What Is node.exe? Is It A Virus Or Malware? How to Uninstall?

While operating Adobe Photoshop software, you have to face the node.exe virus issues. The malware creators can make your node.exe file corrupted in disguise the .exe name.


However, it is difficult to know to detect viruses and malware. Here, we will discuss what is node.exe? Is it a virus or malware? How to uninstall?




what is node.exe



What is node.exe?


The Node.js: Server-side JavaScript system has the execution file of node.exe. Nevertheless, it is a part of Adobe Edge Code CC.


You can download node.exe on your PC to operate the Adobe system. Thus, it will take 546.14 KB on your Local drive C:/.


This .exe file isn’t faulty. But hackers can include malware to make your computer slower. Yet, it can drain the computer CPU and GPU power.

What is node.exe used for?


It helps to operate the whole system of Node javascript. Along with that, node.exe can process Adobe Photoshop software.

Is node.exe a virus or malware?


Many users find the file corrupted. Also, it is damaging the other files. To prevent the issue, you have to remove it from your computer.


But it can affect your Windows 10 operating system. It can be 48 percent harmful to your computer. Wondering why it is node.js running on my computer?


If you use Node Javascript, you have to think twice before removing the file. Because it is not possible to operate the Node Javascript without this file.


You can detect viruses and malware with the task manager of node.js. Server-side.javascript.


To locate the node.exe ransomware, you need to open the ‘Task Manager’ option and pick the columns tab. Search the node.exe file. However, you can verify the file if it doesn’t have a virus or malware.


Otherwise, it won’t open the file. You will find it difficult to open the node.exe file. That’s how you can understand it is affected by a virus or malware. Besides, you can check it with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It won’t testify to virus or malware files.

How to uninstall node.exe?


Aren’t you want to get rid of the malicious issue of the node.exe file? You are, right? To get rid of the problem, you have to uninstall it right now. Let’s know how you can delete the file.


  • You can uninstall the node.js app to remove the node.exe file.


  • The first thing you have to do is to close the node.js software.


  • Exit the software from the background running apps.




what is node.exe




  • Hold the Win+S. You can notice the Windows Search Utility on your screen.


  • Locate ‘Control Panel’. At this point, you need to open the category.


  • Go to the ‘programs’. Click on the ‘Programs and Features’.


  • Choose ‘node.js with the right-click.


  • It will show you the options to uninstall, change and repair.




what is node.exe




  • You have to pick the ‘Uninstall’.option.


  • Restart your PC. Lastly, check the Local disk C:/ if the node.exe has been removed or not.


Final thought


After all, it is easy to understand what is node.exe? Is it a virus or malware? How to uninstall? You have to get rid of the node. ex virus as soon as you can.


If the virus affects other files, it will be difficult to operate your computer. After deleting the file, you can download node.js again to run Adobe photoshop.



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