What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller | Prelaodinstaller Or Packageinstaller?

What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller

Having more than 3 billion active users, the Android operating system is the most used mobile operating system in recent times. As far as I can guess, you’re also an android user. Have you ever noticed “preloadInstaller.Android.sec.com” on your android device? You might have questioned yourself, “What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller or prelaodinstaller?”


Thankfully, you’re about to find the answer through this article. Besides, I’ll share some essential information that would be helpful for every android user. Let me start with the definition.


What Is Android Preloadinstaller?



What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller



Android devices take some time after reboot to get ready to use. Android preloadinstaller is the reason behind that delay. As the name suggests, it performs application installation and uninstallation tasks. Some applications run by default so that the device can operate properly. “preloadInstaller.Android.sec.com” installs those necessary files to let the device run properly.


Those applications and packages needed to run before you launch an Android app. An example will make it easier for you to understand. Suppose you want to capture an image. When you launch the camera, the Android Preloadinstaller installs the necessary package to run the camera properly. Have you got the answer to your question, what is an Android preloadinstaller? Alright, let’s know about its working procedure.


Working Procedure Of Android Preloadinstaller



What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller



The main responsibility of the Android preloadinstaller is to install essential default packages required to run an Android device. Sometimes we delete essential files from the “Android” folder by mistake. Android preloadinstaller re-generates those files and allows us to use our device without any inconvenience.


Nowadays, mobile companies are frequently launching new updates for a better user experience. When you update your Android device to the latest version, it may erase some application data of the previous version. Lots of users have faced that issue. In those cases, preloadInstaller.Android.sec.com brings the solution by re-installing those packages. Let me ask you something.


Suppose you need to erase all data on your Android. Would you open every file and delete it separately? That doesn’t sound cool. Maximum Android users apply “Factory data reset” to delete all data quickly. You may know that it will delete all existing data on your device.


After that, your handset will get a reboot by default. During the reboot, the Android preloadinstaller performs its tasks by installing default applications that were deleted. It mainly works for reinstalling deleted packages.


However, what would happen if an android device doesn’t have an android preloadinstaller? That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Below you will find the answer.


How To Remove PackageInstaller On Android?



What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller



Are you also thinking about doing the same? But that is not possible. There is no option to remove the package installer on Android. Users can’t uninstall or remove the Android packageinstaller or preloadinstaller. If there was an option to uninstall the problem, it would resist the device from running properly.


How To Disable Android Preloadinstaller?


Want to disable the androids preloadinstaller? Alright, you can do this but it’ll restart automatically after reboot. However, you have to go to the “Setting” option from your device. After that, you need to open “Application” followed by “All Application” or “System Application” from the setting.


Next to that, you have to find “preloadInstaller.Android.sec.com” from the application list. You need to touch on that and choose “Force Stop” from the below. It will disable the Android preloadinstaller temporarily. But, you may face issues like some applications aren’t working properly. It’s better not to disable it.


How To Install And Uninstall Apk On Android?



What is Com.Google.Android.Packageinstaller



To install an apk file on Android, you have to open the file from “File Manager”. After that, you have to touch the install and allow the necessary permission. It will install the Apk. Normally, it takes less than one minute to install Apk on Android. Android package installer performs the task.


The uninstallation process is also easy. Simply, you need to go to the Application menu. You have to touch on the application you want to remove and select “Uninstall” from the top. That will remove the application from your device.



Wrap Up


From now on, the Android preloadinstaller won’t be a confusing topic for you. Do you still have any queries regarding, “what is Android packageinstaller and Preloadinstaller?” Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.



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What is the android packageinstaller used for?


The Android package installer is used for installing, updating, and uninstalling applications.


Can I delete the Android preloadinstaller?


No, you can disable it temporarily but you can’t delete it permanently.


What is a Google Android Packageinstaller?


It indicates the Android default application installer.


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