What Is Com Sec Android Daemonapp?

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Did you notice a peculiar application in the app list? Yes, we are talking about the com sec android daemonapp. It seems strange because you don’t know what it does. It could be a virus in disguise. Plus, you can’t uninstall it, no matter how hard you try. So what is it?


Well, keep your worries aside! You are not the first person who has such unique daemon apps in their application drawer. There is a specific purpose for these apps.


So in this article, we will explain the purpose of such applications and how do they work. Not just that, we will also give you a guideline to remove it safely from your android. But to know the methods, you have to stick with us till the end.


What Do You Mean By Com Sec Android Daemon?


The Com Sec Android Daemon is nothing but a program that runs without a user interface. It might sound impossible. Because every program we use on the android device comes with an interface. It ensures that we can make certain changes whenever we want.


However, the case for Com Sec android Daemon is different. It doesn’t own a GUI. That means there is no scope of control on the user’s part. It activates and performs tasks automatically by following the pre-set modules.


Take an example, How does the alarm app know when to go off? You pick a number and click “save.” How does it track the accurate time? Or what about the weather feature? You open the weather app, and it shows you the exact temperature for that particular place.


You might be traveling to a lot of places, but the app can always tell you the exact weather of the specific area. How is it possible?


It’s all thanks to the Daemon application. It runs in the background of your android device and provides useful data to other apps like alarms, weather, or stock. And it uses Yahoo News, Accuweather, and Yahoo Finance as a source of data for this purpose.


The best thing is that it provides you the real-time data. It doesn’t keep records or anything like that. Whenever you open the stock app, you will receive the latest market news and forecasts.


Are Daemon And Service The Same Thing?


We briefly discussed what a Daemon is. Now let’s look at the basic function of a service. Service is what you get from the server. There is no simpler definition than this.


Daemon and Service pretty much share the same characteristics. For example, services also don’t come with a GUI or user interface most of the time. The manufacturers launch several service programs into the OS of your device, and they run automatically. You don’t get a control terminal to monitor or restrict these activities.


With that being said, it is important to understand that our phones have several services or daemons running in the background continuously. It might be passive or active. These programs are the lifeblood of the operating system.


For the difference, we would say services can sometimes have user interaction. Unlike the Daemons, certain services require user response or interaction. Take your file manager as an example. Also, the X service helps the computer execute every keystroke. It acts as a middleman between the software and hardware of the device.


To sum it up, you can say that services are UI-free programs that store data and respond to the requests of other software. The ultimate purpose is to provide you with the best android experience ever.


Is It A Bug or Virus?


If you have gone through our explanation above, you can know that the Daemon app is not a bug or virus. The most common reason why people accuse it to be one is battery consumption. It stays active in the background even though you are not using data intensively. As a result, you don’t have enough memory space and lose battery charge quickly.


If that’s the case with you, you can disable the app from your android device. How you can disable or permanently delete it will be discussed down below.


Can You Permanently Delete A Daemon App?


No, you can’t remove the Daemon applications from your android. They are different from the Play Store apps. Your device can run perfectly fine without or with this software. You just enter the setting and search for the option “apps.” Then, you go and find the particular app from the list.


Inside the app, you will get an uninstall button waiting for you. Once you tap on it, the app will be erased from the device forever. However, that’s not the case for Daemon apps.


The daemon app is pre-installed within the OS by the programmer. And it doesn’t have an interface for you to communicate. That’s the biggest reason why you can’t delete or uninstall it like any other app. The primary task of the Daemon is to support other programs and provide the necessary information.


It acts like a deliveryman who is always ready with the right piece of information. It has data storage, network management, and many other functions to perform as soon as you turn on the phone.


It only makes sense that the phone manufacturer won’t allow you to disrupt this setting by mistakenly deleting the Daemon apps.


Is It Possible To Disable The Com Sec Android Daemon App?


The main problem with daemons running in the background is too much data consumption. Yes, you might have noticed that too much data gets consumed by your phone even though you didn’t use it. You can blame the invisible daemons for this.


Although we made it clear in the previous segment that you can’t remove it from the OS, there are still some methods. But you can only disable the application to run it in the background. It would remain within your phone’s operating system.


So, without wasting any more time, take a look at the methods:


Method 1:


  • Go through the settings> select “apps.” It can have another name depending on which model you use. Make sure to find the option where all apps are available.


