What Is Exo File And How To Convert Exo File To Mp4 In Android?

To get better media access to the offline version of online streams, you might want to know “How to convert EXO file to MP4 in Android?”


To convert an EXO file into MP4 on an Android device, you will need help from online software or third-party apps. Upload your EXO file in this software or app and run the conversion process. Once the conversion is done, download the converted file and run it on your media player.


Knowing about the conversion of EXO files into MP4 allows you to share your loved streams with someone who doesn’t have the online stream app. Also, with this conversion, you will not need to worry about the download expiration date.


how to convert exo file to mp4 in android



What Is EXO File?


EXO file is a file extension referring to videos. These files are small pieces of a large video file. When an online video file is requested for download, then the video file is downloaded in small portions. For example, if the YouTube videos are downloaded offline, they will come in small EXO files format.




how to convert exo file to mp4 in android




In online video streamers like YouTube, the EXO files are in a compressed and encrypted format. To open this without the streamer, you will need to break the encryption and then extract it.


Some files having EXO file extension might not be a video file but a data file. It is also possible that some of these files might be generic system files of your software program.


With proper format, you can extract an EXO file on your desktop. But in the case of Android, you will need to open it in another form.


The users usually try to convert an EXO file into an MP4 file. If your Android device supports any other video format, you can also extract the EXO file into that format.


Difference Between EXO File And MP4


MP4 file and EXO file are two different formats of video files. Both of these files are compressed video files. But the major difference between the EXO file and MP4 file lies in size.


An MP4 file can be of any size. A small 2-second video to 2 hours video can be in an MP4 file. You can stream MP4 videos on any Android device with  Media Player. All Android devices have default software that supports MP4 video files.



how to convert exo file to mp4 in android



In the case of an EXO file, the size of the file is small. An EXO file is a small portion of a large video. When you download a video from an online stream so that you can enjoy it even when you are offline, it will be downloaded in EXO file format.


If you want to play this kind of format, you will have to use apps like YouTube. When you try to play the EXO file, the small folders play simultaneously at a time.


Sometimes to make this file work, you will need to use the exact app that you have downloaded them from. Otherwise, you might need to change the format of the file to play it on your Android media player.


How To Download And Play EXO File In Android?


On platforms like YouTube or Netflix, or other streams, you have the opportunity to download video content offline.


Here are the steps to download and play the EXO file on Android.


Step 1: To download or play an EXO file, you’ll have to remember that the streamer you are using is eligible for your country or location.


Step 2: Not all videos available on an online video stream can be downloaded for offline viewing. Thus choose the files that are eligible for offline viewing.


Step 3: Locate downloading option under the video.


Step 4: Tap on the download icon.


Once the download has been completed, these files will be found under the “Downloaded” option on that specific streamer. You can play it on that platform while you are offline. But if you want to play these files in another format or other apps, you will need to change the format.


Due to encryption, it is pretty tricky to change the formatting of EXO files. You will need to take help from third-party apps or online websites.


How To Convert EXO File To MP4 In Android?


To enjoy your downloaded video file in an Android media player, you need to convert your EXO file into an MP4 file. You can convert an EXO file into an MP4 file in two processes on an Android device.




There are several websites available that can turn your EXO file into an MP4 file. You can get both paid and free converters on these websites.


Converting an EXO file into an MP4 file through a website is described below.


Step 1: First, download the EXO file from the online stream.


Step 2: Locate the file into your device’s Internal Storage.


Step 3: Open your preferred browser and go to the file converting website.


Step 4: Run the conversion.



how to convert exo file to mp4 in android




Step 5: Now download the converted MP4 file.


Once you download the converted file, you will be able to run it in your Android media file.


Exo To MP4 Converter App


In the Google Play Store, you will find different third-party apps. These third-party apps allow you to convert your downloaded EXO file into an MP4 media file. You can get EXO to MP4 converter free download and paid versions of these apps.


You can convert an EXO file to an MP4 media file in the following procedure.


Step 1: Go to Google play store and search for EXO to MP4 converter.


Step 2: Download and install the EXO file Converting app on your device.


Step 3: Run the app with all the required permissions.


Step 4: Tap on the Upload File option.



how to convert exo file to mp4 in android




Step 5: Browse your device and select the file you want to get converted.


Step 6: Tap on the Convert button. Wait for the conversion to finish.


Step 7: Download the converted file and play on the media player.


It is always better to get the paid version of the EXO file converting app. Some users have complained that sometimes, these apps insert ads into the video during the conversion.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is it safe to delete EXO files in Android?


Yes, you can delete the EXO files in Android. But all of the files are not always cache files. So deleting the EXO file might remove the downloaded offline version of a video from your device.


How do you change video format on Android?


You can change the video format on Android with the help of the default browser or third-party app. But you will need to be careful about using the media. Wrong software can install malware on your device.


Can I play MP4 on an Android phone?


Yes, you can play MP4 on an Android phone. Most of the default media players in Android can run MP4 format.




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Final Words


If you want to share an EXO file with someone who doesn’t have the online stream, you must know, “How to convert EXO file to MP4 in Android?” This will help you to share the file with your friend and family.


During the conversion, make sure you use an authentic website. Otherwise, you might get corrupted by malware. Before using any software like this, look at the reviews. Try to get software from reliable sources to avoid risks.

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