What Is Com.Android.Gallery3d And How To Fix It?


In this era of digital security threats, some activity log entries can cause real stress, why? Because on that list, you will see some apk files or package names that you do not even know anything about.


And com.android.gallery3d is one such pre-installed package. It’s a not-so-familiar name that might startle you. So, to take all your worries away, we will be digging deep into its functions and features.


Sometimes, you might face some glitch or performance error while accessing your gallery app. And we will break down how the package causes the error so that you can prevent the error in the future. Also, we will review some workarounds for you to choose from in order to resolve the issue pertaining to the package.


What Does the Com.Android.Gallery3D Mean?


You will come across the com.android.gallery3d name on your phone through the activity log or the error notification prompted by the system photo app. At first glimpse, it might not make any sense to you. And you are not the only one wondering “com sec android gallery3d what is it doing on my activity list.


Well, you do not need to stress about it because it is a usual Android package. It comes with the built-in photo or gallery app of your phone. The package name is nothing but an application identifier. And such a name is necessary for your device and the Google play store to identify the app as a separate program.


Also, you will see the package as “used” in your activity history even if you do not open the Gallery app. Do not worry, somebody else is not using it on your behalf. It has its place there because all the built-in programs keep running in the background to function one task or another. To know more about its functions and features, have a look at our next section.


What is Com Sec Android Gallery3D Used For?


Like any other Android package, the com.android.gallery3d works as a process and package to provide you with the best features of its product. In this case, the product is the Gallery app. The package has all the files and directories required to run a product or photo app on your phone. Here are the features and functions it provides you with:


  • You can manage your media files because of the package. In other words, it works to let you access the edit, view, organize, and manage all your videos and photos.


  • The thumbnails of the images are organized by it. It means that when you open the Gallery you get to see the previews of the media files in small sizes.


  • Sharing the files through different media including WhatsApp, Skype, Email, Facebook, etc has become possible due to the com.android.gallery3d.   


  • Without it, you will not be able to delete the files. 


  • After capturing an image or creating a video with the phone’s camera, it stores them in the DCIM folder.


  • The package reduces the time for the Gallery to load. Because it stores the Cache files. So, when you open the Gallery app, it does not take much time to access its features. Also, it loads the media thumbnails quicker for you. 


Undoubtedly, the package is a must to keep using the photo app without any difficulty. As it performs all these tasks, your phone identifies and lists it as a used program. You should not remove the app unless or until it keeps bugging you with chronic performance issues.


How to Get Rid of the “Com.Android.Gallery3D Has Stopped” Error Message?


Some users have reported that the Gallery3d app keeps crashing and they receive the com.android.gallery3d has stopped notification. If the app crashes or force stops once in a while then you do not need to worry.


But if the error notification keeps popping up every now and then, it is a matter of concern. Find out its causes and solutions below:


1. Restart Your Phone


Sometimes the Gallery3d app has no bug that prompts the error message. But the current state of your phone’s software causes the issue. So, the first thing you should do is to reboot or restart the phone to clear all the misbehaving code. It will bring the software to its previous state that prevents no app from running smoothly. To restart your device:


  • First, you need to long-press the power button until the Phone options menu appears.


  • Then press the Restart or Reboot device option.


After a few seconds, the phone will restart and it will load all the apps and cache. So, you are less likely to face the issue. But if the notification still persists, you need to check out the other workarounds.


2. Enter Safe Mode


It is possible that some third-party apps have become buggy or overloaded and they are causing the issue. To find out the actual culprit app and remove it, there is no better option than the safe mode. So, just follow these instructions to enable the mode and check your phone’s health:


  • For Samsung users, at first, switch off your phone or tablet.


  • Switch the device on and you will get to see the Samsung logo on the screen. Quickly, long-press the volume down key to enter the safe mode. 


  • Once you have followed the steps properly, you will see Safe Mode written at the bottom corner of the home screen. If not, repeat the first two steps.








  • If you are using a LG phone, you need to long-press the physical power button. It should be on the backside of your phone.


  • Once you can see the Phone options on the screen, release the power button.


  • From the options, select and long-press the Power Off until the Reboot to Safe Mode message pops up








  • Now press the Turn on Safe Mode option and wait for a minute for your phone to enable the mode


  • Once you enter the safe mode, open the Media Storage and Gallary app. If you can access them without any crash or error notification, it means that any of the third-party apps are problematic. As those apps do not run in the safe mode you get rid of the issue.


