What is MIP 67 [Everything You Should Know]

MIP 67 is a pretty common error code in androids and tablets. The mobile internet protocol (MIP) shows up as an error on android. It’s mainly some connectivity issues that often pop up as messages on the screen. But why does the MIP 67 code keep showing up, and how can you fix this hassle?

The main reasons for the MIP 67 error code pop-up are delayed due to the mobile bills, SIM cards with no cellular services, custom ROM installation, and incorrect provisioning. Thankfully it’s fixable. You can try restarting the device, rebooting, SIM card removal, updating or checking PRL and android versions, check out the APN setting or MSID.

When this error code pops up on the screen, you can’t use mobile data or have issues with it. It would be best to fix this problem as soon as possible.

What’s MIP?

The MIP codes appear on different branded android mobiles (Samsung, Motorola, LG) when registered on popular cellular networks like T-Mobile, boost mobile, Q-link, Sprint, etc. But first, you have to know what MIP is?

Well, MIP defines mobile internet protocol. It means the MIP connects your android mobile to a net connection whenever you are using mobile data.

The MIP has different codes based on cellular networks, brands, services, etc. Your mobile phone can’t use cellular data without the MIP codes, even if the network coverage is strong.

What’s The Function Of MIP?

The primary function of the mobile internet protocol is to ensure the device’s connection when it’s using cellular data.

As you know, broadband and mobile data work differently. You can’t always depend on WIFI when you are not in the range. Thus, we use cellular data to browse the internet.

That’s why android phones contain the MIP codes. It’s like the same IP address for your phone, even if your device moves all the time. These codes ensure that your device gets connected with the cellular server and across all of their network. Only then can you use mobile data.

The common MIP errors codes are MIP 129, MIP 104, MIP 65, MIP 67 etc.

What Does MIP 67 Mean on Android Phone?

Sometimes when you try to use mobile data or create a hotspot through your LG stylophone, you would see an EHRPD: MIP 67 error message appear on the screen. So, what does MIP 67 mean on my LG phone?

Image 01

The MIP 67 means the mobile device has a network authentication error. It can’t register with the packet data serving node (PSDN). Therefore, if your mobile phone shows such a pop-up message, you can’t use mobile data on your phone and only have to use WIFI.

This PSDN is a core component that connects the mobile and the network’s core IP pathway. It’s called point-to-point protocol sessions. The pop-up message will appear every 5 to 20 seconds when the device has such an error. It can happen when you try to turn on/off mobile data.

Why Does MIP 67 Keep Showing on My Phone?

Suppose you want to watch some YouTube videos and switch on your mobile data. Then, suddenly MIP 67 error messages start popping up. So, you must be thinking, why does my phone say “EHRPD: 1 MIP: 67”? Here are the reasons:

Delayed Mobile Bills

It’s pretty common that the customer didn’t pay his mobile bills on time and faced such a problem. The incident occurs mainly for sprint mobile networks. They are very strict about mobile and internet bills.

Therefore, when you are late paying your bills, the authorities cut off your device’s 3G or LTE network.

SIM Cards That Don’t Have Cellular Service

You should know whether your cellular service provider has enough coverage in your area or not. Otherwise, you will face MIP 67 errors.

When the SIM card is not getting enough coverage or is out of the range of cellular service, and you turn on mobile data, your phone screen will start to show MIP 67 error in intervals.

Incorrect Provisioning

This defines issues with authentication failure of the device with the server.

When the server can’t identify your mobile’s carrier network, it triggers the MIP 67 code. This will block the device’s access to use mobile data further.

Custom ROM

We often try to install custom ROMs on our phones when we don’t like the UI. Therefore, the MIP 67 error occurs because the custom ROM has several error codes most of the time. That’s why stock android is always better.

New Device and Old SIM Card Combo

Your device is permanently registered with a SIM number and ESN number. Therefore, the server can’t recognize your device when you change it. And then, your device automatically shows a MIP 67 error. You may have to go to customer care to register your SIM card with the new device.

