What is .estrongs Folder on Android ? Can I Delete it?

What is .estrongs Folder on Android

As an owner/user of an android device, you must be familiar with the warning: “not enough space.” But guess what? There’s nothing to be afraid of when you receive such notifications!


However, what to do, especially if you don’t have any clue about your GB after GB of memory? Now, why does it happen? And why are we bringing this up when you basically wanted an answer for What is .estrongs Folder on Android ?


Relax! Everything will appear to be crystal clear in just a few minutes. When you delete a huge amount of data from your device but don’t notice any improvement in the memory storage, the .estrongs folder is what we blame.


Getting confused?


Well, keep on reading this article from head to toe in order to find the answers and solutions you’re looking for.


What Is Android .Estrongs And Do I Need It?


Before we go deeper in this article, let’s get to know what is android .estrongs Then you can decide, whether it is useful to you or not.


If you use ES file explorer as your main file manager, then the .estrongs folder is already present on your device.it is one of the many subfolders of the file explorer. But why do we use ES file explorer instead of just going with the default one?


It manages the files in your system more efficiently than the default option. It gives you the flexibility or authority to decide how much space you want. You can easily compress, cut, rename or copy any file from here. Not just that, even zip or RAR files can fit here perfectly. You can even share the data with other devices without any cost of data.


And, with all of that, there is a secret storage compartment, or as we know it the android .estrongs. It is basically a recycle bin and is checked on by default. Unless you turn it off manually, it will keep preserving the data you delete.


What Is .Estrongs On Android- Main Functions



What is .estrongs Folder on Android



Hope you got a brief answer regarding what is .estrongs. The ES explorer gives you the flexibility to monitor all your files from one place. It has every file of your phone along with its directories. Once you delete something using the file explorer, it doesn’t permanently go away.


So you can always pick up anything you lost mistakenly from the trash bin. This trash bin or hidden bin is android .estrongs, keep in mind!


.Estrongs Folder: Dangerous for Your Phone?



What is .estrongs Folder on Android




It depends on how much space or memory storage is this folder consuming. That means, what is the size of data you have deleted. For example, your ROM capacity is 8.5 GB. This is not great, to be frank, because we need around 5 GB internal storage just for daily operation, excluding any new downloads. So, in that case, you have only 2.5 GB of space for taking photos and videos.


Now, this estrongs folder can shrink the storage capacity even more by not letting your deleted data permanently go away. That sucks, right? You get stuck in this situation where any new download requires memory clean-up.


In such a case, we recommend deleting the Estrongs for a better user experience.


Except for this issue, there is no harm in keeping this folder on your phone.


Is It Safe to Delete .Estrongs Folder on Android?




What is .estrongs Folder on Android




Estrongs.android is among the folders that come with the ES file explorer. It is normally hidden in the file manager. You can see it only after enabling the “hidden files” button. It works like a personal recycle bin for the ES file explorer. That means, if you use the ES explorer to manage your files, this folder works like a backup and saves the data you keep deleting.


It is great if you someday want to restore them. But this convenience has a price to pay: your memory storage. Once you turn off the “recycle bin” from the settings, no more data will be available here. You can enjoy your memory space for a longer time.


In short, as long as you won’t get upset over your deleted photos or videos, it is safe to delete android .estrongs from your phone. And about the deleting method? We have described it step-by-step in the next section. Have a look.


How to Delete the .Estrongs Folder On Android?


We suppose you don’t have enough space in your phone to download new apps or take videos. Just by deleting the .estrongs, you can free up a lot of space. And here’s how you do that.


  • Open your ES file explorer and go to the settings. Look for the “show hidden files”. Because the file explorer hides it from you.


  • Once you locate it, turn it on. Many hidden files will appear before you.


  • Now check off the trash option.


  • In this way, none of the data you delete from now on will move to the trash bin.


Oftentimes, we remove so many apps and photos to make some space for new data. But every effort goes in vain.it seems like no matter what we do, something is consuming all our space. As long as your android estrongs are backing up all your deleted data, there is never going to be enough space.


Why Can’t I See Android.Estrongs File On My Computer



What is .estrongs Folder on Android




Are you not getting the files you want after connecting your mobile device to the pc? That can happen for a variety of reasons. But that’s not what we are here for! We want to know/find out the remedy.


The good news is, ES file explorer helps you transfer files from your smartphone to the computer without any data cost. You can share your photos, videos, or apps with any other device using ES file explorer.


  • First things first. Go to the play store and download ES file explorer.


  • Open the explorer and simply tap on the T lines.


  • Now click on the “network”. And then tap on “view on pc”. Easy, right?


  • Then turn on your wi-fi. With this, you will receive an IP address. Just remember it and write it down in the address bar on your pc.


  • Voila! You’ve got all the files of your android phone readily available in a list!


  • Go through the data or files. Choose whichever you want and save it.


How to Restore Deleted Files Using ES File Explorer




What is .estrongs Folder on Android




Now we have talked a lot about how the estrongs folder can help you retrieve your data back. But what is the procedure? So, in this section, we will show you a step-by-step process of restoring your photos, videos, or apps that you deleted mistakenly using es file explorer.


  • First of all, you have to install the ES file explorer app. Since we are talking about androids here, you will easily find them in the Google play store.
  • Once the installation is over, tap on the icon. Go inside it and click on the menu.
  • Now go through the list and stop when you find “show hidden files”.
  • You need to enable the button beside it. It should be off by default.
  • Now, you will see many hidden files that differ in color from the other files. Navigate through the files and look for “ES trunk”.
  • Once you find it, click on it. It should have the data that you deleted unknowingly.
  • To restore it, long press on it. And then check on the ‘restore’ button.


Yes, it’s as simple as that!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


What Is Estrongs Android Files?


It is a cache folder under the file manager. It preserves the files or data that you deleted through the file manager. It comes as a subfolder of the ES file manager.


Why Is My Internal Storage So Full?


The answer is variable and depends on the condition of your phone. If you have an android with limited ROM and use it to save big data, then you know the answer. But, if that’s not the reason, look for the estrongs folder on your device. That can be the main culprit.


How Do You Transfer Files Using ES File Explorer?


Open the file explorer and go inside the “T” lines. Next, go to the settings to app on “network” and “view on pc”. Just copy the IP address on your computer bar and Bingo!


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Wrapping It Up!


You have reached the bottom of this article. Now, there should be no doubt regarding what is Android .Estrongs, including whether to keep the .estrongs folder or not. It solely depends on how much space you currently have in your phone.


If it is not bothering you by sucking up all the necessary storage, leave it as it is. And, if you are sure that you won’t ever want to recover the data or photos from your phone, then go ahead by following nothing but this guide only and delete it from the file manager.

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