What Is Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim And How To Delete It?

what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim

Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim is a compatibility testing package. It is on your Android device as a default app. But lots of users get confused about the app. They want to know what is Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim and how to delete it.


Manufacturers install Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim on your Android device to inspect the incompatibilities of the software during development. The default app cannot be installed or deleted in the regular procedure. For this, you will need to use third-party apps and software.


Even though Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim seems like an unwanted app, having it on your device will let you report any bug to the developer. Therefore, they will be able to recognize the bug and resolve it in the next software update.


Is Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim A Virus/Bloatware/Spyware


Before getting confused, let us inform you that Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim is system software that Google itself has developed. It is used as a compatibility test that helps to recognize whether your device is having any problem or not.


The app follows all safety protocols of Google. Therefore users should be assured that this is not Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim Malware. It’s a default app that works in favor of the users. Thus you can be assured that Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim is not a virus, bloatware, or spyware.


How To Delete Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim Apk


Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim is a default app that cannot be deleted in conventional methods.


In deleting search apps, you will need to take help from apps and software. These apps and software remove the default apps by decoding the programming of the Android device.


Uninstalling Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim Using ADB


To uninstall Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim, you will need to take help of software like ADB and a PC. Steps to uninstall Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim is discussed in the following:




what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim




Step 1: First, go to About Phone from the Settings. 


Step 2: To activate Developer Options go to the Build Number. Tap seven times on the Build number.


Step 3: After activating Developer Options go back to the main Settings. From there, tap on Developer Options and open it.


Step 4: Now, from there, enable USB Debugging. To do so, tap on it.


Step 5: After enabling USB Debugging, download ADB on your PC.


Step 6: The downloaded file is in ZIP format. You will need to extract the required file from the ZIP file.


Step 7: Once the extraction is complete, open the folder.


Step 8: Now press and hold the shift button. Then right-click into a blank space.


Step 9: You will need to click on “Open Powershell window here.”


Step 10: Enter the command for ADB devices.


Step 11: With the help of a USB cable, connect your Android device to the PC.


Step 12: On your PC type the command for ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim.


Step 13: Then press Enter for the command to run.


Step 14: Now, wait for a while. After some time, you will get a notification that the app has been uninstalled. 


This way, you can permanently uninstall Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim from your Android device.


System App Remover


System app remover is also an uninstallation tool. It works for removing default apps. This app will help you to uninstall Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim without a PC. Here are the steps to do so.


Step 1: You will need to download and install the System App Remover app. It will also be found in Google Play Store.


Step 2: After completing the installation, it is time to launch the System App Remover app.


Step 3: Now search the Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim app. After locating it, put a checkmark on the checkmark box. You will find it next to the Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim app.



what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim




Step 4: Locate the Uninstall button and tap on it to complete the uninstallation process. This will also delete its data.


How To Fixing The Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim Error?


Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim error means you will get a pop-up message saying, “Unfortunately, Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim has stopped working”. There can be several reasons for this error.


Fixing it might seem complicated, but you can start with small steps. If some software bugs are responsible for the error, it can be solved with DIY procedures.


Restart Device


Restarting devices often solves minor errors. Therefore, it is wise to take the following steps to restart your Android device and solve Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim Error.


Step 1: Locate the power button on your device.


Step 2: Hold the power button until you get the option for “Power Off” and “Restart.”


Step 3: Tap on Restart.


Step 4: Wait for a few minutes till the restart process is completed.


Clear Cache Data


Even though cached data is there to improve the performance of an app, sometimes it might be the reason behind Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim error. Here are the steps you will need to take to clear the cache data of Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim.


Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your Android device.


Step 2: Select the App setting option.


Step 3: On the upper right corner of your screen, you will find a three dots icon for Menu. Tap on it.


Step 4: In the menu option, you will find the option for “Show System Apps”. Select the option.


Step 5: Now, from all the default apps, locate the app Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim.




what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim




Step 6: Click on the Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim app and go for the Storage.


Step 7: Tap on Clear Cache.


Step 8: Confirm the procedure.