How To Get Rid of MIP 67 Error?

The problem may not seem so bothersome. But believe us, when something pops up on your phone’s screen at every 5 to 20 seconds interval, it isn’t very pleasant, and you may not be able to use the phone properly.

So, how to stop MIP 67 from popping up? Well, here are some techniques to follow:

Change Network Settings

Your device may be in the wrong network mode. So, when you change network mode, it may be able to fix MIP 67 issues primarily. Though it was set automatically when you turned on the device first, you can change it manually.

Here’s how:

Step 1: First, you need to open Settings on your cell phone.

Step 2: Then, select the network tab.

Step 3: Tap on the “more” option.

Step 4: Select mobile networks to go to the network mode.

Image 02

Step 5: Then, select the LTE/CDMA option. After the mode has changed, you need to update it in the network profile.

Image 03

Step 6: Go to the “general tab” from the settings.

Step 7: Select system updates and then update the profile.

Step 8: Browse the internet and check whether it is still popping up or there’s any network error.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting the device resolves maximum error problems. Well, it helps in this network connectivity issue. This solution may work temporarily in old phones. So, how to stop the MIP 67 error message in a sprint old phone? Or boost an old phone?

First, you need to turn the flight mode on and then turn it off. It will help to disconnect your device from the network.

After that, restart the device. Just a long press on the power button and choose the restart expression. Your device will automatically restart and solve the issue.

Typically, network issues can occur in old devices because of resource overload, caches filling up, file corruption, internal connection issues, etc.

Mobile Data On/Off

Turning off/on mobile data helps refresh the network connection and the carrier’s network detection. It will resolve your thinking of how to get rid of EHRPD: 1 MIP 67!

Step 1: First, turn off your phone’s data connection.

Step 2: Then, turn on the flight mode and wait for a bit.

Step 3: After that, turn off the flight mode and turn on the data to check.

The process is pretty simple and effective. That’s because the flight mode enables the refresh of the network connection in CDMA devices. Employ this method, and your multiple data issues will be solved.

SIM Card Removal

In the old days, people often removed mobile batteries to give the set rest and time to refresh. But modern phones are fully sealed, and the batteries can’t be removed. That’s why SIM removal can do the job.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Switch off your mobile.

Image 04

Step 2: Remove the SIM tray and keep the SIM separate for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3: Then re-insert the SIM cards and check the internet connections.

The SIM cards keep the background checks. So, when you re-insert them, it will refresh the network settings and hopefully resolve the MIP 67 issues.

Update PRL

The PRL defines the preferred roaming list, and this database is only for CDMA devices. It carries a carrier network and connects it to the best tower nearby. So, if you think what causes MIP 67 on your LG phone, it may be because of pending updates of PRL.

To update the latest PRL, you would need WIFI. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Go to a place where WIFI is available.

Step 2: Turn off your cellular data and connect your phone to WIFI.

Image 05

Step 3: Open Settings on your phone.

Step 4: Go to the System and then software updates.

Step 5: Select PRL update and tap “ok”

There’s another method to update the PRL. It would help if you dialed *228 and typed “2” from the keypad. Within a minute, you will get confirmation of the PRL update.


The MSID stands for mobile station ID and MIN for  Mobile Identification Number. Both are a 10-digit unique number for every device to identify individually. A wrong MSID number can cause network issues and MIP 67 problems.

Here’s what you will need to do:

Step 1: Call your service provider and collect the MSID of your device.

Step 2: Dial ##847446#. An edit option of your MSID will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Replace the number with the original MSID and tap “ok.”

Step 4: Your phone will restart. Check the network connection and whether you are getting any MIP 67 troubles or not.

Check Out APN Settings

Still wondering how to fix the MIP 67 error on your Samsung galaxy after much hard work? Check out your APN settings. The APN stands for access point name. If you update the APN settings, it may resolve the MIP 67 pop-up issue.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Call your service provider and ask for a new APN.

