What is IMS Service on Android & How to Fix Unfortunately IMS Service has stopped

What is IMS Service on Android

If you are an android user, then you might have faced an error message “Unfortunately, IMS Service has stopped” or “com.sec.imsservice has stopped”. This error is quite common on Android OS. But Did you ever wonder what IMS service means?

Well, you can find many posts about the meaning of IMS service on the internet. But, as a regular user, those posts can be tough for you to understand.


That’s why we are here with this highly informative article to explain What is IMS Service on Android. So, stay tuned and read through the article with care.


What is the IMS service?

The IMS service means IP Multimedia Subsystem. That enables your device to perform appropriately during communicating with carrier services based on IP networks.  This app is necessary. Thus it comes inbuilt with Android OS.


Without IMS service, you can’t use essential services, including Text Messages, Calls, Multimedia Messages. IMS service allows these services to deliver accordingly through an Internet Protocol network system. This works combinedly with the carrier provided com.android.server.telecom app.


Nowadays, there are several architectural frameworks to deliver IP Multimedia Services. But those are not standardized and stable for the android industry.

What does IMS service do?

The IMS service can serve as VoIP( Voice Over IP), PTT(Push-to-talk), push to view, video sharing, or video calling. This service is usually based on session initiation protocol.

This service allows users to communicate person to person via several modes such as Text, Voice, Pictures, or any possible combinations.


However, the IMS service on Android works to allow multimedia services like messages or calls via an IP network.

Is IMS service necessary?

We have already mentioned that IMS is an architectural framework to improve low-level-based technologies such as VoIP, PTT. This service app can run without issues together with carrier-provider communication apps.


Before IMS service android has provided voice call services over the circuit-switched-style procedure, but now android authorized multimedia features as calls and messages can easily be transmitted over an IP network via IMS service.


IMS service is necessary for an android phone. This service allows users to communicate person to person via several modes such as Text, Voice, Pictures, or any possible combinations.


Another major reason for its necessity is its increased flexibility for carrier networks. Nowadays android has become cheaper than before. Today we can enjoy the latest 3G services on android phones only because of the IMS service. So, there’s no doubt that IMS service is a necessity.

How to register IMS service?

Though IMS service automatically gets registered itself. But in some rare cases, you may face the SIM card IMS status is not registered. For example, some Samsung users have reported facing the “SIM Card is not Registered” issue after One UI 3.0 Update.


So, this can be a software bug that you can try to fix by following the steps below-


  • Go to the settings and tap on “Connections.”
  • Tap on the “Mobile Networks” Option
  • Navigate to the “Network Operators”
  • Tap on the “Search for networks” or “Search Manual.”
  • Then select the correct network from the list.
  • Then perform Reboot.


After doing this, if the same issue persists, then you have to reset the network setting. Follow the steps below to reset network settings.


  • Open settings
  • Go to the General management
  • Tap on Reset
  • Select Network setting
  • Enter lock screen PIN
  • Reset Network settings


Can I uninstall the IMS service?

As we have mentioned before, the IMS service comes Pre-installed on Android. More specifically, the IMS service app usually comes in Samsung phones. And as it is a built-in system app, that’s why you can’t uninstall this app without breaking permission.


There are several ways to root Android, and after rooting, you can easily uninstall any system apps you want. But it is not recommended and is also risky.


For example, you should not uninstall the IMS service app because it plays an important role in keeping your phone’s functionality safe and sound.


Which permissions the IMS service requires? 

To perform properly IMS service needs some permissions. Though the permissions are automatically given to this app as it is a system app, you can check the required permissions. Here we have listed below the permissions that IMS service needs-


  • Call logs,
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Location, while using the app
  • Microphone
  • SMS
  • Storage
  • Telephone


You can also check the permissions from the app info from settings.


What causes the “IMS Service has stopped” error?

Sometimes you might have faced that message “Unfortunately, IMS Service has stopped” error. Many android users have reported this error to us. After troubleshooting the error, we have figured out several reasons that can cause this error message on android.

We have listed down the possible reasons for this error message. Check these out below-


  • Outdated App


In most cases, outdated apps are unable to run correctly if the android version is updated. So if you have seen this error message, then first of all, you should check whether the apps on your phone are updated or not.


  • Outdated Android software


Almost every android software update carries some normal software bug. And they always try to fix the bugs on the latest software updates.


So possibly this can be another reason that is causing IMS service to be stopped. So that’s why always keep your android up to date.


  • Default Messaging App


Network providers send some configurations before enabling internet, calling, and SMS services. So, if you face an IMS service error, you must check the default messaging app because this can hamper the IMS service.


  • Cache


Every app on android creates a cache to load services smoothly. Unfortunately, sometimes cache files become corrupted and can cause apps not to work properly. When apps can’t run properly, it can cause the “IMS service has stopped.”


How do I fix IMS service that has stopped?

There are several ways to fix the IMS service error. We have described some of the solutions that you can do to fix this error. So, follow every step below very carefully.


1.Check for software updates.


To check for the device software update, follow the steps below-


  • Open the Settings app on your phone
  • Find the “About phone” and tap on it
  • Check for updates.
  • If it shows any update, then tap on “Download now.”
  • After the download finishes, just install it, and the phone will be rebooted automatically.
  • Check if the issue is fixed or not.




What is IMS Service on Android




2.Check for App updates


  • Go to the play store
  • Click the menu option on the top left corner
  • Select the My Apps and Games option from there
  • Tap on Updates and tap on Refresh
  • Tap on the “Update All” option
  • Check the issue is fixed or not




What is IMS Service on Android




3.Delete Cache



  • Shut down your device by holding the power button
  • Press the “Home” button,  “VolumeUp,” and the “Power button” button together and hold it.
  • After booting on recovery mode, release the keys.
  • Navigate to the Wipe data/factory reset by pressing the volume down button
  • Press the “Power” button, and the will be rebooted
  • After rebooting, check the issue, whether fixed or not.




What is IMS Service on Android




4.Perform a Factory Reset


  • Turn off your phone
  • Press the Volume Down button, home button, and Power button together
  • Hold pressing until boots on recovery mode
  • Navigate to Wipe data/ or factory reset by pressing the volume down button
  • Select yes and proceed.
  • After factory reset is done, choose “Reboot System Now.”


Hopefully, now you know everything about the IMS service app, how it works and how to fix the IMS service errors as well. The above ways to fix the “Unfortunately, IMS service stopped error” are very simple and easy.

We hope that will help you to fix the error on your Android. However, to avoid difficulties, read our article very carefully.




  •  Is ims service necessary?

Yes, IMS service is necessary for an android phone. This service allows users to communicate person to person via several modes such as Text, Voice, Pictures, or any possible combinations.


  • How does the IMS service work?

The IMS service can basically serve as VoIP, PTT, push to view, video sharing, or video calling. This service is usually based on session initiation protocol.


  • How do I enable ims service?

IMS service is enabled by default. You don’t need to enable it manually. In case you are facing any issue with this, follow the steps above.





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