What Is Klms Agent On Android?

Samsung android phones have many hidden features and apps. These apps are there to help enhance your experience using the phone. One such app is the KLMS Agent app which you might find in the device admin option. But what is KLMS agent on Android?


KLMS is an agent that helps the KNOX platform collect and optimize your data. It is a Samsung-only agent feature. Similar to bloatware, the app runs in the background and collects data. This data is then encrypted and stored. Other than this, the agent also regulates unauthorized access to benefit the user.


Due to its bloatware-like nature, many users want to remove it. But before you remove or disable it, you need to know what it does and if it is okay to get rid of.


What Is Klms Agent On Android?


KLMS is an app you will find on your Samsung android device as soon as you buy it. This app is the most prominent among the Samsung devices. But is this a friendly app or one that spies on you?




what is klms agent on android




In laymen’s terms, it is a preinstalled system app. You will find this app to be associated with the security framework provided in a Samsung device. To be precise, the security framework it uses is the Samsung KNOX system.


The KNOX platform enables the user to enjoy real-time protection. Along with user privacy, the Samsung KNOX device also has enhanced productivity and data management. But the most important feature is its ability to block unauthorized access with the help of the KLMS agent app.


Samsung phone is the only brand of Android that has the KLMS app preinstalled. This app allows the Samsung smartphone to collect data on you. So, you might accuse the app of being spyware. But it uses the KNOX security to help you out.


The Samsung KNOX device is mainly a chipset or special hardware, which you will find inside many Samsung devices. It isolates and encrypts the data it collects. And only after the data is firmly secured is the information reserved under data storage protection.


Is KLMS A Spyware?


Spyware is the device hardware that collects your data without your consent. And once the collection is done, they sell the data to a third party for their own benefit. But the KLMS agent is nothing like that.




what is klms agent on android




It is true that KLMS, using the KNOX platform, collects your data. But they do it under your consent. And once the data like location and password are collected, they encrypt it for safekeeping.


As for the involvement of third-party, there are none. The collected data is used by the android phone itself for the betterment of the user experience.


Then Is KLMS Agent A Virus?


Since many Samsung Galaxy device has the KLMS agent preinstalled and its function is not defined correctly, one might accuse it of being a virus. But that is not the case in reality.


To be defined as a virus, an app needs to be the cause of damage for the system app. But if you try using an antivirus app to scan your phone, you will find that the KLMS agent was not hit. This is because even though the app may seem suspicious, the app is not a virus.


Does KLMS Agent Consume System Resources?


While using your phone, you will find that the KLMS agent is not running on the surface. The app is on as soon as you start your android phone or device, but it is not running on the surface.


So it is evident the app is running in the background. Thus, many accuse the app of being bloatware.


The KNOX platform’s KLMS agent runs in the background and collects your data. Not only does it manage the private data, but it also encrypts them. And while doing all these, any unauthorized access attempts are also blocked.




what is klms agent on android




Thus, the app is bound to use some system resources to do all these intricate things. Like any other mobile app, the KNOX app uses the CPU and RAM of the Samsun device it runs on. And when it runs on a mediocre Samsung device, the battery consumption rate is also accelerated.


This unwanted system resources consumption is a headache for most Samsung device users. And for this reason, many want to know if it is possible to get rid of the KLMS agent.


The good thing is, similar to other bloatware apps, this agent app is also removable.


Feature Of KLMS


KLMS agent uses the KNOX platform to restrict access for many apps and options. But is that all it does? In fact, there are many other features of this agent app.


Storage Safeguard


Samsung KNOX device uses particular chipsets and hardware to collect user data. And this data is encrypted for safe storage. And this encryption is possible due to the KLMS agent.


Network Shield


Public Wi-Fi and Cellular networks have weak firewall protection. They are easy to break and steal data from. Thus, the KNOX app provides a VPN-like function to shield your network access.


App Automation


Many users try to limit app access even when the app requires such features to run correctly. The KNOX platform judges the required access and optimizes the functions of such apps.


Optimize UI


Android UI is known for its versatility. But the features don’t optimize themselves. For this reason, the KNOX using the KLMS app optimizes these features for a better user experience.


Oversee Authorization


Users many times download apps from unauthorized sites. These might or might not cause damage to the device. Thus, the KNOX app helps in allowing and blocking unauthorized access.


Removing KLMS Agent


If you are fed up with the constant battery drainage, you should get rid of the KLMS or KNOX app from your device. But to do that, you will have to root your device.


At least, that is what one has to do first if they want to remove any bloatware. But if you don’t want to root the device, you can remove the app by following some specific steps.


Even before you try to get rid of the KLMS agent, there are some things to keep in mind. The KLMS agent is a KNOX platform-based system. So, when you remove the agent app, you will not be able to use the KNOX security system anymore. This means that your phone or device will be susceptible to unauthorized access.


