What Is Com.Android.Server.Telecom?

what is com.android.server.telecom

When you turn on our Android phones, you will see some automatic activity, like the phone getting connected to a mobile network or some apps automatically starting to run. You also face the same kind of issue when a phone call is placed on your Android phone.


What is com.android.server.telecom? You see a notification appear on your screen and it asks you if you want to receive the call or not. All these processes are done by an inbuilt software whose name is com.android.server.telecom. This software functions to pursue all kinds of call-related tasks on an Android phone.


When a call is placed on your Android phone, this software checks whether the caller ID is blocked or not, and after that, it shows a notification to ask you if you want to receive that call or not. It also saves all the call-related logs of the Android phone. This video calling and call recording feature is also provided by this software.


What is com.android.server.telecom?


In a nutshell, com.android.server.telecom is a piece of software that is related to the call and network connectivity of an Android phone. This software is related to all kinds of call activities on an Android device.


Either connecting a call with a receiver or connecting to the internet with the data connection of a sim, all these are controlled and checked under this software. When a call is connected to your Android phone, this software first checks if the phone is on the blocklist or not.


When the checking is completed, it shows notifications so that you can understand when a caller ID has called you. It also asks you to choose either to receive the call or terminate the call by showing you different icons.


This software also controls the video calling feature or call recording feature of an Android phone. When a video call has connected to the com.android.server.telecom, provide the camera settings for the video call. Finally, after the call is ended, this software saves all the logs and details about the phone call.


What is com.android.server.telecom used for?


Com.Android.Server.Telecom is used for many purposes on an Android phone. They are described below.


Uses in the phone. calling


One of the major uses of the Android server Telecom is to show a notification or graphical image so that the users of the phone can understand the incoming call. This feature is an automatic process on the Android phone. So this software provides an animation on the phone screen.


Uses in the call details feature


This software also provides the call details on a mobile phone as a call log. All the incoming and outgoing calls are listed in this call detail. These call logs can be listed in the phone storage or internet storage of a mobile phone.


Uses in call recalling


This software is also used for holding rooting or re-rooting information. This information is called the RTT information. A call has to be placed on a stable network. And all this network-related information is also handled by this software.


Uses in callAudioStates


In the call, the audio state is also featured by the com.android.server.telecom. This feature always checks the status of a call. When a call gets muted or the incoming or outgoing call voice isn’t working properly, this feature provides a notification. Even the call recording status is also checked by this software.


Uses in CallRedirectionService


This feature is used when a call gets redirected. When a call gets diverted because of RTT, the com.android.server.telecom saves information about it. This software lists every redirection or diversion on an Android phone.


Uses in CallScreeningService


This feature is used when a blocked number calls your Android phone. All the calls that come to your Android phone are checked first by this software. If it comes from a blocked number, this software immediately terminates the connection. As a result, that call won’t pop up on your mobile phone screen.


Uses in a conference call


The com.android.server.telecom software is also used at the time of conference calls. When you start a conference call on your Android phone, this software filters all the calls. This software operates the screening service for incoming calls as well. The com.android.server.telecom module is in charge of all of these functions.


Uses in call connection


It is one of the major uses of this software. When you call someone, the connecting process of that call is performed by this software. It makes sure if the connection of the call is perfectly placed or not. Also, it listed this connection in the call logs so that you could get this information later.


Uses in Connection.Video.Provider


When you try to contact someone on a video call, the com.android.server.telecom ensures that the call is connected. It also constantly checks the status of the call. All the video calls are connected via VoIP or VoLTE networks with the receiver, and all the connection processes are performed by this software.


Uses in DisconnectCause


If your call gets disconnected, the com.android.server. telecom app will check the reason for the disconnection. If the disconnection occurs because of a network error or any other problem, this software makes sure to list all the details of the occurrence.


Uses in InCallService


This software is also used when the call is connected or when the call is disconnected. When a person calls on your phone, this software retrieves the call first and then appears on your screen. It also keeps a list of all the calls in a call log.


If the call gets disconnected, this software checks the reason for the disconnection and makes sure to keep all the major information about it.


Uses in the PhoneAccount


This software also keeps detailed information about the phone’s connected calls. It also checks the information on your SIM card as well as the network to which your Android phone is connected. This software also keeps major data on the VoIP details and SIP account details of your Android phone.


Uses for StatusHints


When a call is placed, the com.android.server.telecom first checks if the call is blocked or not. After that, this software shows different notifications and icons for the phone call so that you can understand when a call is placed on your phone and you can choose to receive that call or terminate the call.


Also, when the call is received, if you want to transform the call into a conference call or video call, this software performs all the processes to ensure it. The call recording process of a call is also fetched under this software.


Uses in VideoProfile


All the video call-related features are controlled by the com.android.server.telecom server. If this is the case, and you want to contact someone on a video call, this software first checks if the call can be placed or not.


If the call can be placed, it will go through all of the steps necessary to connect on a video call with a receiver. It is also used when someone calls you on a video call. This software checks the number to see if it is blocked or not and then shows a notification and icons on your screen.


Uses in VideoProfile.CameraCapabilities


When a video call is placed on your mobile, this software processes the camera settings of the video call. The camera quality or different details are also checked by this software. It also keeps every setting of the camera position recorded in a video call.


How to use com.android.server.telecom?


You cannot use com.android.server.telecom manually on an Android phone. It is automatically activated software on the Android phone. This software is an inbuilt app for the Android phone, and it starts running the moment you turn on your Android phone.


This app automatically connects to a network to make a call when you need it or shows a notification on your screen when a call is placed on your mobile. So there is no way to use it manually.


