What Is Invalid SIM Card Android?

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Sometimes you will see that your Android is showing an Invalid SIM Card. To know why this error is happening, you should have an idea about what an Invalid SIM Card on Android means.


In an Android device, an Invalid SIM Card error means either it is not appropriately inserted or is not getting recognized. There can be several reasons behind it. If it is a minor technical bug of your device, you can solve it with some DIY methods like restarting your device or refreshing your connectivity.


Once you know about “what is Invalid SIM Card Android” or “what does Invalid SIM Card mean,” you will be able to fix it. But if it is a network issue or region lock, it is impossible to solve without professional help.




what is invalid sim card android




Reasons Behind Invalid SIM Card


Two lock systems are actually behind the Invalid SIM Card error. The reasons are-


  • Network Lock means that your device can only use a SIM Card from a single network provider.


  • Region Lock means the SIM Card you are using is not valid in a specific region or country.


These two reasons for Invalid SIM Card errors are not reversible by a user.


What is Invalid SIM card Android? And How To Fix Invalid SIM Card On Android?


To fix the Invalid SIM Card Error, there are easy solutions. These procedures can solve some fundamental issues. If they fail, you will need to take your device to an expert.


Examine The Sim Slot


A broken sim slot can be the reason for an Invalid SIM Card error. There are many ways why a SIM Card slot can break. When the SIM Card slot breaks, it misplaces the SIM Card. Therefore, it becomes hard for your device to scan the presence of the SIM Card.


To repair the SIM Card slot, you will need first to use a pin or SIM Card adaptor to take out the SIM Card tray. Take a look at it to see if it is broken or not.


If it needs to be replaced, you can place an online order or take your phone to customer care. In customer care, they will replace the SIM slot. But if you are buying it online, make sure that it is readable for your device.


Also, if by any chance your SIM Card slot accumulates dust in it, then also it will fail to recognize the SIM Card. In that case, you need to use an alcohol pad to clean up the slot. After cleaning up, insert the place again and see if it works.


Broken SIM Card


It is a possibility that your SIM Card might be broken as well. If the chip is not broken, you can attach it technically or replace it with a new one. To get a new SIM Card without changing your number, you must contact your service provider.


To change the SIM Card, you will need to provide the personal identification information that you have used while buying your SIM Card for the first time. Once you replace the SIM Card, insert it in your device and try to see if your device now recognizes it or not.


Enable And Disable the Flight Mode


Sometimes your phone seems unable to recognize your SIM Card due to technical bugs. To resolve this problem, you will need to refresh your device’s cellular connection.


Enabling and disabling airplane mode helps to restore your cellular connection. Here are the steps to turn on and turn off the flight mode on your device:


Step 1: Slide down the notification area from the top of the screen.


Step 2: Locate the flight mode icon among all other icons.



what is invalid sim card android




Step 3: Tap on the flight mode icon and enable the flight mode.


Step 4: Wait for a few seconds.


Step 5: Again, tapping on the flight mode icon disables the flight mode.


You can also use your settings app to enable and disable the flight mode. For this, you will need to go to the settings app and locate Connectivity. Use the toggle button to enable and disable the flight mode from the connectivity settings.


Once you turn off the flight mode, your phone might take a few seconds to scan your network connection.


Restart Your Device


Restarting your Android device is also another way to refresh your cellular network along with your device. Along with cellular networks, there can also be a bug in your device causing problems scanning your SIM Card. Therefore, restarting your device can resolve the issue.


In the following section, the steps of restarting your device are given:


Step 1: Hold the power button of the Android device for a while.


Step 2: The Restart and Power off option will appear on your screen. Select Restart.


Step 3: Wait for a time until the restart process is finished.


With this process, you will refresh your device and network connectivity. Once your phone gets started again, it should scan your SIM Card.


Reinsert The SIM Card


If the SIM Card has been misplaced in your SIM Card slot, it is a possibility that your device will fail to recognize the SIM Card. In such a situation, using a pin or the SIM Card ejector, take out the SIM Card slot and place the SIM Card properly.




what is invalid sim card android




After placing the SIM Card correctly in the slot, please insert it into your device. If misplacing the SIM Card was the reason for the Invalid SIM Card error, it should be resolved.