  • Once you find that, search for the com sec daemon app. Tap on it and go inside.


  • Click on “disable.” The “uninstall” button doesn’t work for this app. That means you need to proceed further and root the device.


Method 2:


  • At first, we will install an application. Open your browser and search for “magisk 24.1.apk download.”


  • Then go through the results and download the application. Make sure the file is in .apk format.




com sec android daemonapp




  • Once you download it, look for the file in your download folder. You can use any file manager application you like for this purpose. Once you locate the magisk.apk file in the folder, press on it.


  • You will have an editing option. All you have to do is change the extension type from .apk to .zip. This step is very crucial. Make sure you change the file format to zip before proceeding further.


  • Now we will copy our newly created zip file. Just press longer on the file and it will show a copy option. Ensure to paste it into the clipboard.


  • Here, you have two.zip files side by side. Change the name of the first .zip file into something else. In this way, if you run into a boot loop while rooting, you have a get-away pass.




com sec android daemonapp




  • In the next stage, we will boot the android device using the custom recovery. Just press and hold the volume and home button together. Afterward, it will show you a boot logo automatically. Let go of the power button and keep the volume one pressed for a short time.


  • After entering the “boot” interface, tap on the install folder. Then move on to your “internal storage.”


  • If you can’t locate the internal storage file, it means your custom recovery is not compatible with the device. You have to use the micro SD or USB OTG for this.




com sec android daemonapp




  • Okay, so select the internal storage and press “next.” Here, navigate the folder and try to find the .zip file you created earlier.


  • In this case, we have saved it in the download folder. Just tap on the magisk.24.1 file and confirm “flash.”


  • You have to be a little careful here. If you see an option that asks whether to inject TWRP or the current recovery after the flash, make sure it is unchecked.


  • Okay, everything is fine till now. At this stage, we have to reboot the phone. Use the traditional rebooting method. Also, you must have an active internet connection.


  • Open your application drawer and pretty soon a magisk app will appear. Tap on that app and download the full version of the magisk24.1. Allow the app any permission it asks for.


  • Now, click on “update.” Once you do that, the icon will change into the proper magisk logo.


And that’s it. You don’t require any third-party apps to check whether the rooting was successful or not. The magisk app itself will tell you that.


Remove the Unified Daemon App:


  • Now, we can make any change as we have full control of the device through rooting. Start by installing an app like System App Remover. There are various apps like these on the Google Play Store to delete factory apps. You can go with whatever you want.


  • Once you download it, agree with the terms and policies. Also, give it necessary access to your phone.


  • Enter the app and search for “Com Sec Android Daemon App.” The system application will appear before you.


  • Now tap on it and uninstall the button.


  • You will receive various warnings from your phone. Click “yes” and go ahead.


With that, you have successfully removed the android daemon app.


Method 3:


  • So the first thing we will be doing is going to the settings > scrolling down to the bottom> and click on ‘About phone.”


  • Here, you will see a build number for the android. Make sure you tap on it seven times to turn on the developer option.




com sec android daemonapp




  • After enabling the developer option, you have to turn on the USB debugging for the device.


  • Go on to the computer and download two drivers from adbdrive.com.


  • Once you download it, click on those .exe files and run it.


  • You should make sure that the phone is connected to the computer of course.



  • Here, you can download the iRoot page and launch it on your device.


After that, plug the cord out. Follow the process we mentioned above and delete unnecessary system apps from the device.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Is Com Sec Android Daemon App?


It is a unified daemon program that responds to other software. The purpose is to make your android run smoother. It helps applications like Desk Clock, Alarm, Weather, etc. in order to gather relevant data.


2. Is It Possible To Delete Daemon App?


Daemon Apps are system applications. So, you can’t uninstall or remove them traditionally. However, there are other available techniques, like rooting can surely help you in this particular case.


3. Is It Harmful To Remove The Daemon Apps?


It is not harmful to your android device. But removing certain daemon apps will mess with the factory settings. If you want to save memory space and battery life, go ahead and remove it.



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In this write-up, we tried to give you an overall idea regarding what the com sec android daemonapp does. Many users are confused about its function. They think that it is nothing but a bug and will harm the software of android.


Although it is an essential part of the OS settings, this daemon app has certain negative sides too. That’s why whether you want to keep it or not is all up to you. But if you ever decide to get rid of this, you now know the way through this article.

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