What is Gecko iOS? [Discover the interesting facts]

For providing a good browsing experience with a decent browser engine of your iPhone, Gecko is the exact choice. The rich programming API offered by Gecko makes it decent for a wide diversity of roles in Internet-based applications. So, we’re here to clarify a detailed scenario about Gecko. Along with knowing “what is Gecko IOS”, you can learn its key features.


Gecko is developed by “Mozilla” which is especially popular worldwide for the “Mozilla Firefox” browser. This browser also uses Gecko as their browser engine. So, they must have tried to develop the optimization on a larger scale. After going through this article, you’ll learn & use Gecko on your own. Without delay, let’s start the article.


What is Gecko iOS




what is Gecko iOS




The internal name of an optimized browser engine by Mozilla is Gecko. This browser engine is written in C++ & JavaScript programming languages. It’s totally free & familiar as open-source software. Different kinds of web content can be rendered such as HTML, CSS, XUL, JavaScript & so on using Gecko’s function.




what is Gecko iOS




Similar apps of Gecko iOS?




what is Gecko iOS



The most popular similar app for Gecko iOS is WebKit. This is also free & open source as Gecko iOS. The Blink rendering engine is also used as the Gecko iOS alternative. For IOS, the safari browser is widely used & Gecko gives the companion to the browser.


After reading this whole thing about Gecko, it is common to have some common questions in mind. To make your mind clear, please have a look at these commonly asked questions below.


What is a virtual gecko?

Gecko virtual is a virtual browser that Mozilla has invented to make your browsing experience a lot easier and smoother. You will find Gecko for your iOS and can enjoy browsing.


Is Gecko a browser?

Yes, Gecko is an amazing browser developed and marketed by Mozilla. You can get an even better browser experience and make your entire online presence smoother and comfortable.


What do I need to know about geckos?

You need to know details about the amazing browser Gecko since this brings a new user experience. If you are an iOS user, make sure to download the browser so that you can get that elegant feeling.





We are at the end of our article. Throughout the whole article, we have tried to show exhaustively the features of Gecko IOS. Do you have a question on what is gecko iOS? We think it’s clear now. With showing all the features of Gecko iOS, we have talked about its alternative. From our experience, we can say that it’s a reliable browser engine for IOS.


If you want to have an improved browsing experience, a complete & compatible browser engine is mandatory. The owner company Mozilla is developing it day by day & in the near future, we’ll get a more dedicated version. If you have any questions anyway, go through this article carefully, especially the FAQ segment & you’ll receive your answers.

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