  • Now you need to exit the safe mode and check and clear the data of those offending apps. Restarting the device shall take you back to normal mode.







  • Keep a backup of your third-party apps data in Google Drive so that you can restore them after clearing the app data.


  • Open the third-party apps one by one and clear data from their Storage section.


If you do not use those apps often, it is better to uninstall them. You can click on their icons and press the uninstall option to do so. It will fix the Gallery3d issue.


3. Update the Software


Running outdated software often makes your phone apps prone to performance issues. So, it might be the bugs in your operating system that slow down the Gallery app. You have to follow the instructions below to update the software to fix the bugs:


  • First, connect your phone to the mobile data or Wi-Fi


  • From your phone’s Settings screen, open the About Phone menu


  • Click on the Software Update or Check for Update option. And you will see an Update or Download button if the manufacturers have launched a new update, tap on it. 








  • Install the latest updates and after completing the process your phone will reboot itself.


After upgrading to the latest software, there will be a boost in the performance. And the com.android.gallery3d crash notification shall not appear.


4. Replace the SD Card


The gallery error can occur because of a defective or corrupted SD card. In that case, you must replace the card. For this method to work all you have to do is:


  • Copy all the files from your SD card to your computer or Google Drive


  • Now you need to remove the SD card and after removing it go to the Gallery app 


If you can use the Gallery without any issue and the notification does not appear even after an hour or so, then the SD card is to blame.


To repair the corrupted card, do either format or replace it. This quick fix resolves the issue most of the time. Do not forget to transfer the copied files to your new or formatted SD card.


5. Free Up Space of the SD Card


When your SD card is running low on space, it affects the Gallery and media storage apps. So, they keep crashing and the notification keeps bugging you. Once you free up some space on the card by following the instructions below, you can get rid of the technical issue:


  • On your phone find the My Files or File Manager folder. You can search for them from the Settings search bar as well.








  • Once you open the folder, you will see the SD card option. Tap on that to enter.








  • Now you will be able to see all the files or photos and videos stored on the SD card. Long-press the videos or photos you no longer need. On some devices, you might need to checkmark the files to delete them.








  • Once you select the files, you will see the Delete or Trash icon most probably at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the icon.


  • From the popup, confirm your action by clicking on Ok or Delete. 


After deleting large files, your SD card will have enough space and the Gallery app will not malfunction.


6. Clear Cache Of Gallery and Media


The overloaded or corrupted cache is one of the major reasons for your phone Gallery to slow down or misbehave. Once you clean the cache files, the misbehaving state of the app cache will be removed. And it mitigates the chance of the galerry3d to force stop. To repair the cache here are the steps:


  • Open your Phone’s Settings menu and proceed to tap on Apps or All Apps


  • If you do not want to go through a long list of apps, press the three-dotted menu located at the upper-right corner of the display to select Show System Apps.








  • Find and open the Gallery app from the list. It will take you to its info page.


  • On the page, you will see the Storage option, click on it.







  • Now you need to click on the Clear Cache button there.


  • Then you need to find the Media Storage app and repeat the steps above to clear its cache files as well.


After clearing the cache, the Gallery package will not be able to access the problematic cache files. So, you will get the error message.


7. Download Third-Party Gallery App


If you do not want to use the built-in Gallery app because of its error, you need to switch to a third-party app. But before that, you need to follow the steps below to disable the default app:


  • Open All Apps from the Settings and search for Gallery.


  • Tap on the Gallery app, then from its info page click on the Set as Default or Open by Default option.


  • You might get the Clear Defaults or Open Supported Links option, select either of the options you can see. 








  • Now that you have cleared defaults the error notification will not pop up. But you need to download another app like 1Gallery or Gallery Go from the Google Play Store.


  • While opening the new app select the Set as Default or Always. 








This method shall work fine unless the phone data is damaged. Otherwise, try out the next method.


8. Factory Data Reset


If the phone’s system data is buggy or has any malware, it causes other apps and their packages to load slow or malfunction. And you need to perform a factory reset to wipe off that data. Only then you can expect to access the Gallery or media without any performance issue.  You can reset data with these steps:


  • Before you proceed to factory reset your phone, you must take a backup of your important files or contacts, messages, audios, and videos to restore them afterward. Because the reset will erase all the stored data of the phone apps. 


