Here you will find your answer.



Why is CIDManager App Showing “New Service Provider” Notification?


Some people complain about the CIDManager application as it shows a sticky “New Service Provider” notification. According to the stats, this notification mostly appears on Samsung Galaxy A6, and Samsung Galaxy S8. The notification appears with that message in the notification bar “Tap here to use your new service provider’s app and settings”. Samsung users get concerned when they click on that and see an alert message from the CIDManager app.


It shows “To use your new service provider’s apps and settings, you need to factory reset your phone. All of your user data will be deleted, and some services may no longer be available.” Have you also got this type of notification? Most of the time it appears when the ODM country doesn’t match with the career network location. No need to worry about that. Here’s the solution for you.


How to stop CIDManager App Notification “New Service Provider”?


Several methods are available to stop the annoying “New Service Provider” notification from the Samsung CID Manager Application. Let’s get introduced to those methods.


Method 1: Force Stop CIDManager Application


By following this method, you will be able to get rid of the notification from the app without using any 3rd party application.


  • Go to the System Application


First of all, you need to go to the system application list of your Samsung Android device. You can find the system apps from your device “Setting” option. Open the setting and touch on the application. After that, you have to select “Show System Application”.


  • Open CIDManager Application


From the list of system applications, you need to touch on the CIDManager App. Next to that, you ought to touch on the storage and select “Clear Cache”.


  • Force Stop Application


In the ultimate step, you have to force stop the application. You will get the “force stop” option beside the storage button. That will stop the CIDManager application temporarily.


Method 2: How to Disable CIDManager App in Samsung?


At this point, you are aware of what is CIDManager on a Samsung mobile. Now, permit me to show you how you can disable this app permanently.


  • Get Package Disabler Pro


To get it done, you have to install an application “Package Disabler Pro ”. This application is useful for disabling pre-installed applications from Android devices.


  • Select CIDManager App


After opening the application, you will get a list of all installed applications. Select the application that you would like to disable. Finally, you have to make the confirmation by pressing “Yes”.


That will disable the application permanently. Therefore, you won’t receive annoying notifications from the CIDManager app.


Some of your guys might be thinking about uninstalling the software, isn’t it? Well, I can assist you with that. Allow me to move forward and inform you of that exciting process.


How to Uninstall CIDManager App on Android?


Firstly, I would like to inform you that your device needs to have root access to uninstall the app. Once you gain root access, you can uninstall the application using Titanium Backup (available for Rooted Android Device only”.


So, you have to start with installing the “Titanium Backup Application” on your Samsung device. Next to that, you have to run the application and select “CIDManager” from the application list. The Titanium BackUp application will allow you to have supreme control over the pre-installed application.


After tapping in the CID Manager Samsung app, you will get the uninstall button to erase the application. Simply, touch on the application and you will get rid of the app and other notification-related issues.


Final words


That’s all about “what is CIDManager?”. At this point, the concept is crystal clear to you why this application is pre-installed on your Samsung mobile. More importantly, you don’t have to tolerate the “New Service Provider” notification anymore.


Would you like to know anything else about the CID manager App? Feel free to ask in the comment box.





What is Samsung Android CIDManager?


This is a pre-installed application that allows the device to match the carrier network with the original design manufacturer country for necessary updates.


Can I uninstall the CIDManager App?


Yes, you can uninstall the CIDManager App after rooting your device.


How to delete the CID Manager App permanently?


You can delete the application permanently by using the Root Explorer app.




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