What Is Com Android Mms? or used com.android.mms means?

what is used com android mms

Most of the Android users have come across the com.android.mms program at least once if not twice, especially while browsing the Google My Activity. The activity list includes the program as used.


If you are not familiar with the name, the first thing that pops up in your mind is what is used com android mms or if it is any spyware. So, we will be discussing its ins and outs to answer all your queries regarding it.


Sometimes, you can encounter an error message from the app. We will look into those issues and their causes. Following that, we will be discussing the probable solutions to the problems so that it does not affect your device.


So, ready to get some education?


What Does Used Com.Android.MMS Mean?


The com.android.mms is nothing but the Android package that comes in with the built-in messaging, especially the MMS apps. And if you see used com.android.mms, it simply means that you have received or sent MMS or audio files, images, or videos.


You see it as a used package because it runs in the background. To know more about why it is listed as used com.android.mms, you need to look into the functions we have reviewed below.


What is Com.Android.MMS Used For?


The most commonly used messaging package is the com.android.mms. It is not the only package available for Android MMS. However, here are its major functions:


  • Works as a Process


Its major activity is to work as a process for the MMS files and the Android. If your Android does not have enough space, the com.android.mms will prompt an error message and the messaging app will shut down. The package can do it as it works as a process.


Also, while sending any multimedia file, if any error occurs the package can let you know with a popup message. Because its process functionality lets it detect the issue and send notifications.


  • Works as Product


When the messaging app is in use, the com.android.mms can turn into a product. During sending or receiving an MMS, com.android.mms combines its process and package features to work as a product.


Precisely, you get to use the final product or message files because of this pre-installed package. It runs as a product to enable the MMS sending and receiving options.


As the package performs these functions, you get to see it in your activity list. It manages all the tasks related to MMS services so the operating system detects the functions and lists com.android.mms as a used program.


How to Fix “Unfortunately the Process Com.Android.MMS Has Stopped” Error?


Usually, the messaging package does not crash. But it is not rare that you do not open the messaging app or send any MMS as the com.android.mms stop working abruptly. And the error message can be irritating to look at.


So let’s find out why you might face the issue and how to fix it:


1. Clear Cache


You need to clear the app cache routinely. Otherwise, the cache can get corrupted. And it prevents the package from working without any lag or crash. Follow these simple instructions below to remove the corrupted cache


  • From your Phone Settings menu go to All Apps 


  • Look for the Messaging or SMS app and click on it


  • The info page of the app will open and you need to click on the Storage option from there



what is used com android mms




  • Then press the Clear Cache option located at the bottom-right corner. And restart your device and the error message should not popup anymore


2. Update the App


You need to make sure you update your MMS or messaging app once in a while. Because sometimes the older version develops bugs that affect the performance of any package. And the developers bring new updates to fix the bugs. So, follow these steps and update the outdated app


  • Open Google Playstore and find the in-built texting app from the search bar


  • Click on the app and see whether any update is available. 



what is used com android mms




  • Then press the Update button. Give it some time to download the update.


Now, upon opening the app it will not lag or crash.


3. Reset the System


No solutions will work if the problem is in the device itself. Sometimes the phone’s data is corrupted and it affects all apps and their packages. Before you perform this solution, you must take a backup of your important files or data. Then all you have to do is


  • Open your phone’s Settings menu. Now find the Reset option. The path is different on different phones. But usually, it should be under the “General Management” or “Backup and Reset” sections. 


  • If you cannot find the Reset option, type “Reset” on the Setting’s search bar. And it will appear, then click it.


  • After that press the Factory Data Reset option. 




what is used com android mms




  • You might need to confirm the action by entering the PIN or Screen Lock pattern. 


Lastly, your phone will reboot. And after the reset, once it restarts, the MMS package will perform smoothly. Make sure to restore the data you have backed up.



4. Update Your Phone’s OS or Software


If your Android OS is much older, it might not fit well with the latest updates of the Messaging app. So, you need to upgrade your phone to the latest OS. So, here are the steps to resolve the sudden stop issue


  • You need to go to your Phone’s Settings first.


  • Then, find and tap the About Phone option. From its info page check for Software Update.




what is used com android mms




  • Download and install the update. In a few minutes, the update will be completed, and running the texting app on the latest system should not cause the package to stop performing.



 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why does my spyware say com.android.mms was detected?


The MMS package is not spyware. The anti-spyware feature of the antivirus tools at least once detects the package as spyware, probably because of the package permissions.


It has access to some of the phone’s features such as contacts, microphone, and phone, as well as call logs. But it uses them to function properly, not to spy on you.


2. Where is com.android.mms?


The com.android.mms is in the Android SMS or MMS app itself. You can know more about a package if you open the built-in SMS app page from the Google Play store web.


To find the package look at the end part of the URL. And you need to root your phone or use File Explorer to find the path.


3. Does the Com.Android.MMS Package Reduce the MMS Quality?


Sometimes the pictures or audios you send will not go in their actual quality. It has nothing to do with the com.android.mms package. Some mobile networks do not let you send an MMS file larger than 100kb. So, files get compressed and it reduces quality. 


4. Is the com.android.mms bloatware to remove?


Not all pre-installed apps and their packages are bloatware. And the com.android.mms is also not bloatware. It performs to give you a better multimedia texting experience. If you remove it you can no longer receive or send MMS unless you have a third-party texting app.



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Anyone hardly notices the package names of the Android messaging apps. And the package title of the Android MMS services is not much user-friendly to understand.


In that case, it is usual for you to startle while encountering com.android.mms in the phone’s used activity. But hopefully, we have successfully made it clear to you about what is used com android mms and what it does.


We do not recommend removing this package. But if it causes too much trouble, you should get a recognized third-party MMS app.

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