What is com.lge.launcher3- Everything About It


Most LG phone users are familiar with the generic name of a launcher or other apps. So, it is usual to startle when you come across the com.lge.launcher3 in your activity list. The fear that runs deep is whether someone is spying on you with it or it is just bloatware that is killing the disk space of your phone!


And to answer all your queries, today we will be analyzing what is com.lge.launcher3 and what you can do with it.


Though the com.lge.launcher3 does not perform abruptly frequently, it can force stop or crash once in a while. And to prevent the issue from affecting your phone’s operating system, we will be covering the solutions to the problem as well.


What Does Com.LGE.Launcher3 Mean?


The com.lge.launcher3 is an Android package name for the built-in launcher app of LG devices. The “lge” part of the package simply refers to LG electronics. It is a basic package so that you can use the Launcher3 app to customize your LG phone screen for different appearances and behaviors.


Also, sometimes the LG phone users can see the package listed as “used” in your phone activity list. So, you are not the only one wondering what is used com lge launcher3 and why it is there.


Well, the “used” status simply means that the Launcher3 app is functioning in the background of your phone or you have used its features. To know why it operates in the background go through its features in the next section.


What is Com.LGE.Launcher3 Used For?


The LG Launcher3 package might not offer advanced features for your phone home or lock screen. But it sure does provide you with all the essential features you need to operate your phone without any issue. Here are the features you use the app for without knowing the app’s importance


  • You can customize the user  interface ( UI ) of your phone


  • It is a place that stores all the pre-installed or installed apps


  • With the launcher, it is easier and faster to Add, delete or hide any widget 


  • Accessing the programs and the quick suggestions of the icons or all apps  are possible with  it 


  • If you want you can modify the home screen based on your wallpaper preferences


  • It enables you to access a full-screen mode in the all apps mode. 


As the Launcher3 package lets you perform all these activities it is in constant use. So, the operating system marks it as used. But as you know only the product name not the package name, com.lge.launcher3 seems unfamiliar to you.


How to Fix the LGE Launcher3 Has Stopped Working on Android Issue?


The sudden crash or force stop of any Android app is not a new thing to happen. Especially when your device is buggy. Upon restarting your device the annoying “com.lge.launcher3 has crashed or stopped” notification error should disappear.


But if it persists, you should look into the matter in detail and follow any of the workarounds below:


1. Enter Safety Mode and Uninstall Apps


Entering the safety mode on your LG devices is one of the highly effective solutions when it comes to fixing the launcher3 crash issue. This method lets you find out the buggy or problematic apps that causing the issue so that you can get rid of them. There are different ways to enable the mode and those steps are given below


  • If you are using the Android version 6.0 or the latest, the Safety Mode path should be the same. First, you need to hold and long-press the Power Button. The button should be at the back of your phone.


  • Once you can see the Phone Options menu has appeared on your display, quickly release the Power Button.


  • Now long-press the Power Off button until you can see the “Restart in Safe Mode” notification or a prompt on the display








  • If you click on the prompt or the Ok option from it, the device will proceed to enter the safety mode.


  • Wait for a minute or so for the process to complete.


  • Your phone will restart and now you are in safe mode. However, if you do not see the “safe mode” sign or message in the bottom-left of your Home screen, follow these above steps again.








However, in case your phone screen is laggy or does not respond properly with a safe mode prompt, you can enable the safe mode with hard buttons combination only. To do that, follow these instructions thoroughly:


  • Find the power button from the back or side and long-press it. Then press the Power Off option.


  • Again use the Power Button to turn on your phone and release the Power Button once you can see an animated logo on the screen.


  • Long-press the Volume Down button and in a while the phone will boot in safe mode. Release the volume button. 


  • From this mode, you can now examine the phone’s health. As the safety mode prevents all the third-party apps from operating, it gets easier to identify the culprit behind the app crash.


  • If you do not see the android com.lge.launcher3 error notification and the launcher3 runs smoothly in this mode, then some other apps are at fault which you need to remove.


  • To delete the apps, exit the safe mode by restarting the device. Or you can do it from the notification bar too. You need to press the “Tap here to exit or turn off safe mode” option from the panel.


  • Now, one by one open all your third-party apps to identify which apps lag or crash. Once, you find out, tap their icons and press the uninstall option.








  • Last but not least, restart your phone. After that, the Launcher 3 should perform without any issue. However, you can try out the next methods as well if it fails.


2. Clear the App Cache and Data


With time the LG Launcher 3 app can become buggy. And the corrupted data or cache can be the reason for the bugs to prevent the app from operating swiftly. You need to repair the data to fix the issue. And here are the steps to that:


  • From the Settings screen click on the General option. It should be on the fourth tap on the top. 


