What Is Com.Android.Vending?

If you sometimes start checking the system software of your Android phone, you will find some software that you have never heard of before. One of them is com.android.vending. It is pre-installed software on our device. So you can think of it as a virus because you will see this software running all the time on your android device.


So a question will appear in your mind, “What is com.android.vending?”. Well, in a sentence, com.android.vending is the stock package name of the Google Play Store. And we all know the Google Play store is the biggest and best app store for Android. This app store is full of numerous apps and games.


You can even purchase movies or ebooks from this app store as well. This app store also has a security system that checks on your phone. So this app is always running in the background. This is one of the most important pieces of software for Android phones, so don’t uninstall it to save storage space or mistake it for a virus.


What is com.android.vending?


In one sentence, com.android.vending is the stock package of the Google Play Store, which is pre-installed on your Android device. This software is used for downloading games and applications that are authorized by Google services.


It is the biggest app store on Android, and it is very secure to use. All the apps and games that are uploaded to this app store are perfectly checked. The app developers have to follow some strict rules and policies before uploading any software to this app store.


As a result, the apps can’t steal data from your phone or give it to other people. This app store is also filled with numerous books and movies. From this app store, you can automatically rent and purchase these books and movies. The purchasing system is also very easy.


You just have to provide your bank or card details on that app and then purchase anything you want. As these transactions occur on Google servers, they are very protected. This app also scans every piece of software that you have installed on your Android phone.


If you install a virus-infected piece of software, com.android.vending removes it from your device. As a result, you can use your phone without any hesitation with the help of this software.


Is com.android.vending a virus, or is it safe?


Com.android.vending is completely safe to use. It is completely risk-free to use. It’s not a virus, either. As a result, it won’t harm your device. It is a non-harmful application because this program isn’t malware that spies on you and sells your information to other parties.


It isn’t bloatware at all. Bloatware eats up your computer’s resources. However, it functions without fulfilling a critical role. We can use this software to download all of the applications we desire on our phones. Google Play protection is also provided by Com.android.vending.


You may also use a credit card to purchase movies or books through the Google Play store. As a result, you have no objections to or concerns about utilizing this. This program is completely safe to use. You may also use this program to download all of the applications.


What permissions does com.android.vending require?


Com.android.vending wants some permissions as well as all the other apps. The first permission required to run the service com.android.vending is SMS. Text and messages are delivered here and stored here.


The second one is storage. This storage holds all the downloaded items that you have downloaded from the Google Play Store. Then the telephone is another one that is mostly used for audio searches.


The 4th one is called “contract.” This keeps records of all known numbers. The last one is location, which shows the location where you are right now or when you look for a location that you want to go to on Google Maps.


What is com.android.vending used for?


Com.android.vending is used for multiple reasons. They are described below.


Best app store for downloading games on android


It is the best app store for downloading games for Android. There are tons of games that can be used for relaxation and to pass time. There are also ratings for those games, so you can understand if they are good or not. You can download these games by checking their reviews.


Best app store for downloading apps on android


This app store is filled with lots of applications. This application is categorized into different sections so that users can get and download these apps according to their priority. Also, you can provide a review after downloading and using an app.


One of the best stores for purchasing movies or ebooks


This app store is also filled with a lot of movies and ebooks. You can easily purchase them. The purchasing system is also very handy, so you don’t have to hesitate to use this app store.


Provide security to your android phone


The com.android.vending also includes a phone scanner that scans all of the software and files on your mobile device. If your Android phone has bad software or a virus, this scanner will fix it right away.


Pros of com.android.vending


Com.android.vending has tons of pros that can help you as an Android phone user. They are described below.


The best app store for Android


The best app store for Android is com.android.vending, also known as the Google Play store. It has tons of apps and games that can be used to make your life better. Different apps have different app sections, and all the apps are prescanned before they are added to the app store.


Com.android.vending also has a section where you can rate an app that you have installed. Before installation, you can also check the review of that app, which is provided by the users that have installed the app before.


The com.android.vending (AKA Google Play Store) also has some policies and permissions for launching an app in this store. If any developer violates those permissions and policies, the authority of the Google Play Store removes that particular app.


So you don’t have to worry about any kind of virus or data-stealing tension if you download any app or game from com.android.vending.



com.android.vending, is com.android




One of the best places for buying or renting movies or books


Com.android.vending is also a place for buying or renting movies or books. They have a huge collection of books and movies, so you don’t have to face any trouble finding your favorite movie or book. The purchasing system is also easy.


You can pay for these books or movies on the com.android.vending site using PayPal, a bank account, or a credit card. You just need to add your account information there and purchase anything you want.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Heaven for Android application developers


Com.android.vending is the best place for an Android application developer. You can easily create any game or app for Android and launch it on the Google Play Store. However, you will have to meet some policies and permissions before launching an app on com.android.vending.