Select Network Operator


If the network operator selected on your device doesn’t match your SIM Card operator, it will get an error. Your device continuously sends you Invalid SIM Card notifications.


With the following steps, choose the network operator correctly:


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.


Step 2: Now go to Mobile Network.


Step 3: Locate Network Operators.


Step 4: Now, tap on Search Networks to ensure that you have the right network for your SIM Card.


Step 5: Select the network of your sim provider.


Choosing the right Network operator will ensure that your SIM Card and device are syncing correctly.


Set APN Manually


It can happen that a SIM Card can completely lose contact with its network system. In that case, it is vital to reset the APN setting manually. This will help you to re-establish the connection between the network system and your SIM Card in your device.


To proceed with the settings, take the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the Settings app.


Step 2: Locate Network and Internet and open it.


Step 3: Tap on Mobile Network.


Step 4: Open the option for Advanced Settings.


Step 5: Now go to Access Point Names (APN) and click on the Plus (+) icon.


Step 6: Contact your network provider and take the APN setting. You can also get it online.


If setting APN manually is difficult for you, you can also take help from your customer care center. Once you set APN manually, it helps establish the connectivity between the SIM Card and network system. Thus, the invalid SIM error goes away.


Auto Network Mode


Sometimes putting your network system to Auto Network Mode helps establish better connectivity between the network system and your SIM Card.


Take the following steps to enable Auto Network Mode:


Step 1: Open the Settings app.


Step 2: Go to Mobile Networks.


Step 3: Select Network Mode.


Step 4: Choose LTE/WCDMA/GSM (Automatic Connection). This will put your device into Auto Network Mode.




what is invalid sim card android




In auto network mode, your phone can switch between any generation of network connectivity available around it. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing Network and getting an Invalid sim error.


Damaged Chip


If you look at a SIM Card, you see a chip on the card. If by any means this chip gets scratched or breaks, your phone will no longer recognize the SIM Card.


The only solution to this problem is to replace the SIM Card. For this, you will need to go to your network operator and exchange it for the new one.


Clear Cache File


The cache files on your device always help you read your past activities. These past activities make your device perform better. But this cache file can also cause errors in scanning your sim on your device.


Cleaning these cache files will help to clear up the Invalid SIM error. To clear the cache files, take the following steps:


Step 1: From the Settings app, open Storage.


Step 2: Go to Internal Memory.


Step 3: Select Data Cache.


Step 4: From the popup window, select clear Cache Data.




what is invalid sim card android




With this, your cache data speed is gone, and you should be able to re-access your SIM Card.


Enable Safe Mode


Enabling the safe mode reboot helps recognize the issues causing the Invalid SIM card error. If it is a third-party app, you can uninstall it from your device.


In safe mode, third-party apps of the new device cannot interfere with the default programs. Thus, no third-party app will cause an Invalid SIM Card error.


Factory Reset


If there is no hardware issue and all the given solutions fail to resolve your Invalid SIM Card error, it is time to factory reset the device.


Factory resetting your device will erase all the general settings and restore the default setting. It is one of the hard solutions for an Invalid SIM Card error.


To proceed with the factory reset, take the following steps:


Step 1: Back up your device’s data and settings to a reliable backup system.


Step 2: From your phone’s Settings app, open the General option.


Step 3: Go to Reset and select it.


Step 4: Now click on Factory Reset.


Step 5: Give your security password and confirm the factory reset.


Wait for some time because the factory reset will take a while. Once the factory reset has been completed, we store all your data. This will solve any of the software problems that were causing the Invalid SIM errors.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is Invalid Sim On iPhone?


Invalid SIM Card on iPhone means the SIM Card is out of the zone of facing issues in getting scanned.


How to unlock Invalid SIM Cards?


To unlock SIM Cards on Network lock, you will need to take help from your network operator. And if it is a Regional Lock, you can enable the roaming feature of your network.


Does an invalid SIM mean the phone is hacked?


If you see the “Invalid SIM” or “No SIM” message, it could mean that you’re trying to use the phone without a carrier and a plan. In that case, most of the device’s functionality will be compromised.

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