What is com.samsung.android.incallui? Why it used for?

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Samsung is a giant and the most powerful Android manufacturer in the current world.

With 36% of the market share, it is still holding the top position leaving behind other competitor manufacturers.


But they haven’t earned the position overnight. They left no stone unturned to bring new features, wonderful user interfaces, and amazing apps for enhancing user experience and reaching the peak.


And as a part of this process, Samsung has brought a super interface to make the communication process easier between the user and the android operating system by introducing an app called samsung android incallui.


Now you might be wondering what is Samsung android incallui, right?

Stop wondering. Because after reading this article, you will know:


  • What com.samsung.android.incallui exactly is
  • Why it is installed on your android device
  • Does it have the ability to hack your phone?
  • And a lot


Let’s dive deep!

So What Is Samsung Android Incallui ?

To simplify the term, let’s begin with UI. You may be familiar with UI which stands for user interface.


Now, what about incallui?


Well, incallui means the user interface that you see on the call screen. It maintains all the basic functions that you need to use when you receive or make a phone call. It is a system app in your phone storage that contains necessary data related to the user interface while calling activity is taking place.


In layman’s terms, the interface that permits you to choose the option of making or receiving a call, recording the conversation, and putting the call on the loudspeaker is called incallui. Without it, you cant think of running the calling function in such a smarter way. It gives you a vibe of a smarter boy, huh?


Then what is com.samsung.android.incallui?


Well, on every Samsung Android device, you will notice a common convention naming of the application like:


  • samsung.android.messaging
  • samsung.android.calendar
  • samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder and so on


So com.samsung.android.incallui is nothing but a system app that does the same job of incallui app. And as the name suggests the app is only available on Samsung smartphones and the consumers of the Samsung company get the opportunity to use it.


So when you see com.samsung.android.incallui. don’t be afraid as it is not malware that can harm your device. Rather it is an inbuilt interface you see when you get into talking with someone.


Why Incallui Is Installed On Your Android Device?

Incallui app features some smart buttons such as video call button, conference or group call button, recording button, disconnect and holding button, etc.


When you take or make a call, incallui gets activated automatically. After that, you can see all the options available on the call screen. Without this interface, you won’t be able to see the option of caller id, call duration, and so on.


Furthermore, it serves a lot of functions. Let’s have a look:


1.It helps you to receive, make or dismiss a call


2.It allows you to keep a call on hold


3.It facilitates you by giving the option of recording a call if you find the conversations important enough to save.


4.Making conference calls have turned into reality only for this interface


5.It locks the screen while talking so that you do not end up opening an unwanted app and mess up with the conversation


6.It gives the option to put your call on silent to do other jobs by simply tabbing the home button


7.It enables you to take the advantage of an in-built note app to save a number during a phone call


8.It also helps you to text people while receiving a call request


So to say, to utilize the above function and makes your calling function smoother and easier. Incallui is installed on your smartphone.


Can com.samsung.android.incallui Trigger The Chance Of Hacking?

There is a popular myth that this app can open the door to hacking your favorite phone. But it is not so true. It works only to provide you an interface for making and receiving calls. Hence, say goodbye to this tension and enjoy using the app freely.


There is no reason to uninstall it. It will create more trouble for you if you try to delete it forcibly.


Can You Uninstall It?

No, you can’t. As it is a system app and comes pre-installed. you cant uninstall it. If you could delete it, then it would have been impossible to see the dial pad and continue the calling function.


On top of that, you would be deprived of enjoying the features related to the call.


How to Fix Incallui If It Unfortunately Gets Stopped

If you start seeing a message telling you the incallui has stopped, then it is a clear sign you won’t be able to take and make a call with the help of the dialer app.


Nowadays, it has become a common issue with most of the renowned mobile brands like Oppo, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. Hence,  it is important to know how you can fix the problem. Let’s see the steps.


Step 1

Head over to the settings of the phone.



What Is com.samsung.android.incallui



Step 2

Tap on the Apps button.



What Is com.samsung.android.incallui



Step 3

Tap on three vertical dots.



Step 4

Hit on the show system apps button.



What Is com.samsung.android.incallui



Step 5

Locate the com.android.incallui app and open it. You will see the manufacturer’s name between com and android word.



What Is com.samsung.android.incallui



Step 6

Now tap on Clear Cache.


If you still face the problem after following the above steps, then you will need to restart your phone forcibly. This might solve the problem. And don’t forget to check the software update. If there is any update available, download and install it without further ado.


If nothing works, you can head over to the third-party calling apps to get rid of this situation.




Is It Possible To Disable The Incallui?

No, you can’t completely stop the incallui app. But you can force stop it for the time being.


As soon as you make a phone call, it automatically activates its functions. But the positive side is, you can stop the background activity of the app if you think it is draining your battery faster.

And for that, you need to follow certain steps.


To disable the app repeat step 1 to 5 that is discussed in the right above section. Then you will see the Force stop button. Simply press it and you are good to go.


Can Incallui Be Used To Cheat Other?

No. this app has nothing to do with cheating on anyone. There is a rumor that some naughty people use it to cheat on their partners. And this rumor gets expanded as it is not found in the app drawer and kept hidden.


Moreover, it contains the word call in it. But as we said, it is just a rumor and there is no proof to back the myth up.


What is the difference between inCallUI and dialer?

Incallui is the reason for which you can see the dialer app. It builds the bridge between your sim and mobile phone. Without incallui you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls. Incallui and dialer are complementary to each other.


How do I access incallui?

You can access incallui by heading over to Settings> Apps> System apps> com.android.incallui. But as it is a system app, you can’t edit it.



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Final Thoughts

And that’s all about samsung android incallui. It is an essential part of a mobile phone that comes pre-installed as a system app on your device. And you won’t find it in the latest versions of Android phones as it is kept hidden to avoid unwanted disturbance.


If you find this article helpful and have any related questions, lets us know in the comment section. We will try our best to answer the question as soon as possible.

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