If you don’t meet those policies and permissions, your application or game will be removed from the store by the authority of the Google Play Store. You can also add microtransactions to your app or game.


However, these transactions will occur by com.android.vending. You have to provide them with a percentage of the money that you have earned from your app.



com.android.vending, is com.android


Provide android phone security


The newer version of com.android.vending comes with an automatic app scanner that scans any app that you have installed from the Google Play store or any other source. As a result, if you have installed any virus or defective software, the scanner of com.android.vending will automatically remove that app from your phone.


Also, this app scanner has a feature that scans your Android phone every day at a certain time. As a result, your Android phone will be free of any viruses or problematic software.



com.android.vending, is com.android


Handy structure to buy any subscription or in-app purchase.


Com.android.vending has the easiest structure for purchasing any in-app purchases or subscriptions. All the transactions occur under the Google server, so using the Google Play store for any in-app purchase is very easy and reliable.


The transaction system is also easy. Simply enter your bank account or PayPal account information into the com.android.vending app, and you can buy whatever you want.



com.android.vending, is com.android



Cons of com.android.vending


There are also some cons to com.android.vending. They are described below.


The refund policy is not that good


One of the major problems with com.andriod.vending is that its refunding policy is not that good. When a user purchases an in-app purchase or a subscription and then returns it for any reason, the com.android.vending service takes far too long to provide the service and refund the money.


So it takes more time than usual. Sometimes the refund doesn’t work, so you won’t get any money back.




com.android.vending, is com.android




App reporting isn’t that convenient


If you have a problem with any app in the com.android.vending folder and try to report it, you will notice that it is not very easy. Most of the developers don’t contact the users much or solve the app problems that are occurring with the users. If they somehow respond, it takes a lot of time to solve that problem in the apps.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Apps are full of ads


Com.android.vending is full of apps and games. However, these apps are full of ads because one of the major earning sources for app and game developers on Android is through these ads.


As a result, if you try to play a game or use an app for any purpose, you will see the ads disturbing you a lot. Sometimes they bother you as much as you want to uninstall that particular app.



com.android.vending, is com.android




Full of similar types of apps and games


As com.android.vending is a cheap and affordable market for developers, a lot of low-level developers start cloning famous apps or games and uploading them to the Google Play store. The app store is full of cheap apps that are almost identical to one another.


Moreover, Google doesn’t have any headaches with this problem, so when a user is looking for good software or games, they don’t get it so easily.




com.android.vending, is com.android




How to fix the com.android.vending has stopped error?


There are multiple ways to fix the com.android.vending stopped error. They are described below.


By clearing data and the cache of the Google Play store


Sometimes, clearing the cache and data of the Google Play Store fixes the stop error of com.android.vending. To do it,


  • First, open your app list and go to the Settings application.


  • Now press on the search option at the top of the application and type “Apps” there.


  • Press the search icon and wait until all the app settings options appear on your screen.


  • Choose the Google Play Store there.


  • Look for the “Storage” settings in the Google Play store.


  • There will be two options named “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”


  • Press down on them both.


Now try to open the Google Play Store and check if this process works or not.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Using the “Force stop” option to solve the stop error problem


If the above process doesn’t work for you, try forcing the Google Play store. To do it,


Again, go to the settings application on your Android phone.


  • Go to the bottom of that application and look for the “Apps” option.


  • Click on that option and look for the “Google Play Store” there.


  • When you get it, press on it to open its settings menu.


  • On the top left-hand side of the screen, there will be an option named “Force Stop”; click on it.


After that, try to open the Google Play store again and see if the error is still showing or not.



com.android.vending, is com.android




Updating the Google Play Store


One of the major reasons for the stop error of com.android.vending is that your Google Play store is outdated. So you need to update it. To do it,


  • Open your app list.


  • Look for a gear-looking icon there.


  • When you get that icon, click on it; you will see the settings application has opened on your screen.


  • Now, at the top of that application, look for an option named “Security Status”.


  • When you get that option, click it on to open it.


  • Select “Google Play System Updated There” and check if your Google Play Store is updated to the latest version or not.


  • If it is not updated, press the “Update” option and wait until the updating time is over.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Uninstalling the Beta version of the Google Play Store


The Google Play Store will occasionally provide a beta version to some users in order to gather feedback on new and upcoming features. However, these beta versions of the Google Play Store are sometimes filled with bugs that cause the stop error com.android.vending. So you can try uninstalling the beta version. To do it,


  • Open the settings application on your Android phone.


  • Click on the “Search” option and type “Apps” there.


  • Press on the search icon and wait until all the app settings appear on your screen.


  • Choose “Google Play Store” there.


  • Now tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen.


  • After that, press the “Uninstall Updates” option.


Now follow the above process to update the Google Play Store to a stable version.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Flashing to the stock ROM


Sometimes the error messages can occur because of faulty system software. As a result, flashing your system software may resolve the com.android.vending stopping error.To do it,


  • Go to a browser on your Android phone.


