What Is Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics?


Many third-party apps help to enhance the performance of your Android device. But if you do not have an idea about Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics, then you might confuse it with malware or spyware.


You will be relieved to know that Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics is a safe third-party app. It works to collect data and synchronize advertisements with your matched data. The app also abides by the privacy policy of the Google Play Store.


Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics is an app that gets downloaded to your phone with other apps. Some Android phones even have it as their default Android app.


What Is Pivot Mobile?


Before you know what is Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics, you should know about Pivot Mobile.


Pivot mobile is an Android developer company that generates Android apps. They are makers of Android games like Swimmy Turtle. This company also develops different Android tools that help enhance your Android device’s performance.








They introduce apps in your Android device that are not previously there and can help your other Android apps to perform better. Most of the tools generated by pivot mobile can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.


But in some cases, you will find that some tools or apps pivot mobile get installed on your device while you’re downloading and installing other apps. These apps are not a threat to your device; they can help your Android device perform better.


What Is Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics App?


Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics app is an inbuilt software by pivot mobile. In some android devices, this software is installed by default. But in others, you can get them installed by downloading them from Google Play Store.


This is an application that collects data from your device. The data it receives is information tracked by your movement on your Android device. It takes notes about what you’re doing on your device and helps to sort advertisements for you. If you are interested in a product, software, or service, it will let you know where you can get them.


Therefore, if you have anything that you are having problems with reaching Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics can get track of it. Also, some apps use the information collected from Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics to provide better service according to your preferences.


But this doesn’t trade information without your permission. Instead, it filters information from other apps according to your preference. Therefore you do not have to waste time sorting an app or software categorically.


How Does Your Phone Get Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics?


As an Android user, you can say that Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics is a third-party app on your device. If you are new to the app, you might be curious about how it got into your phone. If you are a user of Motorola or Lenovo Android devices, this app is installed by default.


On the other hand, if the device doesn’t have Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics pre-installed, then it has been installed as a third-party app. Some apps need the assistance of Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics to get a better grasp on usability. In such situations, Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics get installed on your device when you are installing your targeted app.


The app stays on your device without creating any interruptions on your other apps’ performances. As it is a necessary software for some apps, therefore, while granting permission to your targeted app, you permit Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics.


This way, Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics can get installed on your device. Basically, you can say that it comes as a helping hand for other apps.


Is Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics A Malware Or Spyware?


The main idea of Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics is to track data usage on your device. It helps to analyze those data to provide more user beneficiary advertisements. It doesn’t have any negative impact on your device.


Suppose your device doesn’t have Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics pre-installed. Then it gets downloaded onto your device from Google Play Store.


As an Android user, you should be aware of the fact that if any app is enlisted in the Google Play Store, they have to go through several privacy clauses of Google. It also has to run through a privacy beta-test to get approved in Google Play Store.


Therefore, Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics cannot input any virus software on your device or tread your data without permission. Also, the app is set as a default app on some devices.


The prominent Android brands like Lenovo or Motorola assure the app’s safety. Thus you can be relieved that Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics is a Malware, nor a Spyware.


How To Determine That Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics Virus Or Not?


Several Malware and spyware apps can get inserted into your device by tampering with the name of Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics app. If you’re not previously introduced to the Com.Pivot Mobile.Android.Metrics app, you cannot recognize the difference between the actual app and the virus one.


In such cases, here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to identify the virus and the real app.


The Device Gets Slower


Whenever your device gets a virus, it tends to slow down the performance of your device. It takes more for an app to deliver its application.


Also, you will see a disturbance in the accessibility of your device. It is a major indication that your device has got infected by a virus.


Small Battery Life


As the virus performs in the background of your device, it consumes more energy. Therefore, the battery life of your Android device gets lower and lower.


In a small amount of time, it consumes more energy than a regular app. Changing your battery but still having the virus in your device will consume more battery life.


Unrecognized Apps


Viruses in your device tend to install more applications without your permission. This creates a disturbance in your device’s performance and makes it a hassle for you.


Therefore, you will notice some applications in your device that you cannot remember installing. These apps can be malware and spyware.


Higher Data Consumption


Generally, virus software works in the background. Thus, it consumes internet data that you are not aware of. If you use a limited data package, you will notice that your data package expires in no time.


Not only internet data packages but also your mobile storage will run out frequently. You will get the notification of “Space Running Out.”


Unrecognized Bills


If your visa card is set as a default payment method in your Android device and you see unrecognized bills, then it might be because spyware uses your visa card number. Some viruses leak your data to misuse your financial statement.


Anti-Virus Scan


There are different antivirus apps available that can scan the existence of viruses in your device. Using these apps, you can check if Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics in your phone is the original app for just a makeup virus.


All the methods mentioned here will allow you to recognize the real Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics apk. If your device has a virus, make sure you use an antivirus app to get rid of the virus.


Sometimes, you might need to Factory reset. But it is always wise to read the terms and conditions of an App before you download and install it.


How To Uninstall Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics?


Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics behaves like a default app, but it is a third-party app. It works in a manner that it collects data from your activities and provides it to the other apps of your device. Even though it is safe and doesn’t work as spyware, you might not feel secure if you do not know about it.


If you want, you can uninstall Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics app. Usually, when you uninstall an app from your device, you long-press the app’s icon in your App menu. There the option for uninstallation pops up.


But unfortunately, Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics app doesn’t appear on the app tray. Here are the steps that you will need to take for Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics uninstallation.


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android device.







Step 2: Go to Apps settings.







Step 3: In the Apps setting, you will find all the apps on your device.


Step 4: Locate Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics apps.


Step 5: Open the Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics app.


Step 6: You find the option for uninstallation.







Step 7: Tap on Uninstallation and give all the required permission.


With this, the uninstallation will be completed, and Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics will be removed from your device. But it can be installed again into your device as a third-party app or by yourself.


How To Disable Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics?


Suppose you don’t want to get rid of Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics permanently. Then you can disable it and then enable it later on.


To do so, take the following steps.


Step 1: Go to the settings app.


Step 2: Now scroll down to Apps.


Step 3: From all the given apps, search for Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics.


Step 4: Open the app, and you will get options for Force Stop and Uninstall.


Step 5: Tap on Force Stop.








This way, you will get rid of Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics temporarily. You can enable the app in the same procedure whenever you feel like it. If you also think it is malware, you can stop it from performing and see the difference.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics safe?


Like any other default app, Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics are also safe for your device. It is on your phone so that the other apps can read your activity and provide you with the facility that you want.

As it is not Malware or Spyware, you can be assured that your data will be safe with Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics.


Can com.pivotmobile.android.metrics be uninstalled?


Yes, you can uninstall “Can com.pivotmobile.Android.metrics be uninstalled without any condition. The only problem that arises from the uninstallation is your advertisement will not synchronize anymore.


Should I uninstall com Pivotmobile Android metrics?


The primary purpose of com.pivotmobile. Android.metrics is tracking advertisement data. Therefore having com.pivotmobile. Android.metrics apk in your device is optional. You can delete it or keep it according to your priority.


How do I find hidden apps on Android?


Active and inactive apps are all listed in App settings. Therefore, if you want to locate a hidden app, you can look into the Apps setting. 

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