  • Now select the Apps option and look for Launcher 3 and open it.


  • From the info page of Launcher3, open the Storage option.


  • You will see Clear Data and Clear Cache options at the bottom of the screen. At first, tap Clear Cache. If it still does not resolve the problem, Clear the app data as well.








Now, upon restarting your phone open the launcher. And it shall work fine. However, you might need to customize the home screen again with it as you have cleared the launcher data.


How Do I Get Rid of Com.LGE.Launcher3 Completely?


You need to uninstall the lge.launcher3 package to get rid of it. But we do not recommend removing this app as it is essential to launch apps and modify your home screen features.


But if the app does not perform well even after all the fixes we have reviewed, then you must remove the app with these methods below to protect your device from any unwanted harm.


1. ADB Method


If you have previous experience removing the pre-installed apps, you know that you cannot take a traditional approach to delete the in-built apps. And the ADB Unix shell method is one of those not-so-usual processes. However, if you have a windows PC, your LG phone, and patience you can implement these steps


  • The first thing to do is enable USB Debugging on your phone. The usual path to do that is to enter the System from the phone’s setting menu.


  • Open the About Phone option or Software Information and from there press the Build Number seven times only to enable or activate the Developer options.







  • Go back to your settings menu and find the Developer Options and access it. Now you need to activate the USB Debugging option.       








  • Now it is time to open your PC and download and install the command-line tool. It is a must to operate a command on your phone


  • Once you have extracted the downloaded ADB ZIP file into a folder you can open it.


  • Now on your PC Keyboard, long-press the Shift key, and with your mouse right-click over a blank space, it will let you open the PowerShell Window.


  • Enter the following script or command 


               adb devices


  • Take a USB data cable to connect your LG phone and the computer. 


  • The final step is to type or enter the following command meticulously and tap enter key to execute it


adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.launcher3


Now do nothing but sit back and relax. And let the command remove the app from your device in a while. Once done, you can restart the phone.


Note that, at the last moment if you decide to disable the app only, then during the final command, use the word “disable” in place of “uninstall.”


2. System App Remover


The System App Remover process will be a no-brainer on the rooted device. So, if your phone has root access you must try out the method. Also, in case you think that you cannot operate the ADB command tool, this method will help you out. All you have to do is


  • Root your phone (if not rooted)


  • From the Google Playstore, download the System App Remover and open it 


  • You can see all the installed apps there, find the LG Launcher3 app or search for com.lge.launcher3 


  • Now put a tick or checkmark the app from its box beside






  • Lastly, choose the Uninstall option and in a few seconds, the tool will remove the app. Based on your phone model and tool version, you might need to confirm the action from a popup.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is the Com.lge.launcher3 is Any Sort of Bloatware?


There is a misconception that every Android package that starts with “com.” is bloatware. But, com.lge.launcher3 is not bloatware because without it you cannot access and perform many tasks on your home screen unless you have installed another launcher app. 


The package does nothing but works as a process to help you access the features of the launcher3 app.


2. How to find the hidden apps on com.lge.launcher3?


You can find the hidden apps on the com.lge.launcher3 through the Settings screen. From the Settings menu find and open the Display option. Then you need to click on the Home Screen option. From there, tap on the Hidden Apps you will get to see all the installed hidden apps there.


To enable them, uncheck or remove the checkmark from them and select the Apply option. Now you can see the apps on your home screen.


3. Is it Safe or Threat for Your Phone Data to Use the Launcher3 Package?


Yes, it is safe to use the lge.launcher3 package. Because it comes from the developers of the LG phones themselves. They fix any bugs the apps can carry with every update.


The package does have permission to access your phone, media, and storage but it does not sell these data to any malicious third-party so feel free to keep the app and use it.



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Do not let the unusual package name of the Launcher3 app puzzle you to think whether it is spyware or not, why? Because it is not a malicious app. Rather, without it, you cannot make phone calls, access other apps or browsers, and get more control over your home screen.


And hopefully, we have successfully made it clear to you about what is com.lge.launcher3 and its importance to remove all your doubts regarding it.


Before we sign off, just a heads-up, never remove or uninstall the Launcher 3 package before launching another third-party launcher. Otherwise, your phone will be nothing but a blank screen, keep in mind!

By Imran Chowdhury

Imran is a tech-savvy guy, love to share the hacks of technology related tips and tricks, and a certified learner from Android developer platform He has been in the industry since 2017. With his vast knowledge and hundreds of blog publications, he can solve any tech-related problem flawlessly. The main areas of expertise are android and ios app-related problems, tech-tutorial, and operating systems. He explains rocket-science-type difficult things easily so you can follow instructions and solve problems. He is currently working as the founder of Writing hack and some other blogs. His love for writing and solving others' problems sets him apart from other writers.

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