What is ConfigUpdater Android (A Holistic Discussion)

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Android users have an app named ConfigUpdater on their devices, but what is ConfigUpdater Android? They don’t know much about it. Some people want to uninstall it also cause they don’t find it useful. But ConfigUpdater is an app that automatically updates your phone’s certificates.




what is configupdater android




Besides, it maintains the information of time zone and the system firewall settings. So, ConfigUpdater is an extremely important app to keep you and your phone updated and safe from security hazards. Many users usually see it as an unnecessary application for their Android device cause they don’t know what it does to their phone.


What does ConfigUpdater do?

ConfigUpdater is to for updating Windows configuration mainly. It helps to run the Android system properly. It’s a useful thing to change the settings without changing the registry. Moreover, users can undo the changes if needed. Users can use ConfigUpdater for both local and remote systems. So it opens a great opportunity for IT administrators. It helps make your use of the phone efficient, easy and controlled. Updating the time zone setting is one of the important stuff also. And ConfigUpdater does this.


Digital certificates are for getting updated about user identification and authentication.configupdater updates the digital certificates so that new apps and browsers can authenticate your device while monitoring security risks. Google’s Android security features a firewall system that can limit the internet access of apps. ConfigUpdater in Android allows the Firewall to control access to the internet.


Which Permission Does ConfigUpdater Require?



what is configupdater android




Eventually, ConfigUpdater on Android requires no permission at all. You can easily verify the permissions of the app. Go, to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps > ConfigUpdater > Permissions. Under the permissions section, you will find “No Permissions Required.”


Is ConfigUpdater a Virus, And Is It Safe?

Some users see the app as a virus or malware, but it’s a completely false concept. Most users don’t know appropriately about this app, so it seems hazardous. But it’s not a virus or malware. It doesn’t steal your data, spy on you, or sell any data to 3rd parties.


Eventually, ConfigUpdater helps to make your device safer. Updating firewall settings and digital certificates make your device more secure. Some antivirus software can find it as a virus cause it hasn’t been in their trusted app list yet.


From Where Can I Get ConfigUpdater Android?

ConfigUpdater is a system app. But if you don’t have it on your phone, you can easily find ConfigUpdater Android from com.google.android.gmsDownload the file and install it on your Android. The file is named com.google.android.configupdater Android.


ConfigUpdater requires no permission to start work right after installing it. But mostly, it’s installed automatically in your Android devices by the manufacturer.


Should I Uninstall the ConfigUpdater?

The answer is complete no. It will be best if you don’t uninstall the ConfigUpdater cause it offers many benefits to your device. Even without this app, you may get some trouble using your Smartphone. Like automatic date and time updates, firewall configuration and updating digital certificates will fail, leading to security issues. So, you shouldn’t do this.


But if you want to uninstall it, you have to take active developer actions. Then enable USB debugging and download ADB on your pc. Then extract the zip file and command to uninstall your ConfigUpdater app.


ConfigUpdater Running in The Background?

It’s completely okay when the ConfigUpdater is working in the background. It runs when it scans for any new updates or downloads updates. Or when it updates digital certificates, Firewall, or SELinux. So, if the app is working in the background, don’t be panicked. It’s doing its job to make your device more updated and secure.


How Much Data Does ConfigUpdater Use?

ConfigUpdater doesn’t use a lot of data. It uses cellular data for scanning and downloading updates of digital certificates, firewall configuration, time zone information, and SELinux. Normally it uses very little data but requires an extra amount when it scans or downloads any update. But mostly, it doesn’t utilize any data.


Why ConfigUpdater Stop Working?

At some point, you can have some message like, ConfigUpdater has stopped working. It happens for some reason. Like, overloaded cache files, app problems or firmware issues. The cache file storage has limited space. When downloading an update, the system downloads some caches also. If they get overloaded, the app may stop working.


Here are some solutions if you face a problem this it –

  1. You should clear caches and unnecessary app data regularly. It’s a very simple task to do. It also frees the storage of your phone. To clear cache:

Open setting > Tap apps > Tap three vertical dots in the upper right corner > Tap system apps > Locate ConfigUpdater > Tap storage > Tap clear cache > Tap clear data.


  1. Force stop ConfigUpdater. If you don’t find any other solution, then do this:

Open settings > Tap apps > Tap three vertical dots in the upper right corner > Tap system apps > Locate ConfigUpdater > Tap force stop.



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Final Thoughts

For keeping your Android device updated and secured, ConfigUpdater is a must. Now you know what this app does to your phone and its importance. It ensures your security and updates you to the latest.


So, don’t think that ConfigUpdater is not an unnecessary app or virus. It’s an important system app to keep you updated and secure.

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