What Is Com.Qualcomm.Atfwd On Android?

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All Android devices have several built-in applications for better performance. If you have a look at the background running apps, you will find some applications that you might not be introduced to yet. Com.qualcomm.atfwd is one of those default built-in applications. Do you have any idea about what is com.qualcomm.atfwd on Android?


Most of the users are unaware of this default application. Some users are even concerned about whether this application is malware or not. After reading this post, you will get to know everything about com.qualcomm.atfwd. Allow me to show you why this application is available on your background running application list.


What IS Com.qualcomm.atfwd On Android


Do you know that the latest smartphones come with a Screen Mirror feature? That allows the user to share Android mobile screens with Smart Tv. To perform your device needs to have a screen mirroring application. That’s the point where Com.qualcomm.atfwd comes into play.


Com.qualcomm.atfwd is a Screen Mirroring application pre-installed in Samsung Mobiles to connect and share the screen with smart tv. This application works through a WiFi connection. Your device and the smart TV need to be connected to the same network.


How To Download Com.qualcomm.atfwd?



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Are you a Samsung Galaxy S series user? Well, you will find the apps pre-installed on your device. However, if you don’t have the application, you can download it from here. Your device’s Android version needs to be a minimum of 9 to run the program.


After downloading this application, you can start screen mirroring to watch your favorite videos on the big screen. Some people assume that screen mirroring and screencasting are similar features. Let me clarify that myth.


Is “Screen mirroring” and “Screencasting” the same feature?


Not at all, screen mirroring and screencasting are two different features. Firstly, let’s talk about “Screen mirroring”. With the help of screen mirroring features, you can watch your screen on a Tv. It doesn’t allow the users to perform other tasks while their screens with other devices.


On the other side, the screen casting feature is way more flexible compared to the screen mirroring feature. You can control your device to perform other tasks while casting your screen on other devices. Suppose you are watching a movie on YouTube. The screen casting feature allows you to watch the movie on another device through screen casting. Meanwhile, you can use your device for browsing Facebook, Instagram, or playing video games.


Is “Com.Qualcomm.Atfwd” A Malware Or Virus?




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Some users get concerned when they find the application for the first time on their background running application list. You can forget your worries about the application. The app is neither malware nor virus. It won’t harm your device if you keep it running in the background.


However, if you are not used to sharing your screen with other devices, you might be thinking about uninstalling the application. Here’s the solution for you.


How To Delete “Com.Qualcomm.Atfwd” On My Phone?


If the application is pre-installed on your Samsung or other Android devices, you can’t uninstall it from non-rooted mobiles. Still, you can disable the application. To do that, go to the “Apps” from your device “Settings”. You have to touch on “com.qualcomm.atfwd” from the list of the installed application. That will show you the “Disable” and “Force Stop” options on your screen. Touch the “Disable” key to permanently stop the application.


Have you installed the application manually on your device? Then, you can uninstall the application from the list of installed applications.


How To Uninstall Com.Qualcomm.Atfwd From A Rooted Samsung Mobile?


Are you using a rooted Samsung mobile? You can uninstall the application from your device even if it was pre-installed. ‘Bloatware Remover” is going to help you with that. You can install the application from Google Play Store. Here’s the process to uninstall com.qualcomm.atfwd.


  • Run The Bloatware Remover Application


  • Tap on “System”


  • Select “com.qualcomm.atfwd”


  • Touch on “Uninstall”


What Will Happen To My Device If I Delete “Com.Qualcomm.Atfwd”?


Is it going to affect your device when you uninstall “com.qualcomm.atfwd”? Mmm, you may face some errors while screen mirroring. It also has an easy solution. You can enable the application when you are going to share your screen. Otherwise, it won’t affect other features.



Final Words


At this stage, you know com.qualcomm.atfwd is a pre-installed application used for screen mirroring. You should have got all of your answers related to, what is com.qualcomm.atfwd on Android? Is there anything else you would like to know on this topic? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.



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1. Why Do I See com.Qualcomm.atfwd On My Phone?


This is a built-in application in Samsung devices for screen mirroring.


2. Is this tracker com. qualcomm. atfwd?


No, “Com.qualcomm.atfwd” isn’t any tracker or spy app.


3. Can “com.qualcomm.atfwd” cause fast battery draining?


Some users have reported “com.qualcomm.atfwd” causing their phone battery to drain quickly. In that case, you can uninstall the application.


4. Which application can remove “com.qualcomm.atfwd” and other system applications?


You can use Bloatware Remover to delete pre-installed applications. Root permission is needed to use the app.

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