What is finder app on android or S Finder Samsung? [Updated 2022]

Recently, Samsung has launched a new app, named S-finder. It has created a buzz in the android community. The app helps people find any apps among hundreds of apps in your mobile.


Sounds great! Right?


But what is finder app on android? How does it work? Or what can this app do?

Well, so many questions come in our mind. To let you find the answer easily, we have come up with this writing.


What is finder app on android?

So what is finder app on android? It is a newly launched search application that lets you find any app you want, even the hidden ones. If you are looking for a suitable app for any particular tasks, this app will help you find one. Put the keyword and it will search for the app throughout your smartphone memory and web to help you. To conclude, the finder acts like a strong search engine for your smartphone.


How to use finder app on android?

Samsung creates this app keeping user convenience in mind. To use the app, follow this method:



  • First, simply slide down the notifications bar, I believe you know how to do it.
  • Then tap on the ‘S Finder’ button; it will open the app
  • Now type what you’re looking for.
  • As you type, the app will show you results within seconds.
  • Now go to the app you are looking for.


Using the finder app is simpler than you think since the aim of this app is to make users’ lives easier.


How do I turn off finder on my Samsung?

Sometimes, you may not this app or you simply want the app gone from the notification tray. In that case,


1.Simply pull down on the tray



What is finder app on android



2.Click the edit/pencil icon on the right top. You will find it next to the Settings gear.




What is finder app on android



3.Now, uncheck one or both options. You are done turn off your finder app on the Samsung smartphone.



How do I remove Finder from my Android?

What if you don’t like the app completely? In that case, removing finder from your android is the only solution. To do that, follow the steps below.


1.Go to your Settings app from the home screen.



What is finder app on android



2.Now click the Apps and notifications option


3.Then go to App info.



What is finder app on android



4.Scroll down the list until you find the finder app.


5.Click the app


6.Select Uninstall.


You are done removing your finder app from your smartphone. Note that the app comes by default with the Samsung smartphone to make users’ lives easier and smarter.



After reading the writing, you may have some questions in your mind. Have a look at the commonly asked questions below.


Can I disable Finder app?

Yes, you can disable finder app from your smartphone. To do that, pull down the notification bar, click the edit/pencil icon, and uncheck one or both options.


Is the Finder app safe?

The app comes with a Samsung smartphone built-in. That means the app is completely safe to use.


What is Finder on my Samsung phone?

The finder is a search app that allows you to find any necessary app you want from your phone or web. It is a powerful search application designed to make life easier for users.


How do you find hidden apps on Samsung?

You will find your finder app on the notification bar. If you don’t find any, click the pencil icon from the bar and check finder application.



Now you know what is finder app on android? The app will help you find any app smoothly without wasting time and put much effort. Simply type any app you want and the app will find your desired app from the web or phone.

Day by day, technology is making our lives easier and easier. Finder app is one of those additions in the android world. So use the app from now on and make your life easier than ever. Searching and finding an app was never easier than now, thanks to the finder app.


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