What Is Google Partner Setup App Or Com.Google.Android.Partnersetup?

google partner setup

What Is Google Partner Setup Com Google Android Partnersetup Android? The Google partner Setup is a subsidiary application for Android phones. It comes in with every Android platform-based smartphone. This application requires permission to get access to the storage, internet, and some related applications such as messaging and contacts.


This Google Partner setup actually works in the background of every android smartphone. It creates a bridge or connectivity between different services of Google to make your job easy. For instance, it connects with the G-board and your phone’s default keyboard.


Again, the default calendar of the smartphone connects with the Google calendar to transfer the information from your Google account. This way, you can remain up to date with your schedules, etc. Apart from these, there are various other functions of the Google Partner application.




google partner setup




What Is Google Partner Setup Com Google Android Partner Setup Android?


The Google Partner Setup is a default android application. You do not have to install it on your phone. It comes with every android device in prebuilt mode. In the older versions of the Android, the presence of Google partner service may be unavailable.


But from the Android version 8 and above, all Android devices have the Google Partner. It completely runs in the background of your smartphone and does not create many difficulties.


Functions of Google Partner Setup


The main function of the Google Partner application is to create a network between different applications. More specifically, it creates connectivity between different Google products. The Google Partner application creates the connection to multiple applications by maintaining the compatibility between them.


It is a like-to-like based connection. This means the applications need to have a similar core application. The android devices come with their default primary applications such as the clock, calendar, keyboard, etc.


How Google Partner Setup Application works?


Google has some similar products for replacing or making compatibility with these services such as the Google Keyboard or G-board. For instance, you can get a clear concept by an example. Considering you are typing a message using your default keyboard.


The google keyboard runs in the background and makes corrections to your spelling mistakes. Moreover, no matter what language you use, the Google Translate service also collaborates with it and does its work to make the job easier.


Again, if you schedule an appointment or set an alarm in the to-do list from your google account. Then it shall activate using the default calendar and clock of your smartphone. Since the google account has the linkage with every google product, the connections are made automatically.


Ease of usability


The Google Partner Setup makes your job easier by getting everything under a platform. You can easily use third-party applications by collaborating with Google products. This saves time and energy for the user to a great extent.


Connections Between Multiple Devices


The Google Partner Setup helps you to manage multiple android based devices such as smartphones or tablets. If you are using multiple devices and want to make a bridge between them. It can be done for easy accessibility.


For example, considering you are using Google Photos applications on two different devices. You can use the Google Partner Setup to link between the Google Photos application. This way you will be able to get regular updates between the two apps.


If you click a photo and upload it to Google Photos, then it will automatically show in the secondary device’s Google photos application. Such an instance can be also done in different applications and products of Google.


Connections between different Google Accounts


Using the Google Partner Setup service you can also link between different Google Accounts. Personal and professional Google accounts can also be linked. It can also be used to create a virtual connection between different family members or friends.


This way, it becomes easier to share and store files, inks, and other digital things. The to-do list notifications, time and date, alarm, etc can also be linked for easy access. This can be done by other accounts with whom the partner feature is enabled.




google partner setup




Advantages of Google Partner Setup


The Google Partner Setup can be helpful to Android smart devices users in their day-to-day activities.


Google Calendar


Calendar is one of the most important applications in a smartphone nowadays. Starting from a student to businessman or employee of multinational companies, everyone uses the calendar application.


The calendar is not only used to track the current date. Rather it is used for upcoming planning and making schedules. Using the Google Partner setup application you can bridge between the default application in your smartphone.


This way your meetings and upcoming plans can be tracked easily. It becomes easier to get notifications both online and offline. Moreover, you can share your timings and plannings to your friends, colleagues or family very conveniently. Therefore, they can keep track of you and your day-to-day updates as well.


Google Keyboard


In this technology-oriented world, almost most of the activities are done digitally. Students, business people, employers, and employees use the digital platform to get their job done easily. This saves money, energy, and time as well.


You can thus collaborate between your android keyboard and the G-board using the Google Partner Setup application. It helps you type in the easiest way. If you are a student and want to send an application, then the G-board will help you quite extensively.


This helps you to correct spelling, grammatical mistakes automatically. Again, using Artificial intelligence, you can get help to write a proper and mistakes-free document to be sent.


Google Translate


Another Google product that works in collaboration with the Google Partner Setup is Google Translate. Using a vast range of servers, data, and Artificial intelligence Google Translate works with all the available national and recognized languages in the world.


Therefore, if you are a foreigner in a different country then you can easily use Google translate collaborating with the default application of your device to express yourself. Besides for education purposes, official works, etc, it can be used to get your work done very easily.


