What Is Com.Sec.Epdg And How To Fix?

what is com.sec.epdg

The “com.sec.epdg” is basically a stopping error. It occurs mostly in the missing of some important data from the system app for relaying data over the network. The epdg extension from the “com.sec.epdg” stands for Evolved Packet Data Gateway.


In most android based smartphones, the error may happen. Therefore, you must have a clear concept about what is com.sec.epdg and how to fix it. The “com.sec.epdg” exclusively stays in the system files of the android phone. It means the file is permanent and you cannot delete it.


The only solution is to fix the error after finding the main cause for it. Since it is a network relaying-based file, you may face disruptions in your 4G connections and data transfer as well.


What is “com.sec.epdg”?


Before going to the solution it is important to search for the prime cause of the system errors. That is why you must know what defines “com.sec.epdg” , its causes, and its importance in the system file.


The smartphones require a series of background files for running different operations in the phone. All these files have a specific job and remain in the system file which is normally not accessible by the user. These may cause failures and errors in some operations when gets tampered.


Origin of “com.sec.epdg”


Most Samsung smartphones possess the “com.sec.epdg” application package. The three terms have different sources. As we know, “com” represents the compilation of data,”sec” comes from the brand name. The brand name is Samsung Electronics and “epdg” is the abbreviated form of  Evolved Packet Data Gateway.


There are mostly two types of data transferring media in 2G (2nd Gen) and 3G (3rd Gen) network systems. These are voice and packet data types respectively. The voice transferring media uses the circuit-switched(CS) and for packet-data transfer, packet-switched(PS) based files are used.


But, the 4G(LTE) enabled networking system does not use different switches for relaying data such as voice or packet data. It uses a single framework in a file for both voice and data. And this file is called Evolved Packet Core is otherwise known as EPC.


What causes this problem?


You may have often faced a stopping error called “com.sec.epdg” has been stopped. This error comes from the original system file where “com.sec.epdg” is retained. There can be many reasons for the original system file being corrupted. This leads to the halt of the file and causes errors in the connectivity of the phone.


Using unauthorized third-party applications


Most of the time android smartphones try to avoid the installation of third-party applications in the form of .apk files. It is because the files are unauthorized by the Google Play Store. These types of third-party applications contain malware and digital viruses that attack the system files in android smartphones.


The malware from such applications enters the system field and actively corrupts different important system files. One of such files can be the “com.sec.epdg”. This file when it gets attacked by malware cannot function properly. That is why sudden stopping of the file is often seen as an error.


Accumulation of corrupted cache files


Almost all pre installed, after-market installed files slowly generate cache files for easing up the loading and functioning of the applications. But these cache files accumulate in the system folder. After a long time of usage, the cache files that get corrupted become junk files.


These corrupted cache files often attack different system files and alter the architectures of those important files. Doing such system files such as “com.sec.epdg” which is a networking file stops working properly. Again, it stops all of a sudden as well.


Malware from untrusted or unsecured websites


In this digital world, the number of unethical websites has tremendously increased on the internet. Many people intentionally or unintentionally browse these types of websites. When downloading files from such websites, the harmful malware gets easy access to your smartphone.


Once being inside your phone, this malware continuously destroys the system app files, codings, and architecture. These files then cannot perform well and make the files stop working.


What happens when you have com.sec.epdg?


People have misconceptions about the “com.sec.epdg” files. They assume these are some sort of outsider who intrudes on the system and causes trouble in the smartphone. But, these are not malware or bloatware.


Uses of “com.sec.epdg”


This is a combined networking file based on the 4G (LTE) architecture for voice and packet data transfer. That is why your Samsung smartphone requires this file for uninterrupted connectivity of the network. Without this file, the system may face troubles while sending and receiving data from the 4G connectivity.


Actions of the “com.sec.epdg”


The “com.sec.epdg” file actually runs in the background of your smartphone. It doesn’t visually interrupt your activity on smartphones. Like most of the other system files, it has specific work to perform.


Being in the background, it uses negligible RAM memory, the processing speed of the CPU as well. Finally, it can be said that the “com.sec.epdg” is an important system file of the sub-category networking. It has nothing to do with malware or bloatware. Rather it is completely safe and comes from the Samsung developers only.


How to fix it?


