What is OM Customize App on Android?

OM customize is a pre-installed application that has a specific use. Most android users never open this app, but this can be a beneficial feature, especially if they distinguish the proper handling.


Users basically overlook this app because they are totally unknown about what is OM customize app on android!


Here, we have gathered the full details of the phone manager application, including its usage. For your convenience, we will also deliberate the removal method and disabling process. In order to get all the nooks and crannies about it, you must stick with us till the end!

What is the Use of OM Customize App?


Om customize is an app to modify the sim content. The modification is applicable for a few selective sims, and the application is only available for Samsung users.


Including modification, you can also add new features to the sim, but only rare sims like BSNL and Docomo support this. So even if you have it on your Samsung phone. Due to the limitation, you cannot use it.




What is OM Customize App on Android




Does the OM Customize Application Cause Bloatware?


Actually, it may be slightly the reason for software bloatware only if it’s in use and the app fulfills its function.


Basically, bloatware happens when the application works with so many instructions in a single app. As this contains all the sim details and operations, for that reason, you may face the bloatware issue.




what is om customize app on android




How to Remove the OM Customize App?


Indeed, there are some usage bindings in the requirements. So if you find it not vital, then you can remove the application. But this is a pre-installed application and removing any system-managed software is not a one-step task.


Moreover, it staying on the phone can cause battery drainage, as it charges a minimum of 10% battery usage even if the app is not in use. The deleting process will not affect your phone’s network.


Follow the given instructions to remove this application from your Samsung Android phone:


  • Back up your mobile phone’s data first.


  • Create a root on your device with the pc using a USB port. For the rooting process, you can download the Kingoroot, ODIN, in fact, any free root application.


  • In order to be active, the root turns on the developer option by clicking on the build number 7 times in a row.


  • Now enable the USB debugging mode.


  • Turn on your phone and go to the back-up and restore option.


  • Select the OM Customize app and tap on the clear data. Now, Press “OK.”

Can I Disable the Om Customize App to Staying Away from Bloatware?


Bloatware may cause overheating, unnecessary battery drainage, storage lack, and slow-down. If you think you don’t need the application but want to keep it for future use, then you can disable it from the application’s settings option.


  • Go to the application manager from your phone’s settings option.


  • Select the OM Customize app.


  • Tap on the Disable or force stop option from the bottom of the screen.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


What is the Function of OM Customize on My Samsung?


This application has only one use which is modifying or customization of your sim contents. Using this, you can add features and design the content inside your sim network.


Why is the OM Not Available on All Phones?


This is a Samsung-created application, and the team also doesn’t offer it to all models. As Samsung is the original owner, it is not accessible to all brands.


Can I Download OM Customize on My Phone?


This application is not applicable to all brands and models of mobile phones. Even if you are a Samsung user and you don’t have it on your phone, that means the system doesn’t permit it, or you are using a fake phone.


After all of this, although you download it from a third-party source, you can run it for a few days. But when Samsung finds it, they will take immediate action and permanently disable it from your device.




This 2.4 mega bite application will not cause any significant issues with your phone usage. Though it uses a good amount of charges, if you judge it from all sides, then you can decide which step you will select, the disable, use, or remove as we have discussed all right here.


Hope our write-up is enough to tell you the details about what is OM customize app on android. We consider that you have cleared the confusion and are exiting from here with satisfaction.



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