What is com.coloros.safecenter in Oppo and Realme Android Phone?

If you are an Oppo or Realme smartphone user exploring the recent Google activity, you might have seen com.coloros.safecenter. This may strike your mind and force you to wonder What is com.coloros.safecenter?


The com.coloros.safecenter is an Android application package file explicitly developed for the Oppo and Realme smartphones. More specifically, this application is embedded especially with the Color Operating System.


It is a built-in and manageable security application to keep the device safe and optimized. Besides, it can be used to enhance the performance of smartphones instantly by doing some software maneuvers.


Sometimes this package file can bring bugs and malware to the smartphone, and you may want to remove it permanently.


What are the uses of com.coloros.safecenter?


The primary use of the com.coloros.safecenter is to keep the smartphone stable and fast. This application runs in the background of smartphones with Color OS. Along with that, it does real-time monitoring of the activities of the smartphone.


Your smartphone remains safe from external malware attacks because the safe center application works as a shield for the smartphone. Some of the primary uses of the com.coloros.safecenter package applications are stated below.


  • Clearing cache and junk files.
  • Deep cleaning interface
  • Virus scans
  • Debugging
  • RAM space cleaning
  • Malware removal
  • Optimizing the applications
  • Data encrypting for sensitive applications such as payment method
  • Firewall or shielding against external malware or bloatware attack
  • Locking and hiding applications of your preferences
  • Managing the applications in the startup to manually select which apps do not require starting while booting the device. This increases the booting speed of the smartphone.

Is com.coloros.safecenter safe?


The famous “Color” operating system comes with a pre-built system security-based application known as the Safe center. Therefore, the package of com.coloros.safecenter is an entirely safe and usable system application.


Since it does not store or share any sensitive data, this can be called a sacred app for the phone. Moreover, this does not interfere with other applications and requires minor permission to act in the background.


The safe center application is designed to keep your smartphone optimized and secure. You can scan for basic viruses, malware attacks, cache cleaning processes, memory space cleaning, etc. All of these enhance the performance of the smartphone. Therefore, you should not think of the applications installed as an imposter on your smartphone.


Can You Uninstall com.coloros.safecenter?


The package of com.coloros.safecenter is an officially built-in application for the Color OS. Thus you can not uninstall it like other third-party applications installed afterward from the PlayStore or unknown sources.


But some ways can be used to remove this system software permanently from the device. These methods can cause violation of the official warranty and guarantee of the smartphone. Because manipulating the system software packages is not authorized by the manufacturer.


You should keep in mind that using third-party software can cause negative impacts on your smartphone. The official warranty may get invalid after using the ADB. That is why it is not recommended to remove the system applications.


By Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)


The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is Windows software. This software creates a bridge between the PC and the Android smartphone to access the internal system applications. You can directly command the smartphone using the Unix shell to uninstall the built-in applications.


Step One: Install ADB on your PC


  • Download the ADB software from the trusted sites.
  • Install it and extract the ZIP folder.
  • Move the folder to another location for easy access.

Step Two: Settings in Smartphone


  • Firstly, go to the Settings option from the app drawer on your smartphone.




What is com.coloros.safecenter?




  • Scroll and search for About Device/ About phone and select Software information.




What is com.coloros.safecenter?




  • Tap on the Build Number seven consecutive times, and it will reappear the Developer Option.




What is com.coloros.safecenter?




  • Now, go back to the main settings and search for the Developer option in “About Phone.”







What is com.coloros.safecenter?





  • In the developer option, turn on the USB debugging. This gives the access to modify and
  • manipulate the internal system files using a PC.



What is com.coloros.safecenter?




  • Finally, connect your phone to the PC where the ADB software is pre-installed and turn on the File Transfer.

Step Three: Uninstalling the Application


  • On the ADB software Zip file, press and hold the Shift button and click on the mouse’s right button.
  • Now Click on the “Open Powershell Window Here”
  • In the popped-up command prompt, type in ADB devices.
  • On newer versions of Android, your phone may show a warning message for getting access to the USB debugging mode.  Select “OK”
  • Command the ADB device in the command prompt again, and the device’s serial number will pop up.
  • Finally, type in “ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.coloros.safecenterand hit the Enter button.
  • After a few seconds, the Safe Center Application will get removed from your smartphone.

Rooting the Smartphone and using the system App Remover


This method requires you to root the smartphone. Rooting a smartphone gives you the access to install and uninstall apps, underclock or overclock the processing speed, update or downgrade the OS etc. It is not recommended to root the phone.


Rooting will cause the validation of the official warranty of the smartphone. Hence you cannot claim any after-sale service from customer care. Therefore, after rooting your device and following the steps stated below, the com.coloros.safecenter can be uninstalled.



  • Download and install the “System App remover” application on your device.
  • Launch the application and in the system app manager, locate the com.coloros.safecenter.
  • Tap on the checklist next to the app profile and tap on the “Uninstall” button to altogether remove the application.


The Titanium Backup Process


You also need to perform the Root to your smartphone for using this method. Follow the above-stated methods to root the smartphone and follow the below-mentioned processes.


  • First, you have to download the Titanium Backup application.
  • Launch the application.
  • Search for the com.coloros.safecenter by scrolling through all the installed applications.
  • Select the com.coloros.safecenter and tap on the “uninstall” button to remove this system application altogether from the smartphone.



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