Here are the definite ways to eliminate the KLMS agent from your phone.


Remove KNOX Without Root


If you are unwilling to root your android device, you will have to follow these steps to get rid of the KLMS agent.


Step 01: Open Google play store and search for KNOX.


Step 02: The app would be preinstalled, so tap on the Open button.


Step 03: Go to the Settings option within the app.


Step 04: Navigate to the KNOX settings option.


Step 05: There would be the Uninstall KNOX option; tap on it.


Step 06: The device will show a warning, so tap on Backup Now and select OK.


Step 07: After a few moments, the KLMS agent will be removed from the device.


Use ADB To Remove the KLMS Agent


Similar to Command Prompt, the ADB is a command-line tool for android devices. With this tool’s use, you can directly issue a command to your android device.


You will not even need to root the device if you follow these steps.


Step 01: Open Settings on your Samsung device.


Step 02: Navigate to System and then to About Phone.


Step 03: Tap on the Build number seven times to enable the Developer Options.


Step 04: Go back to the Settings option and navigate to Developer Options.


Step 05: Scroll down and toggle on the USB debugging feature.


Step 06: Connect your device to a PC.


Step 07: Now, open the browser on your PC and download ADB.


Step 08: Extract the file and right-click on the window while pressing the Shift key.


Step 09: Select the Open PowerShell window here from the drop-down menu.


Step 10: Type in ADB shell pm uninstall -user 0 com.samsung.klmsagent and press Enter.


Step 11: A message confirming the uninstallation will appear to ensure the process’s completion after a few moments.


Remove KLMS On a Rooted Device


If you already rooted your device, then don’t fret. Here are the steps to remove KLMS app on a rooted device.


Step 01: Open Google play on your android device.


Step 02: Search for Titanium Backup and download the app.


Step 03: Launch the app when installed.


Step 04: Search for KNOX using the in-app search bar.


Step 05: This will show all the KNOX-related apps.


Step 06: Uninstall KLMS agent apps that are okay to remove.


Here is a list of KNOX app that is okay to get rid of.


  • KNOX


  • KNOX Store


  • KLMS Agent


  • Knox Notification Manager


  • sec.knox.eventsmanager


  • sec.enterprise.knox.attestation


Step 07: After uninstalling them, reboot the device, and you will be KLMS free.


Root The Device Before Removing KLMS Agent


Removing the KLMS agent on a non-rooted device is the norm. But sometimes, the KLMS persists due to limited root access. So, the best way to remove the KNOX notification is to remove the app using the rooted process.




what is klms agent on android




Rooting a device is not risky if you know the proper process. There are two ways to complete the task. You can root using a PC and without a PC. Both of the methods are discussed below.


PC-free Process


Use these steps to root your device without a PC:


Step 01: Open the browser.


Step 02: Search and download the Kingo Root App apk.


Step 03: Install the apk and launch it.


Step 04: Tap on OneClickRoot to start the root process.


Step 05: Reboot the device once the process is complete.


Root With PC


Follow these steps if the PC-free process doesn’t work:


Step 01: Enable the Developer Options.


Step 02: Now enable the USB debugging and OEM unlocking options.


Step 03: Connect your device to the PC.


Step 04: Download Dr. Fone Software and install it on the PC.


Step 05: Launch the application and click on Start.


Step 06: The application will flash a Root Now option once it finishes identifying your device. Click on it.


Step 07: After the root is done, disconnect your device and reboot it.


Disable KLMS Agent Instead of Removing


Many of you might not want to remove the application altogether. You might wish to the security feature later on. In such a case, disable the KLMS app instead of uninstallation.


Follow these steps, and you will be all good.




what is klms agent on android




Step 01: Download Package Disabler Pro from the Google play store and install it.


Step 02: Search for KLMS agent within the app.


Step 03: Disable the agent and confirm your selections.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why do I have a KLMS agent even though I didn’t install it?


KLMS agent is a preinstalled app on Samsung devices. You might not have installed the agent, but you will find it as soon as you turn your device.


Is KLMS agent a must-have app?


To limit unauthorized access, the need for the KLMS agent app is irrefutable. But it is not a must-have app. The app uses system resources without consent.


What are the features of KLMS?


KLMS agent is the app for limiting unauthorized access. It also encrypts data and works as a VPN when connected to public networks.


Are KLMS and KNOX the same?


KNOX is a security platform to help your Samsung experience. And the KLMS agent is an app that allows the KNOX platform to run its duties. They are not the same but entangled.


Is the KLMS agent Bloatware?


No, the KLMS agent isn’t bloatware. But the way it functions in the background and optimizes the user experience is similar to bloatware.

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