Google Meet


Being a business person or working in a corporate office always requires meeting with clients. In this digital world, most of the meetings are held via online medium. The Google meet is a good way to conduct long-distance meetings in no time.


It can easily collaborate with another remainder or online meeting-based applications using Google Partner setup. This way you can stay tension free about the upcoming meetings you have to attend.


Disadvantages of the Google Partner Setup


Like every other useful product, Google Partner Setup applications also have some negative impacts on the smartphone.


Reduces Device Performance


Google Partner Setup application constantly runs in the background of your smartphone. It does not stop automatically after terminating the service. Moreover, you cannot stop the service manually.


Alongside, Google Partner Setup uses up the processing speed of the CPU of the Android smartphone. More on that, the Google Partner Setup uses up a specific RAM memory as well. All this combinedly reduces the performance of the smartphone.


If your smartphone doesn’t have a strong and reliable chipset and RAM memory, then it becomes very laggy and slow.


Stores Junk Files


Like every other typical internet active application, the Google Partner Setup develops a good amount of junk and cache files. These junks slowly get accumulated in the internal storage of the smartphone.


As a result, the storage of the host device using the Google Partner Setup gets decreased day by day.  It becomes problematic for other applications to run smoothly. You have to manually clean up the spaces from time to time.


Disrupts the function of the Google applications


Most internet-based applications become attacked by malware and spyware. This makes the applications vulnerable and unusable. That is why error messages such as “ X application has stopped working ” pop up.


Google Partner Setup application also gets attacked sometimes. Hence, it creates the functionality of other applications which originated from Google. It is because the Google Partner Setup application works in conjunction with the other Google applications.


Error Messages and Lags


Due to some internal software-based malfunctions, the Google Partner Setup application becomes damaged. It cannot work properly and also halts the normal usage of other applications installed in the host Android device.


And since the application cannot be stopped. It continuously results in popping up error messages. This creates a laggy and clumsy performance of the device.


How to know you have google partner setup com google android partner setup android?


The Google Partner applications are prebuilt with most of the latest versions of Android smartphones. Though it did not come as a default application in the older versions of the Android. In the older versions, it was required to be installed manually from the Google Playstore.


There is no clear concept about the availability of the Google Partner Setup application in an Android smartphone. For this, you need to know how to detect the presence of Google Partner in your smartphone.


  • Firstly, open the app drawer on your device.


  • Then go to settings and tap on it to open the settings menu.


  • Scroll down and look for the Applications as Apps. The location of the applications can be different for different devices.


  • After that select the Manage applications and following that open the System and Installed Applications. Here, all the installed and prebuilt applications of the Android smartphone will be shown.




google partner setup




  • Scroll and search for the Google Partner Setup.


  • You can use the Alphabetic method to search the Google Partner Setup


  • If it is available, it means your device is being installed with the Google Partner Setup application.


  • If you do not find it in the list, then most probably your device does not have the Google Partner Setup.




google partner setup




How to disable it?


The Google Partner Setup application may be great but most of the time creates trouble for the users. Because it runs constantly in the background of the Android smartphone. Moreover, it uses a lot of processing power of the CPU and RAM allocation.



As a result, the device becomes slower day by day. Again, due to mismanagement of the application, it stops working and causes pop error stooping messages. For all this, you may want to disable the application.


First Method


In this method, you can use the default settings of the phone to disable the Google Partner Setup.


  • From the app drawer of your application go to the Settings option.


  • Scroll down to locate the Applications (Apps) option. In some devices, you may get it under the Manage Applications.


  • Tap on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen


  • Then select All applications or Default applications. Otherwise, system applications won’t appear on the list.


  • After that scroll and search for the Google Partner Setup application from the list.


  • Select and open the application information menu.


  • On the button, there will be an option saying Disable. Tap on it to disable the application for the time being.


  • After disabling the application, it will not appear on the app list.


Disabling the Google partner setup works for a time being. In most cases, if you restart your device, the application automatically gets started. This leads you to perform a disabling of the application again.


Second Method


Uninstalling the Google Partner Setup can be a permanent option to disable it. If your device doesn’t come with a preinstalled Google partner Setup application, then you can uninstall it.


  • Firstly, go to the settings of your device.


  • Open the list of the installed applications by tapping on the “Apps” button.


  • Make sure to display all the applications including the system applications.


  • Scroll down and track down the Google partner Setup.


  • Open the application information menu and tap on storage.


  • Clear all data and the cache files.


  • Finally, revert back a step and tap on the Uninstall button to remove the application from the smartphone permanently.




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