Now that we know the causes of the error to take place and the importance of the file in the Samsung smartphones. Let us move to the solution to this annoying error that pops up in the middle of important tasks.


Soft Reset of the Smartphone


Let us start with the easiest way to fix the problem. The heads up is that it may not be a permanent solution to this problem. But, performing soft resets often reboots the system files and removes the small or temporary malware from the system files.


  • Firstly, kill all the background applications from your smartphone.


  • Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.


  • You will get three options Shut down, Restart, and emergency mode(optional)


  • Select the Restart and wait for the device to reboot


  • Check for the application and other activities if those are working properly.


Eliminating the excess cache files


Cache files get stored in the storage of the smartphone. These get generated from different applications installed on the smartphone. A huge amount of cache files can get corrupted for different reasons. These files become a barrier in the set of instructions of the system files.


The “com.sec.epdg” gets affected by the cache files. This results in disruption of the activity of the file while transferring data etc. That is why the cache files need to be removed from the storage from time to time.


  • First, open the “Settings” from the app drawer in your Samsung Smartphone.


  • Scroll down and navigate to locate the “Apps” option


  • On the upper right corner, there would be a “Three Dot” for extended options.


  • Click on three dots and select the System Apps.


  • From all the available system apps, search for the “com.sec.epdg”


  • Open the “com.sec.epdg” and click on the “Cached Files” and then go to the storage option.


  • From there click on the “Clear cache”


  • This will eliminate all the cache files in that system application.




what is com.sec.epdg




Force Restart the entire system


This method forcefully gets the system to shut down completely by closing all the background applications.


  • Press and hold the Power button until you feel a slight amount of vibration.


  • Keep on pressing the power button till the Android logo pops up on the screen.


  • Then release the button to let the system reboot the entire system.



what is com.sec.epdg



Eliminating all the Third-Party applications


Most of the bloatware and malware comes from the Third-party applications you have installed. These are unsecured and unauthorized by the Google Platform. Therefore, it is better to remove the third-party installed applications completely from the system.


  • Open the settings from the apps.


  • Then click on the Apps by navigating the button.


  • Select the “All” option to open all the apps installed on the smartphone.


  • Select the specific application you have installed without authorization.


  • Clear all the cache files and Uninstall the application.


Performing the Factory Reset


The factory reset is the ultimate solution for most of the small problems in a smartphone. It is mandatory to keep a backup of all the data, pictures, and videos of your smartphone. There is no going back from the factory reset option. Therefore, be hundred percent sure before doing the factory reset.


  • First, of all, go to the Settings option.


  • Then go to the System General Management.


  • Select the “Reset” button.


  • Then click on the “Erase all data”


  • The factory reset will initiate and get your phone to the starting position when it was first bought.




what is com.sec.epdg





what is com.sec.epdg




what is com.sec.epdg




Performing Stock Firmware Flash


The firmware data stores all the instructions for the ROM of the smartphone. Samsung provides a free server from where the device drivers can be downloaded. The Samsung Odin Flashing Tools provides all the latest updates of the system files.


  • For downloading the latest driver go to the Samsung official website.


  • Input your device model number and download the latest files.


  • Then extract the stock ROM (custom firmware) in your personal computer.


  • After that, download and install the Latest Odin software on your PC.


  • Open the software with the administrator’s permission.


  • Initiate your device into the download mode by pressing and holding the Power and Volume buttons.


  • Then connect your device to the PC, select the specific firmware and click on Start to initiate the flashing procedure.




what is com.sec.epdg





what is com.sec.epdg





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Still have some questions? Check out the section below.


Is com.sec.epdg Malware?


The com.sec.epdg is not malware. It is an official Samsung system file. The developers of the Samsung smartphone installed this file as the networking file for the system. It runs in the background and does not interrupt the common activity in the smartphone.


What does epdg mean?


The epdg in the ”com.sec.epdg” stands for Evolved Packet Data Gateway. In the latest 4G or LTE connectivity, the voice and packet data transmission occurs from a single file. This file contains the instructions to operate the data transmissions of different mediums.


Can you uninstall com.sec.epdg?


The “com.sec.epdg” is a system-installed application. It is mandatory for the system to possess the file because it handles the data transmission to and from the Samsung smartphone. The developers of Samsung have kept it within the other system files. That is why it is not possible to delete or uninstall the Com.sec.epdg file.

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