What Is MRT.exe? Is It Safe? How to Remove?

Have you just noticed MRT.exe on your pc task manager? Most Windows users get concerned when they notice MRT.exe for the first time. The major reason to get concerned about this program is it occupies high CPU usage. Is MRT.exe a virus or malware? Why is it occupying high CPU usage?


Through this article, you will know everything about MRT.exe in detail. After that, you can decide whether you should uninstall the program or keep it on your device.


So, let’s go through it.


What is MRT.exe?


As the file has an “exe” extension, MRT.exe is an executable program file created by Microsoft developers. This file is available on every pc or laptop run by Windows operating system. It’s a built-in Malicious software removal tool provided by Microsoft. It scans your pc simultaneously to keep it safe from viruses, malware, and other security threats. The full form of MRT is a Malicious Software Removal Tool. It’s also called MSRT.


MRT.exe work purpose is almost similar to the Windows defender firewall application. You might be thinking about how frequently the application scans for viruses and other security threats. Well, MRT.exe scans for viruses and malware monthly. However, you can do it manually whenever you want.



Is MRT.exe Safe Or Is It A Virus?


I know some of you are still concerned about whether MRT.exe is a virus or not. As the software is built by Microsoft and provided as a built-in application in the Windows operating system, there is nothing to be concerned about. MRT.exe file is neither a virus nor malware. It doesn’t cause any security threats to your device. But you have to be careful if you find it is always running while checking the task manager.


Because it might happen that a virus file has been renamed as MRT.exe. Are you getting worried about that? Relax, I am going to show you 3 effective ways to check MRT.exe file whether it is safe or malware.



How to Check whether MRT.exe is a virus or not?


You can check it by following the below procedure.


  • Inspect File Location


First of all, you should check the file location. Permit me to narrate the procedure. Do right-click on your taskbar and click on the “Task Manager”. After that, go to the details option on the right side. Once again, you have to right-click on “MRT.exe”. Next to that, you have to click on “open file location” from the list.


That will open the file location. The file location should be “C:\Windows\System32”. If the file location matches this location, then the MRT.exe file is safe to run. When you see the file location doesn’t match with the mentioned file location, it might be a virus or malware. In that case, you should check it with the next method. Let’s proceed to that.


  • Check Properties


It is another effective way to check whether the MRT.exe file is legit or not. Firstly, you have to open the task manager and find “MRT” from the details option. Secondly, you ought to right-click on that and hit on the “properties”.


Thirdly, you have to open the “Digital Signature” option from the right side. That will show you the option of “Signature list”. The name of the signer should be “Microsoft Windows”. If it shows any other name, the file is threatful to your pc. In that case, you have to delete the file. You’ll learn about that in the below part of this article.


  • Online Virus Scanner


You can also use an online virus scanner tool to check a malicious file. You can visit “Virus Total” to perform the task. To do that, you need to visit their website and select “Choose file” from the homepage. After that, you have to select the MRT.exe file from its location.


Later on, upload the file to the website. Ultimately, Virus Total will analyze the file and show you the report on whether there is any security threat or not related to that file.


Should I delete the MRT exe file?


If you find that the MRT.exe file isn’t located in the preferred file location, you should delete the MRT.exe file. After that, you can reinstall it from Microsoft’s official website. Besides, you can also delete the MRT exe file when the digital signature shows other signer names rather than Microsoft.


Otherwise, you should not delete the original MRT.exe file. You might be thinking that deleting the file may affect your device’s performance. Here’s your answer.


Will it affect pc performance if you Delete MRT.exe?


The important fact about MRT.exe is it works as a malicious software removal tool. Therefore, after deleting this file you won’t get that protection. You can still get protection from third-party antivirus applications. If there is no antivirus application installed on your device, you won’t get any default virus or malware protection from MRT.


How to remove the MRT exe file?

You can remove the MRT.exe file in two different methods. The first and the easy option is to run the uninstaller from the file location. However, if you don’t find the uninstaller file, you can follow the second method.


In that case, you have to go to the windows search bar and type “MRT.exe”. After that, you have to right-click on the file and select “Uninstall program”. Ultimately, you have to allow the necessary permission to remove the file from your computer.


Final Words


We have come to the conclusion that MRT.exe isn’t any type of virus or malware. Now, you have got decent knowledge about what MRT.exe is and why it is existing on your device. You should uninstall the program only when you find it malicious. Otherwise, it’s good to have MRT.exe installed on the Windows operating system.





Can I delete MRT kb890830 exe?

Yes, you can delete the MRT kb890830 exe file from the control panel. You have to go to the control panel and then select “uninstall a program”. After that, you can delete the file.


Is any exe file a virus?

Virus can have exe extension. If you find any file malicious, you should scan it with an anti-virus application.


Is MRT exe safe?

Yes, the MRT.exe file is safe to have and run on the Windows operating system.


How good is Microsoft’s malicious software removal tool?

Microsoft’s malicious software removal tool is effective for detecting and removing common types of malicious files.





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