With this, your problem with the Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim error can be fixed.


Clear Data


If clearing the cache data is ineffective, you can always take a step further and remove the whole Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim storage. With the following steps, you can clear data from the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim app.


Step 1: Open the Settings app and then tap on the app.


Step 2: Tap on the three dots menu icon in the top right corner. Click on it.


Step 3: Choose “Show System Apps” from all the popped-up options.


Step 4: Now, from all the apps, locate Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim.


Step 5: Tap on the app.


Step 6: Open the storage option and tap on “Clear Data”.


Clearing the app’s data will remove every recorded data under the specific app. Therefore, it will also remove the program that was causing the error.


Force Stop


Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim is a default app that does not come with an installation option. But Force Stop is always a good idea to stop and restart the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim app.


The following steps will help you to Force Stop the app.


Step 1: From your Android device, go to the Settings app.


Step 2: In there, tap on apps.


Step 3: Now, click on the ellipsis icon. It is the three vertical dots icon on the top right corner of the screen.


Step 4: From all the given options, select System apps.


Step 5: Locate and select Com.Android.Cts.Priv.Ctsshim


Step 6: You will find the option to Force Stop. Tap on Force Stop.



what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim




Once you Force Stop the app, restart your device and disable the process again. This might help you to resolve the Erode.


Factory Reset


Factory Reset is an extreme step to solve any error of your device. In the case of Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim error Factory Reset might help. But before that, you will need to backup your data.


Backing Up Your Data


The process of backing up your phone data is described step by step.


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.


Step 2: Locate and click on the Google account.


Step 3: Choose the Backup option.


Step 4: Now go back to the starting settings page.


Step 5: From there, click on Backup to confirm.


Steps To Take


After backing up, it is time to Factory Reset your device. If the backup has been done correctly, you will need not worry about losing all your data.


Take the following steps to perform Factory Reset on your device.


Step 1: Again, go to the Settings app


Step 3: Click on the System menu


Step 4: Locate and select Reset


Step 5: Then click on the option for Erase All Data


Step 6: To confirm, choose the button for Erase All Data.


Third-Party Software


There is software available that can help you to repair the error of Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim. Some of this software is described with the procedure in the following.


Android Repair Tool


Android Repair Tool is one of the best repairing tools available. With the following procedure, you can use the tool to repair the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim error.


Step 1: Go to the website of Android Repair Tool.


Step 2: Download The software on your PC.


Step 3: Install and launch the software.


Step 4: Now connect your Android device with the PC with the help of a USB cable.


Step 5: Click on the button for System Repair.


Step 6: Now, put the phone into Download Mode.


Step 7: After this, install the firmware file. It will pop up.


This will repair the error with Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim.




DroidKit is known to repair any small to a big error of an Android device. Therefore with the following steps, you can repair the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim error.


Step 1: First, Go to the website of DroidKit.


Step 2: Now click on the Download Button. You will find it on the main page.


Step 3: Wait until the download is completed and then install it.


Step 4: Now launch the software.


Step 5: With the help of a USB, connect your Android device to the PC.


Step 6: After establishing the connection, tap on the Fix System.


Step 7: Now tap on the Start button to begin repairing.


Step 8: Enable the Download Mode on your phone. To do so, follow the instructions on your screen.


Step 9: Now download the firmware package.




what is com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim




With this, you will be able to repair the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.Ctsshim error.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is it safe to delete Com.Android.CTS.priv.Ctsshim?


One has to remember that Com.Android.CTS.priv.Ctsshim is a default app. And Android doesn’t allow you to delete it in the regular procedure.


If you delete this app through other media, developers will fail to recognize the bugs in your device. Thus, you will not receive updates with solutions.


Can I disable Android CTS Ctsshim?


Yes, you can disable Android CTS Ctsshim. You will need to use the Force Stop option from the app settings. Also, you can use third-party apps to disable them.


What is Com.Android.Providers.media used for?


Android.providers.media is an implementation of MediaStore. The Media provider holds metadata for all available media. This includes both internal and external storage devices.

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