  • Now search for stable stock firmware files in the browser.


  • Choose the link that will take you to the official site of your phone brand.


  • Download stable firmware files from that website.


  • Now use a firmware flashing tool and start flashing the stable firmware files on your device.


  • Wait until the flashing process is over.


Now reboot your Android phone and try to open the Google Play store again to check if the stopped error is still showing or not.




com.android.vending, is com.android




Resetting your device to factory reset is


You can reset your Android device in the factory reset mode to restore all the settings as they were the first time you purchased the phone, and the stop error of com.android.vending will be stopped. However, you have to back up all your data before resetting your phone, or you could lose it all. To do it,


  • First, you need to go to the settings application on your Android phone.


  • Go to the lower side of that application and look for the “General” option.


  • When you get that option, click on it and select “Reset” there.


  • After that, you need to press the “Factory Data Reset” option.


  • Your phone may ask for the pin or password of your Android phone for security reasons; provide them with all.


You will see that the resetting process has started on your Android phone.




com.android.vending, is com.android



Flashing the GAPPS software on your Android phone


You may flash the stocked Gapps software to your Android phone if the com.android.vending error is still occurring. However, to install this Gapps software, you must root your Android phone. To do it,


  • First, you need to turn your Android phone off.


  • Now press the volume up button and power button at the same time so that you can enter the recovery mode on your Android phone.


  • Now you need to download the Gapps stock files.


  • When the download is complete, select those files and start flashing them.


  • Wait until the flashing process is over.


Now restart your phone and try to check if the problem is still occurring or not.




com.android.vending, is com.android




How do I get rid of Android vending?


It is not recommended to get rid of com.android.vending from your Android phone. Because this app is the base package of the Google Play store, as a result, if you delete it, you won’t be able to use the Google Play store. But if you still want to delete it, there are certain ways to do it.


Uninstalling the Android Debug Bridge


You can uninstall the Android debug bridge to get rid of com.android.vending. To do it,


Enabling the USB debugging option


  • First, open your app list and go to the settings software.


  • Now look for the “System” option there.


  • When you get that option, click on it to open it and select “About Phone.”


  • Press on the “Build number” option seven times so that the “Developer option” on the Android gets turned on.


  • Now go to the Settings menu again and look for the “Developer Option” there.


  • It is usually located on the bottom side of the Settings option.


  • When you get it, click on it and search for “USB debugging”.


  • You will see the “USB debugging option” has appeared on your screen; click on it to turn it on.


Download and extract the ADB software on your PC


  • Open any browser on your PC.



  • Look for the download option for ADB.


  • When you get it, click on that option to download the ADB.


  • It will be downloaded as a ZIP file. Use extracting software to extract that zip file.


  • It will be extracted as a folder.


Begin the removal procedure


  • Now go to that folder.


  • Use your right mouse button to click on a blank area on your PC screen and hold it for a couple of moments.


  • Some options will appear on your screen. Choose “Open Powershell window here” from that menu.


  • You will see a command prompt appear on your PC screen. Enter that command and choose “ADB devices”.


  • Now use a USB cable to connect your PC and your Android phone.


  • There will be a command “adb shell pm uninstall-users 0 com.android.vending”.


  • Run it.


  • Wait until the run of the command is over.


You will see that the Google Play Store has been deleted from your Android mobile.



com.android.vending, is com.android



Using System App Remover to get rid of com.android.vending


You can use this software to get rid of com.android.vending. However, to install this particular app, you will need to root your phone. To do it,


  • Go to the browser on your Android phone and search for “System App Remover.”


  • A lot of websites will appear on the screen. Choose the official website.


  • Go to the bottom of that website and download that app.


  • Now click on the downloaded file and choose the “Install” option.


  • Wait until the installation process is over.


  • Now click on that application icon to open it and look for the Google Play store there.


  • When you get to the Google Play store, click on it.


  • On the top right-hand side of your screen, there will be an “uninstall” option. Click on it.


  • Wait until the installation process is over.


You will see that the Google Play Store has been deleted from your Android device.



com.android.vending, is com.android





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Is it safe to delete Android vending DNA data?


It’s totally safe to delete Android vending DNA data. Because the Android vendor is a folder, this folder contains saved data for the Google Play Store. This data is stored by the Google Play store app. So you can delete these files. No problems will occur.


What is COM Android Systemui used for?


A system user interface is a kind of user interface. This allows users to manage their displays for third-party customers who are interdependent. Your Android device’s display and theme may also be customized. These are essential functions.


What is the Android vending download service?


It is a special service that is used when the Google Play Store gets an update. However, this service is running in the background on your Android phone all the time, so it is using the CPU and RAM of your device all the time. As a result, it causes excessive battery consumption all the time.

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