Step 2: You will get an APN via SMS. Open it and save the settings.

Step 3: Restart your device and check the MIP 67 issue.

However, there would be some problems if you change the APN. So, another way is to go to the APN settings and check. If none of them are set as default, select the “restore to default” option. Most probably, your issues will be resolved.

Image 06


As mentioned, the MIP 67 will appear when the device can’t connect to the network server. Therefore, it may also occur when you continuously change places, or the providers change their related posts.

Your device may struggle to connect with the pathway. It would be best to wait for a while and be patient. You should know that a little bit of waiting may resolve many external and internal issues with your device.

Android Update

Getting Android updates is necessary if you want your device to run smoothly. When your device is outdated, it may create MIP 67 issues. Timely software updates can protect your phone from malware.

So, go to the system updates from the settings app. Then check for available software updates. If the MIP 67 problem is ongoing, you should use WIFI instead of mobile data to download the updates. Install and restart your phone. Hopefully, no MIP 67 pop-ups will remain.

Image 07

Factory Reset

Factory reset is your last resort when you don’t have enough techniques remaining to resolve the problem and are still wondering how to stop the MIP 67 error message on your phone. However, it will remove all the data and files from your phone and refresh the UI.

If possible, get a backup of all the files to your computer or a PenDrive with a few clicks of the mouse and go through the following steps:

Step 1: First, open the Settings app.

Step 2: Then, find the reset option in the systems.

Step 3: Select factory reset or reset without backup if you have a backup of your files.

Step 4: Try not to reset with backups because the extra caches or corrupted files may remain in the phone.

And then, your phone will become totally new to use!

Image 08

Flash Stock ROM

It’s also another last resort to use when you are still thinking about how to get rid of an EHRPD:1 MIP:67 error on my android phone.

The stock android ROM contains the solutions for MIP 67 error codes. Therefore, when you flash the stock ROM, it will also remove firmware or error codes along. You can either use the SP flash tool or go to the service center for flashing.

What If None of The Techniques Work?

Well, another big question remains – what if none of the described methods are helpful enough? Then how to stop MIP 67? There are some other ways when all the techniques fail.


The MIP 67 is related to mobile internet connectivity issues. Well then, you can use WIFI instead of cellular data. You may not be happy with it because it’s just a temporary solution. But your work can be done quickly with it.

Therefore, contact an internet service provider if you don’t have WIFI yet and get a connection.

Check SIM And ESN Registration

When none of the techniques solve MIP 67 pop-ups, you should check the SIM and ESN registration once. That’s because unregistered SIM or ESN numbers are banned from the server to continue mobile data.

So, call customer support and check your ESN and SIM number on their registration list.

Don’t Use SIM Card (Cellular Service)

There might be a problem with your SIM card when no methods are helping to get rid of MIP 67. That’s because your SIM card carries the network that connects with the server.

So, if your SIM card has no active plan or less important plans, you can just remove it from your phone and get a new one.

Call Customer Care

Make sure you have a responsive and reliable service provider. A hotline/ customer care call is very helpful in situations like this.

So, if you think – how do I get rid of error MIP: 67 without paying, then contact customer care without toll and tell them about the problem. Obviously, they will come up with a solution or suggestion, and you can efficiently deal with MIP 67.

Customer Service Center

If you are suspicious about some hardware issues or not willing to take any risk with the connections, you can just go to the customer service center.

We would suggest going physically instead of contacting them over the phone. This would be more appropriate when you can’t even make a call due to these pop-ups of MIP 67.

The service center can quickly check all the issues on your device like network issues, SIM card, hardware, APN check, PRL check, etc.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) is pretty vital for using mobile data on your device. Some authorization errors may disrupt the network connection on your phone. And the MIP 67 pop-up is one of the most common ones.

It appears when your phone is not getting enough network coverage or facing SIM problems or custom ROM installation, and many others. We hope the methods mentioned above can efficiently resolve the MIP 67 pop-up hassles. Protect your phone and always keep it updated!

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