  • Also, you can transfer the data to your computer in case you cannot copy them to Google Drive.


  • Open your phone’s Settings screen to find the path to reset. On most Android devices, you will find the Reset option under the General section. 


  • Or you can enter the “Reset” word in the Settings search bar to access the Factory Reset option.


  • Based on your phone’s model, you might get Back Up My Data and Automatic Restore options above the Factory Reset. Make sure to checkmark them. 








  • Then click on the Factory Data Reset and enter your password or PIN to confirm the action.


  • Lastly, select the Wipe Data option and the phone will be in its previous state in a minute or so. 


Upon restarting the phone, launch the gallery and media apps. And you will notice that the error notification will no longer be there if you have carried out this method properly.


How to Remove the Com.Android.Gallery3D Completely?


As the com.android.gallery3d is a system package from the manufacturers, it is not easy to remove it with just your phone’s system options. If you cannot resolve the gallery app issues with any workarounds above, proceed to uninstall it with these methods here:


1. Use the ADB System


ADB system can remove the gallery package from your phone without leaving any trace. And you will need a computer, USB cable, and your phone to implement these steps:


  • Search for Build Number on your Settings Search box. Or you can find it from About Phone located under the Settings screen 


  • Press the Build Number seven times and go to Settings. Then open the Developer Options menu and activate the USB Debugging on your phone. 


  • On your PC find the ADB.EXE file or you can download it from a trusted site. 


  • Then unzip or extract the ADB file into an alternate location or folder and open it


  • Now you need to open the Powershell window by pressing the Shift button and right-clicking over any blank space


  • Then enter the following scripts or command there and connect your PC and Phone with a USB cable


  adb devices



  • To uninstall the package here is the command to type or copy and paste 


adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.gallery3d


Execute the command by pressing the Enter key. After a few seconds, there will be no existence of the Gallery3d app and its package on your phone. However, if you have a rooted phone, the next method will seem a no-brainer to you.


2. System App Remover


There are many third-party tools to get rid of the pre-installed or system apps completely. System App Remover is one of those tools. But it requires root access to perform. To use it you need to maintain these steps:


  • On your rooted Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and install the System App Remover


  • After going to the app’s home page, search for the Gallery app and checkmark it 








  • Finally, to delete all its stored data and remove it, press the Uninstall button. 


That’s it, you are now free from the buggy app and its notification for life.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can The Com.Android.Gallery3d Be Bloatware?


No, the com.android.gallery3d is not bloatware. And Google itself has confirmed it. The bloatware packages are not a necessity for your phone. But this package is necessary because without it you cannot access and manage your media files.


Also, bloatware slows down the phone’s performance and kills much disk space without any reason. On the other hand, the package does not do these unless it becomes buggy.  


2. Is the Gallery3d Package Spying on My Personal Information?


No, it does not spy on your data. As it is an official package by Android, it respects your privacy. Though it has access to your storage and media, it does not misuse those data and sell them. Those permissions are needed to perform different functions. 


3. Is the Com.Android.Gallery3d A Malware?


As the com.android.gallery3d keeps crashing, some users have assumed it to be malicious. But we assure you that it is not any sort of virus or malware. However, malware can affect your phone if you download apk or apps from unsecured sites. The package is safe to use.




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The com.android.gallery3d is one of the must-have packages for your phone. Without the help of it, you will not be able to run the Gallery3d or photo app on your device. Also, it gives you access to all the features built-in media storage or gallery can offer.


However, it can become laggy at times. And when the issue arises, we hope that our reviewed workarounds will come in handy.


We do not recommend disabling or uninstalling the package. But if you have to do, make sure to download a third-party app to access all the media or gallery features.

By Imran Chowdhury

Imran is a tech-savvy guy, love to share the hacks of technology related tips and tricks, and a certified learner from Android developer platform He has been in the industry since 2017. With his vast knowledge and hundreds of blog publications, he can solve any tech-related problem flawlessly. The main areas of expertise are android and ios app-related problems, tech-tutorial, and operating systems. He explains rocket-science-type difficult things easily so you can follow instructions and solve problems. He is currently working as the founder of Writing hack and some other blogs. His love for writing and solving others' problems sets him apart from other writers.

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