What is com.tmobile.pr.adapt And How To Disable It?

If you have a pre-installed T-mobile subscription on your phone, then com.tmobile.pr.adapt can cause some problems that make your phone slower.


We know it is difficult to find the problems and get rid of them. That’s why we come up with the idea of what is com.tmobile.pr.adapt and how to disable it.

What is the T-mobile app?


T-mobile is a wireless service that includes voice, data exchanges, and messaging. Along with that, T-mobile is one of the most popular telecommunication software in the United States. Nowadays it’s getting famous in other countries as well.

What is com.tmobile.pr.adapt on Android?


The com.tmobile.pr.adapt is a malfunction of the T-mobile software app associated with MetroPCS. However, it doesn’t come up with any helpful features.


This feature can cause various problems on your phone. Most T-Mobile users complain about the issues of com.tmobile.pr.adapt.


Do you need com. tmobile .pr.adapt?


No. Not necessary. It is a part of T-mobile software. Regardless it can make slower the phone’s performance. You will find no other problems. But the com.tmobile.pr.adapt isn’t spyware.


Why does com. tmobile. pr. adapt causing performance issues?


To be frank, this software connection can damage your phone performance in many ways. Here, we are including the common issues that you can face for the com.tmobile.pr.adapt.


Drains battery life


Not all Android phones with this software will cause draining battery life issues. Some of them can cause this problem. Because the com.tmobile.pr.adapt requires heavy battery life.


As the T-mobile app operates in the background, so it keeps draining battery life constantly. To find out how much this app is affecting your phone, you have to go to the settings option and click on the battery.


Automatic downloading bloatware


This software keeps downloading unnecessary apps on your phone. So it consumes your phone data. Nevertheless, it can cause draining battery problems as well. In that case, com.tmobile.pr.adapt app selector can help you out.


Consumes storage


Beyond the data consumption, the automatic download and installation of other bloatware apps can cause low storage space. It uses heavy CPU space; that’s why it will slow down your device.

How to disable com. tmobile.pr .adapt?


If you can disable the software, then you can prevent malware issues. Let’s dive into the steps.


  • Open the ‘settings’ on your device.


  • Now you have to click on the ‘Apps’.


  • Then, click on the ‘Ellipsis’ function.


  • Moreover, click on the ‘show system apps’.


  • You need to locate the com.tmobile.pr.adapt and click on it.


  • At this point, you have to tap the ‘Disable’ tab.


How to disable com. tmobile.pr .adapt with package disabler app?


  • If this process doesn’t work, you have to download the ‘package disabler‘.


  • Install it on your device. You have to grant all permissions.




what is com.tmobile.pr.adapt and how to disable it




  • It will show you the list of system apps and bloatware software.


  • Check the list to locate the com.tmobile.pr.adapt. Click into the ‘disable’ option.

How to uninstall com tmobile pr adapt with system app remover?


Uninstalling the system software can be difficult for you. Beyond that, you have to root your device before the uninstallation. You can use system app remover to uninstall the software from your device.


  • To download the app, you have to search on Google Play Store.


  • Download and install it on your phone.


  • Before this process, you have to root your phone.


  • Type’ com.tmobile.pr.adapt’ on the search bar and click on the checkbox.


  • Last but not least, click on the ‘uninstall’ tab. It will remove the app forever.

How to uninstall com tmobile pr adapt with Android Debug Bridge?


  • First of all, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ option on your phone.


  • Tap into the ‘System’ and open ‘About phone’.


  • Click on the ‘Build number’ 7 times. It will start the ‘Developer option’.


  • You need to open the main settings and turn on the Developers mode.


  • Click on the ‘USB debugging’.


  • However, you have to download ‘Android Debug bridge’ on your desktop or laptop.


  • Now you should unzip the file into a folder.


  • Go to the folder and hold the shift+right click together. Make sure you are clicking into the empty space.


  • Tap on the ‘Open PowerShell window here’.




what is com.tmobile.pr.adapt and how to disable it




  • Type’ adb devices’ on the command box.


  • At this point, you need to connect the PC with your phone with a USB cable.


  • Keep the mode of ‘File transfer’.


  • Thus, it will send you a USB debugging access notification.


  • Again, type ‘adb’ devices into the command box.


  • Check the phone’s serial number on the PowerShell window of the desktop.


  • Click into the ‘adb shell pm uninstall-user 0 com.tmobile.pr.adapt. And it will uninstall the app.

How to fix it if, unfortunately, com.tmobile.pr.adapt has stopped?


  • Open the ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘Apps’.


  • After that, choose the ‘Ellipsis’ tab.


  • Select ‘show system apps’.


  • Find the com. tmobile.pr.adapt.


  • Enter into the tab and click on the storage.


  • Press the ‘clear cache’ option and it will make your storage free from the bloatware apps.


  • The pop-up message of unfortunately com.mobile.pr.adapt has stopped’ won’t be visible anymore.


Final thought


At last, you know what is com.tmobile.pr.adapt and how to disable it. Following these steps can help you to uninstall the system software or disable it.


As you have to root your Android device to uninstall the software, you can lose some other phone data. Be careful while rooting your device.



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