How to fix the com.android.server.telecom has stopped error?


If your Android phone is showing “com.android.server.telecom has stopped,” you need to fix it as soon as possible. If you don’t fix it, your Android phone won’t receive a call or you won’t be able to call someone. The processes are described below.


Clearing the cache of this software


You can clear the cache of the com.android.server.telecom app to fix its error. Most of the time, by clearing the cache, this software crush error gets fixed. To do it,


Step 1: Opening the “Settings” application


  • First, open the app menu on your Android menu.


  • At the top of the menu, there will be a search option. Click on it.


  • A type box will appear on your screen. Type “Settings” there.


  • Click on the search option to do a search.


  • The “Settings” application will appear on your screen. Click on its icon to open it.


Step 2: Clearing the cache of “com.sec.phone”


  • In the search icon, there will be another search option. Click on it and type “Apps.”


  • Now do a search again by clicking on the search option.


  • All the application settings will appear on your screen.


  • Look for the “Show System Apps” option there.


  • When you get it, click on it.


  • After that, you need to search for the “com.sec.phone” APK file.


  • If you get it, click on it to open the settings menu.


  • At the bottom of the menu, there should be an option named “Storage”. Look for it.


  • When you get it, click on it and select “Clear Cache“.



what is com.android.server.telecom




Now try calling someone to check if the error has been solved or not.


Clear the data of the Phone app to fix the error


You can clear the data on the phone to fix the error message caused by the com.android.server.telecom. To do it,


Step 1: Opening the Settings application from the application menu


  • To begin with, go to your Android app menu.


  • There will be a search option at the top of the menu. Select it by clicking on it.


  • A type box will appear on your screen; there, type “Settings.”


  • To conduct a search, choose the “search” option.


  • On your screen, the “Settings” program will appear.


  • To open it, just click on its symbol.


Step 2: Clearing the app data of the phone application


  • Now, press on the search option that is located in the top corner of your Android screen.


  • You will see a search box has appeared on your screen. Type “Application” there.


  • All the application settings will appear on your screen. There you need to look for the “system software.”


  • When you get it, click on it to open it.


  • Choose the “Phone” application there.


  • A new contextual menu will appear on your screen. Look for the “Clear Data” option at the bottom of that menu.


  • When you get it, click on it.




what is com.android.server.telecom




Now try calling a person to check if the error in the com.android.server.telecom application has been fixed or not.


By changing the ringtone of your Android phone


It may sound ridiculous, but changing your ringtone can also solve the error of the com.android.server.telecom application error. It is also the fastest way to fix the problem, so you can give it a try if the above processes don’t work for you. To do it,


Step 1: Open your Android phone’s settings app


  • To start, browse the app menu on your Android device.


  • A search option will be available at the top of the app menu. By clicking on it, you can open it.


  • There will be a text box on your Android phone screen; enter “Settings” into it.


  • Select the “search” option to conduct a search.


  • The “Settings” software will display on your Android phone’s screen.


  • Simply click on the icon to open it.


Step 2: Modify your Android phone’s ringtone


  • After opening the Settings application on your Android phone, go down to the main menu of the Settings application to look for the “Sound” option.


  • When you get that option, click on it to open it.


  • In the top right-hand corner of your screen, there should be an option named “Ringtone”.


  • Click on it.


  • You will see all the official ringtones on your Android phone are stored there.


  • Click on a ringtone to hear its sound.


  • Now check every ringtone and choose a ringtone that has a beautiful and loud sound.



what is com.android.server.telecom




After that, call someone to check if the error message has been fixed or not.


By clearing the cache partition


It is a very effective way to fix the software error caused by com.android.server.telecom. It also doesn’t take much time, and there is no tension about losing your essential data. To do it,


Step 1: Boot your Android phone into recovery mode


  • Press the power button and the volume up and down buttons together at a time.


  • After that, don’t move your fingers from them and hold them for a couple of seconds.


  • You will see your phone has turned off and is rebooting.


  • Wait until the rebooting process is over.


  • You will see that your phone has entered recovery mode.


Clearing the Cache Partition


  • Now use the power button of your Android phone as a “Select option” button.


  • Also, you need to choose the volume up button to go to their upper options and the volume down button to go to the lower options.


  • Use this button and look for the “Cache partition” option there.


  • Once you find it, click on it with your power button.


  • Wait until all the cache has been deleted.


  • Now restart your Android phone.




what is com.android.server.telecom




Call someone to check if the problem has been solved or not.




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Does it mean a phone call was made if “used com.android.server.telecom” shows up in my Google activity?”


Com.android.server.telecom is a phone call-connection software. However, there is no opportunity to know if a phone call was made if “used com.android.server.telecom” shows up in my Google activity. It’s a totally different thing.


Phones use this software to establish a network connection. It searches for a better signal for a better network connection. Mobile sim-related tasks are also done by this app. As a result, this software can show up in Google activity for a different reason.


What does “com android server telecom” mean in Google activity?


Com.android.server.telecom is a program that connects phone calls. This software is used by phones to create a network connection. It looks for a stronger signal in order to improve the network connection. This program can also perform operations relating to mobile SIM cards. It is the meaning of “com android server telecom” in Google activity.


What is the difference between Android Incallui and Android Server Telecom?


The InCallUI is used on an Android phone when a voice call is placed on that phone. This software shows the icons and notifications to notify the user when a call is placed on his phone. On the other hand, Server.Telecom is a feature of Android that connects to the best network tower around the Android phone to root or re-root it for a phone call.

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