What is ConfigAPK App on My Android Phone -How to Delete It?

What is ConfigAPK

You must be wondering, what is ConfigAPK on my Phone?! Is it a virus? Or stealing your data in the background? Maybe nothing, just sitting there draining your battery? Or slowing down your Android device? Should you delete or disable it? Doing so will damage your Phone?! Okay, let’s not panic. This complete guide will reveal what the ConfigAPK app Android is.

What is ConfigAPK

What Is Config APK On Android Phone?

ConfigAPK what is it really? Let’s not utter too much jargon. To keep it simple, it’s a system app living on Android devices. The package name is android.autoinstalls.config. Its name is self-defining – Config APK autoinstalls other apps.

What is ConfigAPK

It was first introduced in Android 5.0 named Lollypop. What does it do? It automatically installs needed apps while setting up the mobile device. So, is it an essential system software that needs to keep running? Yes, kind of. It’s a harmless app. Keep it while you can afford it.

What Is ConfigAPK Used For?

The ConfigAPK app Android is a system-level software. As we have mentioned previously, this app is used to install other necessary apps. When you first set up your Android device, it downloads some essential apps and then installs those.

Config APK takes a very tiny space. Generally, it is not involved in a lot of activities. After setting up your mobile device, it does almost nothing. If you find it doing weird stuff, then it’s not ConfigAPK. That must be something else.

Does ConfigAPK Drains Battery?

Most of us think that maybe Android ConfigAPK drain battery. Is it true? No. Config APK is a system app provided by vendors. That means it’s installed on millions of Android devices. The majority of users have never reported such issues.

You know, there’s always some exception. For example, some people have complained that Config APK is draining the battery, acting weird and freezing their phones. If that’s the case, then it must be malware-infected.

Does ConfigAPK Ask for any Android app permissions?

This ConfigAPK app Android doesn’t require any permission. To verify this, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the Settings option
  2. Then Tap on the Apps option
  3. Go to the System Apps option
  4. Search the ConfigAPK option
  5. Now tap on it to see the Permissions

Is ConfigAPK Spyware, Malware, Virus or Bloatware?

Config APK what is it? Is it a virus, spyware, malware or just bloatware? First, let’s make it clear that ConfigAPK is not a virus or bloatware. It’s a system file. That means the manufacturer of your mobile has shipped it.

What is ConfigAPK

It’s not spyware or malware either. Grabbing a couple of kilobytes of space, it’s just sitting there almost idle. It has nothing to do with suspicious or malicious activities. Most often, we freak out seeing an unrecognized app running in the background. There are several app remover applications to deal with that.

To sum it up, the Config APK app is entirely safe.

Is Config APK Safe to Use?

If you own an Android device, you probably have the ConfigAPK app installed there. Is it ultimately safe? Yes, IF it’s not infected. What does that mean? We have seen many mobile users struggling and complaining about it. This app is freezing their phones, draining the battery, or lagging the performance.

Remember, millions of users are comfortably using this app without any issue. If yours is doing strange stuff, probably it’s not in the best shape. Check or scan whether your app is attacked or not.

How to Disable, Delete or Uninstall ConfigAPK? – Step by Step Guide

Disable Method:

Should you disable ConfigAPK? We would say NO! It’s a system application. Android devices need it to keep all the features running. If your Config APK is infected, your device may be experiencing some issues. Only then you should consider disabling it.

  1. Look for the Settings option first
  2. Now open the Apps
  3. Then find the System Apps and tap on it
  4. There you will get the ConfigAPK app; press it
  5. Now press the Disable option and restart your device, done!

Delete or Uninstall Method:

There are two possible methods to delete your ConfigAPK:

What is ConfigAPK

1.   Using Android Debug Bridge (No Root Access Needed):

  • First, go to the Settings, then find the System option, now select About Phone
  • Press the Build Number option seven times at least, and it will activate the Developer Options
  • Come back to the Settings option and select the Developer Options
  • There is a USB Debugging Please enable it
  • Extract the downloaded folder wherever you want
  • Now Open that folder
  • For Windows, Press and Hold the Shift key, then click the right button of your mouse pointing to a blank area on that folder
  • Now select the Open PowerShell window here
  • Enter this command: adb devices
  • Use your data cable to connect your Android device to the PC
  • Type this command line: adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 android.autoinstalls.config – it will finally uninstall the app named ConfigAPK

2.   Using System App Remover Application (Root Access Needed):

  • First, you download and install a system app remover application like SD Maid
  • Then Open this app and Type ConfigAPK in the search bar
  • Now Select the Config APK app
  • Tap the Uninstall option to delete or uninstall it

Rounding Up

So, we hope that now you have a clear understanding of your previously asked questionwhat is ConfigAPK on my Android Phone! ConfigAPK app Android is a system application that we bet is harmless. Keep it untouched if it’s not coming your way. If it’s acting weird or degrading your user experience somehow, you can disable it, even maybe uninstall or delete it. That’s all for now, adios!

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